Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tripping over yet another eclipse...

Partial Solar eclipse at 0 Scorpio coming up tomorrow! It should be visible in the United States.
A table of viewing times is HERE. In Oklahoma the eclipse should begin to be noticeable at around 4.40pm.

Everyone and their dog has already predicted, interpreted and pontificated at length on astrological implications. I'm not about to add much to the astro-chorus.

Back in 2008 I had the cheek to announce on this blog my own half-formed (more likely half-baked) theory about eclipses. They are relatively quick phenomena, I wrote, as compared to a transit of one of the outer planets : Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and even Saturn. When those planets, in transit, hit a sensitive point or planet in your natal chart you know it. They stay long enough to make waves in your life, you can recognise their presence; results are often profound. Faster moving personal planets touching a sensitive spot, are much less recognisable, if at all, in my experience. This is why I doubt that effects of an eclipse, Solar or Lunar, upon the individual are likely to be as dramatic as is sometimes supposed. Recognisable? Yes, maybe sometimes, but not life-changing.

As an old blog-buddy (R J Adams)once commented, "Or, it could just be one chunk of rock passing between another chunk of rock and a large fiery thing?" My response: Could be, RJ! But have you ever driven along a highway listening to the radio when the station fades because you passed through a tunnel or near a high hill - could be something akin to that, not exactly, just an analogy. Nobody knows, so it's as well to investigate and keep an eye on what happens, in case we might learn something.

My take on eclipses in general hasn't changed much over the past six years. An additional thought occurred today : it's very difficult to attribute stuff specifically to an eclipse unless there's nothing else at all going on in a natal (or mundane type) chart. There's never going to be a point at which "something else" in a chart could not also be seen as reflecting a change or event which could also be attributed to an eclipse. Would the same events or changes have happened had there been no eclipse ? Impossible to say.


mike said...

Oh, oh...I see I now have to prove I'm not a bot when I comment! Hope I can pass the test...sometimes those first set of scraggly letters can be difficult to decipher.

I agree with your final paragraph. One more variable to add to the mix. It seems that there are various groupings of astrologers that have widely divergent interpretations and durations of effect for eclipses. Ditto for interpretations of the lunar Nodes.

The lunar Nodes are mathematical points derived from the lunar orbit intersecting the ecliptic. The Nodal points transit (backward) each sign in one and a half years. The actual eclipses that occur when the Earth, Sun, and Moon align at or near these points give actual, planetary definition to the mathematical points.

It does seem (to me, anyway) that the transiting Nodes highlight the natal houses the transit occurs. There is an emphasis on bringing subconscious patterns (South Node) to the surface (North Node), but in subtle ways.

Likewise, our natal Nodes are highlighted twice every month, because of lunar transits to the South and North Nodes, and twice a year through solar transits. Extra special if there is a new or full Moon occurring on the natal Nodes. In my own life, these transits to my Nodes can often yield weird, quinkydinky, serendipity type of events. My dreams can be more profound, an odd interaction with a stranger, searching my house high-and-low for one item, but finding something totally unexpected (photo, letter, previously missing object), seeing a stranger in the grocery store that completely reminds me of someone from my past, etc.

Happy eclipse, Twilight...and all commenters!

Twilight said...

mike ~ I don't know why Blogger suddenly placed that device on my blog - they've been doing other stuff too. Last night and this morning I had a dickens of a job getting into the blog's works, composing etc. wouldn't take my usual sign-in. I then had to sign up for a new g.mail account before I could get back in, after having used a temp account name for several years. After that, I had difficulties getting into my cableone e-mail a/c....dang!!!
Blogger must be "cleaning house".

I'll see if I can get rid of that commenter's gateway device thingie. I's a pain in ass, I know. It used to be an option which I declined. Will go take a look if that has changed.

Yes, everyone has their own take on eclipses, and nodes of the Moon.
I've noticed only that when the nodes return to natal position or directly opposite, there has been some kind of event or change - but often this could have been explained by something else in the chart or a transit.

So....all a bit nebulous for me, but interesting to hear others' takes on it.

Twilight said...

mike ~ My blog settings still indicate that I decline to have that verification box for commenters. I tried to "re-decline" it and save again but the save facility didn't work, so they are probably still working on stuff.

LB said...

Twilight ~ Your point about Eclipses not working alone, and how other elements in the astrological chart may need to be activated as well, is a good one. It's probably why some Eclipses pass over significant points in our charts and are barely noticeable, while others are more significant.

Since Eclipses can sometimes bring painful endings and revelations, maybe our ability to perceive them also has something to do with our sensitivity and willingness to face our secrets, acknowledge our losses and then incorporate the messages they bring.

Off the top of my head, I can think of 3 Eclipses that had a powerful effect on my life, all of them life-changing.

One was on my 6th house Chiron, which is opposite my 12th house Uranus, with both at the midpoint of my Mars/Neptune (quincunx). I developed not one, but two frozen shoulders, a very painful disorder which left me partially disabled for a couple of years and changed my life (and spiritual calling*) in ways I would've never imagined. Eventually I realized I'd never return to my old way of making a living. I discovered I was a healer.

The second Eclipse that comes to mind was one that fell on my 9th house Gemini Mars (quincunx Neptune in Scorpio on the cusp of the 3rd and square 12th house Pluto). If memory serves me, it fell on my progressed Vertex which had just joined my Mars.

It was when my lifelong sense of having a *lost* sister was finally confirmed by the one person (an elderly relative) who knew my mother's secret, though he knew very few details.

Led by nothing more than dreams, intuition and probably my deceased mother's own desire to make things right from the other side, the truth was finally revealed. After searching for years with nothing to go on, I finally (!!!) found the sister my mother had given up for adoption before she met and married my father, the sister she'd grieved for secretly for half a century, the sister who was given the very same first name as me, the unique name that held special meaning for my mother.

Finding my sister meant making sense of my childhood and specifically, some of the reasons behind my limited relationship with my mother. It released my mom from the toxic burden she'd carried for so long and also validated for family members how very real my *gifts* were.

With all the wild, scientifically unexplainable things I've experienced in my life (and there have been many!), this year's Eclipses, *especially* the Lunar Eclipse in April, which fell on my natal Sun and progressed Ascendant from the 12th, was by far the most overwhelming, discombobulating and incredible thing I've ever experienced.

What it revealed about who I am and more importantly, who I once *was* has totally changed the way I view myself and where I am in my spiritual journey - which isn't nearly as far along as I'd hoped.:(

I'm still struggling with what it all means, some days things are better (clearer) than others. It happened during my Nodal Return so I get how important this all is in the big scheme of things.

After all this typing, I better pass the test and prove I'm not a robot. Or am I???

Twilight said...

LB ~ Oh! Lots of good stories there with links to eclipses. Thank you for your long typing stint! Sorry for the robot enquiry - I shall try to get rid of that little nuisance asap.

Funny you mentioned frozen shoulders - I had one frozen, then the other, few years ago, and there could have been an eclipse connection, or maybe not. I still get the occasional twinges.
Here's one post mentioning the shoulder thing:

The time a solar eclipse fell right on my Sun's degree, though on the day before my birthday, also a few years ago, the only thing unusual was that I chipped a (dental) crown and had to have it replaced, at great expense.

I've an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow, eclipse day an' all. Will report back. I suspect there might be a fungal connection which has spread and damaged delicate skin. Not looking forward to the visit but it has to be done.

LB said...

Ouch! My left shoulder began freezing around the same time as yours, Twilight. That was the worst one, mostly because I ignored my intuition about there being a connection to thoracic outlet issues and did the painful stretches recommended by the condescending physical therapist I was seeing.

I couldn't walk, or sit or sleep comfortably - it was torture.

Finally I realized the stretches were doing me more harm than good (related to my undiagnosed thoracic issues) so when the second shoulder began to freeze I went with the flow and allowed nature to run its course without doing the exercises. Aside from the painful freezing process itself, It was ***much*** easier the second time around and resolved itself more quickly, even with both shoulders frozen.

I could still only sleep on my back and for only for around 3 hours at a time, so I got in the habit of watching "Animal Cops" in the middle of the night! I was a dog-magnet during that time. They'd run up to me on the street and refuse to leave, which left more than a few owners wondering what was going on.

Know what you mean about potty challenges. It's funny now, but not so funny then.:) My shoulders were extremely double-jointed before it happened, now not at all, which has taken some getting used to when I'm reaching for something. And now I sometimes have to 'adjust' myself by clicking my shoulders back into alignment. No more riding crowded buses where I have to hold on standing. And no more typing all day. I'll probably experience some degree of arthritic type pain for the remainder of my life - but I can deal with it.:)

So sorry to read about your continuing foot issues, Twilight. I hope things turn around very soon.:)

LB said...

Correction, I was dealing with the *second* shoulder (as well as the first) during the same time period as you, Twilight. It was the year of the February Solar Eclipse at 17 Aquarius.

Twilight said...

LB ~ Frozen shoulders are an awful experience, and seem to come from out of nowhere. Having both at the same time would be almost unmanageable. It taught me to sleep on my back too - still do, mostly.

LOL to your being a dog magnet. I would like that, as long as they were friendly of course. :-)

Thanks for the good wishes. I'm fed up with the whole foot thing now - just want it sorting out.

R J Adams said...

'ello! I see my name's cropped up again. "An Unbeliever! An Unbeliever!" (Just loved that "Life of Brian" movie).
Hmmm! My car radio goes dead in a tunnel because the transmitter at the radio station broadcasts on wavelengths that won't penetrate rock. The Moon is a rock. Dare I rest my case? Ah, if I know Twilight, I doubt it.


LB said...

Yeah well, being a dog-magnet had its downside, especially when they jumped on me.:)

My Chiron is conjunct asteroid Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, and in my 6th, the house of small animals. It could've been worse. What if I'd had Chiron in the 12th house of large wild ones, like lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

I have Uranus and Pluto in the 12th. My brother and I were once chased by a large bear.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Me too - all the MP movies in fact - and everything they did in their heyday.

You can rest that old case of yours for a while - it must be heavy to carry around. ;-)

What if, though, whatever astrologers attribute to eclipses have nothing to do with the lunar and solar bodies themselves, but some crossing of waves - waves - of time (not radio waves, some kind of wave that hasn't been understood yet). As yet undetected waves of space and time all with differing "qualities", in which our blue planet is floating. All of astrology could have its core in those waves, and not, as ancients believed, in the planets or Sun/Moon - those bodies act as markers only. (Another half-baked idea of mine). ;-)

Twilight said...

My eclipse experience - before the actual eclipse has happened, there's an hour or so still to go.

Just got back from the appointment with the doctor, bearing 10-day course anti-biotic pills, 2 weeks worth of anti-fungal pills, and some anti- something or other gel for the wound on my foot.

Have to go back next Wednesday to see if there's any improvement.

I've been unable to eat for 3 days, existed on water and orange juice, and the odd cup of fruit tea. I thought maybe fungal infection had spread. Maybe, but he's not certain, but the tablets ought to help.

LB said...

Sorry, Twilight! I checked in here hoping you'd leave us an update.

As you begin to heal, I hope you'll keep in mind the role refined sugars and simple carbs can play in feeding bacteria and fungus. Not a good thing.:(

I've also experienced physical symptoms (skin, gut, etc.) related to overgrowth - I believe because of previous antibiotic use as well as a diet too high in simple carbs and sugars.

I know there are differing schools of thought on the use of probiotics during anti-fungal use, but thought I'd include a couple of links anyway:

If you and your doctor talk about it and decide in favor of supplementation but don't want to use a probiotic capsule, we've also had good luck with Green-Valley Organics unsweetened (plain) yogurt. I'm pretty sure Whole Foods sells that brand - I think you once mentioned there was one nearby?

I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist though, so please check it out for yourself!

Keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you well, Twilight. Take good care and feel better soon.

R J Adams said...

Twilight - and we're all entitled to our half-baked ideas! God knows, I have enough of 'em. I do hope your foot heals and that you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

- Yes Holmes?
There's something afoot with that woman!
- Oh ... I do hope she heals!


mike (again) said...

Well, Twilight, I hope the doc told you to stop wearing those 10" spike heels that anyjazz insists you wear. You'll feel better soon. Does anyjazz look cute in his nurse's outfit?

Twilight said...

LB ~ thank you - I do appreciate your advice and reminders. I intend to do some reading on the best kind of diet tomorrow, will start with your two links.

Main thing is to get rid of the nasties already in my system, clean up the wound on my foot and get it better, then keep 'em away using better diet. :-)

Twilight said...

RJ ~ Thank you kindly - much appreciated.

Twilight said...

Anonymous (Kidd) ~ Always good for a chuckle, Kidd! lol
And thank you for the kind thought.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Lol! Yeah, well he can wear the spikes for a while now, they'll go a treat with the black stockings and frilly knickers. ;-)

Thanks for the kind thought -I do hope so. Feeling less nauseous about food will be a start, hope that doesn't take too long.