Thursday, June 12, 2014


What if Al Gore were to run in the 2016 presidential campaign? Oh my! Now that would ensure my support, and interest, which would have been yawning in a corner somewhere if the race were to be between Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and even, disappointingly, Elizabeth Warren and/or Bernie Sanders. Al Gore could get me going again! I seem to recall my urging him to "Run Al, run!" in 2007/8. There are around 20 archived posts mentioning him (see Label Cloud in sidebar).

Al Gore is a very wealthy man (something most detractors hold against him). CBS News estimated his net worth at around $200 million, a few months ago. That is puny compared to the combined $72 billion fortune of Charles and David Koch, but it's still a lot of dosh. Even so, Gore has always seemed more populist than elitist to me, and I do get the sense/instinct that he's genuine and sincere. I know he's no leftie - that, sadly, is a rare to unknown species in this country. I'm amazed that so many, even Democrats, in the US dislike Gore so vehemently. The minute his name comes up in an article, derision and hate oozes through threads of comment.

Today I feel like repeating part of what I wrote in May 2007 - so I shall, while keeping in mind astrologically that his natal Sun, at 10.55 Aries, was close enough to be involved in this April's Cardinal Grand Cross formation sandwiched between two eclipses, which could mean....well... something?

(Al Gore's natal chart is at HERE.)
Al Gore has a Sun/Neptune cardinal opposition in his natal chart - Sun 10.55 Aries, Neptune 11.39 Libra. In "Planets in Aspect" published 1974, Robert Pelletier says about this aspect (among other things which seem irrelevant in this case)
"You are afraid of challenges because you doubt your own capabilities. When threatened you tend to back off and allow others to benefit from opportunities that you saw as obstacles........." AND
"Direct your goals towards fulfilling some important social responsibility."
In a post of June 2006, around the time "An Inconvenient Truth" hit movie screens, astrologer Mary Plumb wrote:
"Many astrologers over the years have noted the dignity inherent in Gore’s Aries Sun in mutual reception (and trine) to his Mars in Leo. May that warrior-like nature help keep us moving towards a better future of passion and activism for the earth."
I add my voice, and my hopes to Mary's, with this quotation from a respected American statesman of the past:"We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent on it's vulnerable reserves of air and soil, all committed, for our safety, to it's security and peace. Preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work and the love we give our fragile craft." (Adlai E. Stevenson)

Run, Al, run!
And in 2014, I'm still writing, with even more insistence than before:


mike said...

I, too, like Gore! I'm sure that the conservative right would feel intimidated and threatened should he decide for a presidential run in 2016. I believe that there are enough left- and middle-road voters to support his candidacy...people are wary of oligarch politics and Gore could break this sad cycle. However, I think Gore is wary of politics, too.

He does have some very beneficial astrological transits in the coming couple of years. Jupiter will be in his first-house of Leo conjuncting his natal Mars-Saturn-Pluto and forming sextiles and trines to other natal planets. Several eclipses will be on his Sun-Neptune opposition, as the transiting North-South Nodes conjunct these two planets. He has transiting Chiron on his Mercury (Chiron just went retro at this point, adding more significance). The recent grand cross involved his Sun-Neptune, which may have invigorated his philosophical interests...and the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square has just finished with his Sun-Neptune involvement. The transiting South Node was conjunct his North Node about a year ago, which tends to induce a re-evaluation of responsibilities to the self.

I would think that Gore is beyond contempt at the current state of governmental affairs...particularly the forfeiting of freedoms for security and, of course, climate change. Gore is an extremely self-directed individual and may be loath to partner with politics at this point of his career...he probably feels more effective as a lone wolf. His current and next-couple-of-years' astrology indicates favorable changes that could compel him to re-enter politics. He does have North Node in his tenth house...he was born to lead.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Yes, he once said that "politics is toxic" - but what inspired me to post today was his comments about Snowden and the NSA the other day, then I looked around the net and several right-wing blogs were saying that he has said he hasn't ruled out a 2016 run. I couldn't find confirmation on a Dem-type blog though - but it put a smile on my face anyway.

Thanks for the astrological insights - I'll study them carefully later.
We are about to set off to Kansas to visit the Smoky Hill River Festival this weekend, we haven't sampled it for many a year. I have posts scheduled for tomorrow and the weekend and will respond to any comments each evening. :-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ Those astrological pointers are more than a bit encouraging! We ought to keep a close watch on news about him from now on for clues. :-)

We're in Junction City KS (Salina hotels etc. crowded due to Festival, more peaceful here).

mike (again) said...

You and anyjazz are trotters! You are in my sister's neighborhood...she lives in Manhattan, KS. I'm jealous of your festival weather...very pleasant right now and through the weekend there in Kansas. Hotter than blazes here with humidity to match. Don't forget to view the full moon tonight. I'm sure you and anyjazz will have a wonderful time.

Re Al Gore - I don't think voters will take to a new, fresh face as was done with Obama and his visionary, but forfeited promises favoring the continuation of same ol' same ol'. Presidential-family-lineage candidates have a taint of miscreant danger, as the Bush family has provided. Gore has the history, credentials, demeanor, and apparently no skeletons in the closet or they would have come out by now. Sadly, Gore's stand on global warming, money & politics, and corporate greed are perhaps his inconvenient truths...LOL. A huge quantity of money will be used against him should he elect to become a candidate. I would certainly vote for Gore and I hope I have that chance. I don't know how women democratic voters would view the choice of Hillary vs Al.

"Besides, Gore is one of those rare public figures who could compete without needing to throw a lot of money into the fight. He could also afford to take an outside-the-box approach to fundraising. In October, Gore – looking far more presidential and statesmanlike than he did in his younger days – told Bloomberg that 'corporations are not persons, money is not speech, (and) big anonymous contributors should not call the shots,' in US politics."