Saturday, October 25, 2014

LYDIA the Astro-lady

This is an edited version of an old post from my first few months of astrology blogging, posted in January 2007. Not a bad idea, I thought at first, but having to draw and scan Lydia regularly would become a bit of a nuisance, as husband has the scanner and printer attached to his computer in another room. So Lydia disappeared as abruptly as she had arrived. Here she is, resurrected, with a couple of newly updated messages.

Meet AstroLydia. As Groucho Marx once sang "You can learn a lot from Lydia".....Lydia the astrolady.

She's composed of trines, squares, oppositions and conjunctions - aren't we all ?

"Uranus squaring Pluto multiple times between 2012 and 2015 - no cause for alarm -best advice,  loosen up and go with the flow - not always easy is it?"

I've been in hibernation since 2007, dreaming that when I woke I'd find a world far more conscious of what's happening to the climate and more involved in doing something about it. What y'all been doing for the past seven years? Crank up your Mercury - start complaining to your politicians!


mike said...

Only two more Uranus-Pluto squares to go, Lydia! Only six more months of grinding, then a slow parting from the past toward a slightly more stable "something". It'll take a while for the embers of conflagration to cool. Such excess polarity has become exhausting.

As for climate change, the writing is on the wall for all to read. I'd like to say that the deniers are remnants from the flat Earth society, but it's more pernicious than that by many magnitudes. The denial perpetrators are people that desire a short-term, material gain at the expense of all life on Earth. The denial accomplices are those that selectively ignore the message in order to maintain their material comfort level while they can. There's a huge middle-road group that is too busy living life to the fullest, in the moment, to care.

The Uranus-Pluto square has been effective at dredging issues up from the bog of blindness. The upcoming Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020, will birth a new cycle of change (actually three cycles in one: Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Pluto, Saturn-Pluto).

Sonny G said...

I'm so glad to see you and mike this morning.. It makes me feel more stable just seeing your names and reading your words. Sort of like- OK, maybe I wont fall off the edge of the planet, today. I guess me saying that might be somewhat shocking to Ya'll. we neer know who we are being a lifeline too cause folks dont usually tell..
hope that doesnt sound crazy .

I am hoping what Mike said is true, just six more months and things will ease up.. I am exhausted, tired of thinking and rethinking, only to come to the same dead end with no resolution.

Lydia is very pretty.

mike (again) said...

P.S. - 2021 begins the Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Uranus squares, Aquarius-Taurus.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I hope you're right about some improvement coming - and that astrology doesn't let us down on that, mike ! Although I doubt we'll ever have a "world at peace" - that has never happened, less of all types of negative events and atmospheres would be very acceptable.

I think climate change denial leaders (such as James Inhofe (our senator) are mainly driven by the need to support oil production to support their own bank accounts - blind to everything else. They'll not change, but they won't live for ever. That's the only comfort.

I may or may not be here for 2020/2021, will probably never know the ending of this story. One set of squares follows another - when the next set is done another will form...'tis the way of the world and always has been. The old world has survived so far, but climate change could be the stumbling block we eventually do stumble over.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Oh - I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling down. It's good to know that the blog has a secondary use - as a lifeline. It's mine too, I guess. I do know how important having a lifeline is - had to find one myself a few times.

Did something trigger these feelings, Sonny?

Feel free to unburden, rant at life, or just write about anything here if it'll help. Sometimes just writing stuff down helps (or typing it, in this techno age)

mike (again) said...

Sonny - No, I don't think you'll fall off the Earth, unless it truly is flat...LOL...and even then, you'd have to walk a distance to the edge.

Sonny, I've had some VERY disparaging times in my life that I thought would never end. However, probably my biggest liability was my own failure to move on and begin a new, positive cycle. Easier said than done.

The wonderful thing about astrology is it's based on cycles. I've never found a better tool for indicating life's changes, their inevitable beginnings and endings. And these cycles advance us from where we were to something more complete with better understanding of who we are.

I've had an unusual number of weird cycles in my life. I'm just now finishing one that started in 2000, and it's been almost unbearable at times, but I'm well through it now I believe. One thing I have learned, rather than becoming caught-up in my thoughts, it's far better to read a good book, garden, ride my bicycle...anything truly helps. For several years, I read a book about every two or three days, rode my bike several times a day.

You will make it through this, Sonny, but try to make it as easy on yourself as you can. Again, I would recommend you spend some bigger bucks and have a professional astrologer, such as Michael Lutin, interpret your natal chart.

You said you were recently diagnosed with a form of bipolar disorder. I'm not bipolar, but I do know that there are many medical and natural treatments available. Serotonin is a melatonin precursor. If your sleeping pattern is peculiar, please read-up on melatonin and magnesium.

LB said...

Very clever, Twilight! You're multi-talented.:)

Climate change is just a symptom of something bigger, one of many concerns. In the world we know, I doubt if many of us would be willing to give up on the comforts we've come to take for granted.

(((Sonny))) Thinking of you today, hoping you feel the love.

Also hoping you'll reach out to someone in your environment for support if you need to, so you know you're not alone. Someone you trust and who can be there for you in a tangible way.

Sharing online has helped me too. Not that long ago, someone on another astrological blog posted this link. It's about learning to live with our uncertainties:

Though the article is mostly geared towards relationship transitions, it could also apply to the relationship we have with ourselves and the changes we sometimes go through internally. Hope it helps!

LB said...

mike ~ I relate to your last comment about cycles. It's been a struggle at times as I've adjusted to a new way of life and of looking at the world. Could be a progressed Moon thing too, with it just now coming out of my P. 4th.

Can't understate how important EXERCISE and DIET have been, each having a direct and noticeable effect on my state of mind and wellbeing.

Maintaining an active and evolving spiritual practice has been essential as well, which for me doesn't mean going to church.:) I wish, I wish, I wish.

In retrospect, most of the changes have been a blessing. I feel freer now, less encumbered by illusions.

Grief, solitude and disillusionment can all have a very profound purging effect on the soul. Eventually we emerge from our dark cocoons as butterflies.:)

Twilight said...

LB ~ Thanks :-) Lydia was just a stray idea.

Yes there's a list of concerns much longer than my to-do list - and that's long enough!

Most of us would find it hard to change our lifestyles to embrace sufficient change to make discernible difference, without alternatives for necessities - in fact without a lot of government help and cooperation it'd be all but impossible.

We need the right government to kick start the will to change. We're unlikely to get it in 2016 (+ this year's election) the oligarchs have too strong a hold over everything. Maybe 2020, unless some catastrophe happened in the meantime. That could force them to act.

LB said...

Twilight ~ Sometimes I look at the backyard space attached to our rental and think how great it would be to try and grow organic food in cooperation with our neighbors. Then I wake up.

Unfortunately, the government and big corporations aren't our only challenges.

Your drawings are great, Twilight. They remind me of the figures in the book I recommended yesterday. I love how you used squares, triangles and other astrological configurations - so *clever*!

Twilight said...

LB ~ Thank you, you're too kind! :-)

mike (again) said...

“An Asteroid destroying Planet Earth before WE do might be the long shot of the 21st century!” Heath Byers

Twilight said...

mike ~ All those sci-fi and dystopic movies coming to life - in technicolor - and IMAX eh?

mike (again) said...

Yes, dystopia at its best in real life. You won't have to read or view dystopian books and movies anymore,'s in our own backyards in vivid reality. It's a two-for-one bonus feature, with the prequel happening NOW for our surround viewing pleasure.

I hope that anyjazz has been the podiatric nurse of your dreams. Any improvement?

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ And no cola and popcorn available!

Thanks, kind of you to ask. :-)
Anyjazz has ditched the nurse uniform for a white doctor coat - but insists on keeping the heels - it's quite disconcerting.

After taking a couple of doses of the pills my nausea about food subsided - not 100%, but I at forst meal for almost a week last night (fish).

On the bright side - musta lost a few pounds!

The anti-biotic gel for my foot
(mupirocin 2%) played havoc for 3 days - made it painful. Whereas I could walk around the dentist's office and supermarket before using it, afterwards I could hardly bear to walk unless pressing down on my heel only. Side effects warned it may take time for body to "get used to it", one site said 3 to 5 days might be needed to feel improvement. I'd have gone back to the doc but he wasn't there Fri/Sat/Sun, and pharmacist was no help at all.

Anyway, from late yesterday the pain began to ease, and I can walk more easily. Visually it doesn't look very different - washing and annointing 3 times a day, taking anti-biotic twice a day and anti fungal once a day - quite a regime to remember. It'll take time.
Back to doc for follow up on Wednesday, Earlier if gel begins troubling me again.

Dang - what a tale of woe. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Speaking to the plain geometry of the question ...
The sines might point to someones over-zealous Mother ...

Her being an acrobat and all,

Always flipping her Lydia ...


Twilight said...

Anonymous (Kidd) ~ :-D Tee-hee!!