Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Down the Rabbit-hole with Saturn & Myth

Down the internet rabbit hole, keeping out of the sun and heat, I came across, via an astrology forum, a long video narrated and compiled by David Talbott:
Symbols of an Alien Sky. The video is a hour and 20 minutes long, so not for the faint-hearted. At the link provided, rather than directing straight to YouTube, there's more information and some illustrations. There are, apparently, two further video episodes on the topic, I haven't yet investigated those.

Just watching a few minutes of the video gives some idea of its content. I watched it in full, was as intrigued as I was many, many years ago, when I read Erich von Däniken's first book Chariots of the Gods. With his subsequent books my fascination turned to cynicism though, perhaps the same might happen in this case. Sometimes, when an imaginative author finds a fascinating theme, which might in fact have some ghostlike validity, the author tends to keep flogging the horse with follow-ups until it's....well - dead.

For anyone unable to watch the video, there are articles available on the "Saturn Myth" at its heart - basically it proposes that long, long ago Saturn was Earth's sun, and the configuration of planets was different from the orbits we know today. Three examples of such articles: HERE, HERE, and HERE. Numerous others appear on line, both supporting and rubbishing the theory.

The video mentioned above concentrates on how ancient petroglyphs in many countries of the world can be seen to match proposals put forward, and how world myths might have grown up out of planetary events far back in time, beyond current human knowledge.

David Talbott's ideas, which closely follow theories of Immanuel Velikovsky propose that Saturn, Mars and Earth were once in the far, far distant past in alignment, and outside of the current Sun's heliosphere, probably for millions of years with Earth inside Saturn's plasma sheath. When the Saturnian system entered the Sun's Heliosphere, Saturn began flaring, Venus was ejected from Saturn and the ring system was born and the beginning of the breakup, and much of Human mythology began. Things ripped apart, planets found new orbits by exchanging electrical discharges until it settled into the system of planetary orbits we know today. Our current understandings of physics and cosmology are, apparently not yet advanced enough to fully understand these things. Proposals involve the addition of electrical factors ("The Electric Universe".) The planets, it is thought, were held in alignment electro-statically countering effects of gravity. The breakup left the system electrically "dead", gravity took over as primary system force.

Just as I'd wished to believe what Erich von Däniken proposed about early space travel and visits from other worlds, I'd love to believe what David Talbott and others propose about the origin of certain world mythologies, religions and the formation of our current planetary configuration. I've often pondered about the origin of myths. Was there more to it than, in the case of our best-known Greek variety of myth, sages and philosophers getting together to concoct a set of fictional stories of gods and goddesses for the delectation of listeners and readers, with maybe just a hint of moral or philosophical truth embedded? Were those sages actually carrying on, in different form, more acceptable, accessible and likely to survive as religion or myth, tales of planetary change and catastrophe handed down from...from whom though? Perhaps the origin of such knowledge was lost, along with much else, in the burning of the Ancient Library of Alexandria, but some special knowledge, known to a select few, had been passed on by word of mouth?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this is apposite, but I recently heard a review of a book recounting the use of DNA to establish genealogical lineage. The implications seem profound beyond our imaginings; to wit, the 'killer instinct' may be resident in the Y chromosome. 'There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio....'
Worth a listen:
PS Many thanks to you and Mike for your engagement with my comments. I do appreciate your kindnesses but don't always find time to respond. Tr Uranus opp n Mercury?!

mike said...

Hhmmmm...quinkydink...Bill Mullen discusses this exact topic:

Check-out Thunderbolts' home page, too...I've followed this site for several years. More of an astrophysics site.

Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu, if they actually existed, have been lost from Earth's history. Recent discoveries of underwater structures are lending more credence to the possibility of ancient, lost civilizations. We assume that humans have recently entered the game of life here on Earth, but there is mounting evidence that much had occurred many thousands of years prior.

I've read a number of literature sources that compare commonality amongst the ancient legends...too similar to dismiss...and the concept of a different, electrical, vivid, and very active sky above the ancients.

Sabina - the audio at CBC Radio One doesn't operate for me. I've been having problems with my computer for several months, so not sure if that is the problem, or if the site is having problems.

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ I'm not sure about this, but I think, am pretty sure, you meant to comment under yesterday's post which touched on the topic of racism? Having checked out the book from which the excerpt you link comes, I see that it has racism as a theme. By the way my husband would love that novel - I shall direct him to the synopsis. Thanks for the hint!

If I'm wrong, and you did mean to comment under today's post....hmmm.

Regarding the DNA and genealogy - yes I've heard about that and seen commentary by those keen on family history who have used the various services now available (at a price) to have one's DNA investigated to find which ethnic "lines" are present. I'm not sure I'd trust the online adverts for such a service though, but am sure in the right hands DNA will be capable of telling us lots of secrets about our lineage.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I love these quinkydinks! :-)
I'll check out that video and the pages you suggest.

Those lost lands - yes, yet another strand of the tangled mysteries of our more ancient than ancient history.

Some of these ideas are used, and expanded upon, to sell books and lecture tours - but even so, I want to believe there's a core of truth in there somewhere, but a truth we'll never be likely to prove conclusively. I'm a sucker for such theories and stories though - always have been. My "sensible" side takes over for a time, and I dismiss it all - but then I get interested again. ;-/ I do love a good mystery.

Re Sabina's link - I can't get radio contact either. (see my comment to Sabina)

That link tells a bit about the book though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, folks. I realized last evening that I had not directed you to the non-fiction book itself. Here is a link to a bit about it by the author herself. (It seems to fit in rather nicely with your piece about nationalism/patriotism/tribalism too.)

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ Thanks Sabina - yes, it fits the unintended thread from racism to nationalism.

Opening up DNA is sure to have benefits, but also it could also be a bit like Pandora's Box if governments took charge of it. There will be dangers also....positive/negative, as always.