Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Real Abominables #2 ~ The Armenian Genocide (Pt. 2)

Continuing the topic of yesterday's post, The Armenian Genocide, today concentrating on those of the leaders who had a major part in organising the genocide, for whom basic birth data is available.

Who was responsible for the Armenian Genocide?

The decision to carry out a genocide against the Armenian people was made by the political party in power in the Ottoman Empire. This was the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), popularly known as The Young Turks. Three figures from the CUP controlled the government:

Mehmet Talaat, Minister of the Interior in 1915 and Grand Vizier (Prime Minister) in 1917 - he was in 1874, no detail available.

Ismail Enver, Minister of War -
born 22 November 1881, Constantinople/Istanbul, Turkey.

Ahmed Jemal, Minister of the Marine and Military Governor of Syria
- born 6 May 1872, Midilli, (then) Ottoman Empire.

(Also, in charge of the Special Organization (see below) was Behaeddin Shakir, a medical doctor born 1874, Istanbul. No detail available.)

 Two of the three leaders of the Young Turk triumvirate, Enver Pasha, middle, Djemal Pasha, right (visit to Jerusalem, 1915, then a part of Ottoman Syria).

This Young Turk triumvirate relied on other members of the CUP appointed to high government posts and assigned to military commands to carry out the Armenian Genocide. In addition to the Ministry of War and the Ministry of the Interior, the Young Turks also relied on a newly-created secret outfit which they manned with convicts and irregular troops, called the Special Organization (Teshkilati Mahsusa). Its primary function was the carrying out of the mass slaughter of the deported Armenians. In charge of the Special Organization was Behaeddin Shakir, a medical doctor. Moreover, ideologists such as Zia Gokalp propagandized through the media on behalf of the CUP by promoting Pan-Turanism, the creation of a new empire stretching from Anatolia into Central Asia whose population would be exclusively Turkic. These concepts justified and popularized the secret CUP plans to liquidate the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire.

The Young Turk conspirators, other leading figures of the wartime Ottoman government, members of the CUP Central Committee, and many provincial administrators responsible for atrocities against the Armenians were indicted for their crimes at the end of the war. The main culprits evaded justice by fleeing the country. Even so, they were tried in absentia and found guilty of capital crimes. The massacres, expulsions, and further mistreatment of the Armenians between 1920 and 1923 were carried by the Turkish Nationalists, who represented a new political movement opposed to the Young Turks, but who shared a common ideology of ethnic exclusivity.

Natal charts for the two individuals for whom basic birth data is available are set for 12 noon, as birth times remain unknown.

Ismail Enver, Minister of War
- born 22 November 1881, Constantinople/Istanbul, Turkey.

Ahmed Jemal, Minister of the Marine and Military Governor of Syria
- born 6 May 1872, Midilli,(then) Ottoman Empire

Pluto (darkness, intensity, death) is my best bet, as the key - once again.

In both cases Pluto in Taurus was integrated with these mens' personal planets. It was (just) conjunct Jupiter and part of a Taurus stellium in Enver's case. Jemal had Pluto conjunct Mars (war, aggression) and Sun (self). Both men had planets, part of clusters, in mid degrees of Earthy, potentially acquisitive and always determined, Taurus.

Enver's Virgo Uranus (revolution, the unexpected) trines Jupiter (excess) part of the Taurus cluster. Mars in Cancer sextiles the Taurus cluster, and trines Venus/Mercury in Scorpio. His 0 degree Sagittarius Sun opposes Pluto in last degrees of Taurus. There's another Scorpio-Taurus opposition between Venus/Mercury and Saturn/Neptune.

The dual-cluster shape of Enver's natal planetary configuration portrays a basic intense and determined focus, married with excess, aided by outlying and potentially destructive Uranus and Mars harmoniously integrated to the basic pattern.

Jemal's chart configuration shows even more intense focus, with all planets in one half of the chart and most within two signs. Pluto is well-integrated once again, conjoining Sun and Mars - that stellium of Sun/Mars/Pluto has definite potential to produce, if not a genocidal maniac, then something very close to it. The stellium in neighbouring Aries, a Mars-ruled sign underlines what I've just written!

Bear in mind that Enver had Uranus trine Jupiter... completing Jemal's chart are Uranus conjunct Jupiter (revolution and excess) opposing Saturn (authority, ambition) in Capricorn, the opposition linked by square aspects to that Mars-ruled Aries stellium forms a T-square, again integrating, and not in a good way, factors with potential to lead to...well, we know now what they led to.

As the Armenian Genocide commenced in April of 1915 transiting Pluto had just entered Cancer, and stood at 0 degree. By 1923, at completion of the genocide, Pluto had travelled to around 10 degrees of Cancer. Uranus transited from mid degrees of Aquarius to mid degrees of Pisces. I don't see any close connection to the natal charts of the two men, but if there were a chart for Armenia itself, a connection might exist both to transiting planets and to the natal planets of these men. Charts for Armenia have been drawn up by astrologers in the past, and included in text books, but none is available online.


mike said...

It's difficult to ascribe any one event leading to the genocide. A penultimate, religious-based genocide occurred in the 1890s, with the genocide of your post occurring two decades later, which was politically based, due to perceived Armenian alliance with Russia. A great portion of Europe was involved in one conflict or another during the first two decades of the 20th century, which evolved into WWI.

The 1890s massacre coincided with Neptune's conjunction to Pluto. The 1915 incident coincided with Saturn's conjunction with Pluto.

mike (again) said...

I didn't have time earlier to look at the two men's Wiki profile. They have different aliases in Wiki: Enver Pasha and Djemal Pasha.

Interesting to note that they were both considered vain and incompetent by their associates. Their natal charts indicate that possibility, particularly the aspects with Saturn.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks - yes Pluto is there, and linked up to another planet for both episodes of genocide (as well as for, as you mention, all the rest of the abominations going on in Europe and elsewhere during that span of time).

(again) ~ It seems, from Wiki - that

Pasha or pascha (Ottoman Turkish: پاشا, Turkish: paşa), formerly bashaw, was a higher rank in the Ottoman Empire political and military system, typically granted to governors, generals and dignitaries and others.

So, I assume that Enver Pasha would be a bit like saying Colonel or General Enver ?

Rossa said...

My Aunt Jill married an Armenian, Peter Bedoukian. His father Kerop, wrote a book called 'Some of us Survived' about his experience as a very young refugee. Sadly they divorced many years ago but I still remember my Uncle Peter with the sad 'black' (very dark brown) eyes. Last time I saw him was in 1974. His son Josh, my cousin, is the spitting image of him.

Even though your post is about an unfathomable and never truly forgotten tragedy, thank you for reminding me of him and his family's story of survival.

Twilight said...

Rossa ~ Many thanks for adding that personal story - it helps brings things to life.

I've only ever met one Armenian person. It was long ago, in the early 1960s in Manchester. He was a regular customer in a restaurant where I worked briefly as cashier. He too had those very very dark eyes, and thick black wavy hair, nice classic features. He always struck me as a very steady, solid reliable type of guy. He used to smoke a pipe (back then it was allowed in restaurants). His pipe smoke had a lovely aromatic vanilla-like scent, about which his friends would tease him. Maybe it was some kind of "whacky baccy", I never knew. Funny how that memory has stuck with me.

Armenian surnames mostly end in "an", I think. The ubiquitous (in the US) celeb Kardashians are of that ilk I guess too.

mike (again) said...

I didn't realize that the Ottoman collective genocide included Armenian, Greek, and Assyrian peoples, for an approximate count of 4.5 million civilian deaths.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Me neither - thanks for that. The Ottoman Empire and its history was, for some reason, a blind spot for me. I'm a little clearer now, but it still needs some work!