Monday, June 16, 2014

Music Monday ~ Briefly Mulling over McCartney

It'll be Paul McCartney's birthday this week - he was born on 18 June 1942 in Liverpool, UK. His natal chart is available at

Apart from his massive contribution to the music of The Beatles, I've always loved a song from 1977 he recorded with his "other" band, Wings: Mull of Kintyre. The song is a tribute to a location in Scotland where McCartney has owned a farm since 1966. The song was a hit in the UK and in several other countries, but excluding the USA for some reason. It was written by Paul McCartney and Denny Laine. The music video below was filmed on location at McCartney's farm on the Kintyre Peninsula and was directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. The film features Wings members Linda McCartney and Denny Laine as well as the Campbeltown Pipe Band.

Paul became a Kennedy Center Honoree in 2010, Steven Tyler paid tribute with a super performance of some of Paul's songs:

A couple of archived posts feature Paul McCartney himself (rather than his work with The Beatles):

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mike said...

Paul McCartney has never held my attention like the other Beatles' members, except for his excellent lyrical compositions (either alone or collaborated) while a member of the Beatles. I find his Wings' music and lyrics too insipid, a little too folksy, a little too mainstream, though the group has received acclaim and awards. The fab-four were a terrific team and were incredibly additive to each other...synergy at its best. The Beatles' music was edgy, broke new ground, and covered a wide array of displayed talents. Wings seems tried-and-true and keep-it-simple. Most of the Wings' compositions have very short and repetitious lyrics, symptomatic of the newer generation of music.

I can assure that most would disagree with my statement...LOL.

Twilight said...

mike ~ To each his own, mike! I'm not a big fan of Paul myself. I do like the song in the video though, it's kind of nostalgic to me, even though I'm not a Scot.

I was never a Beatles fan back in Britain, it was husband and his family who turned my attention to them. I prefer their compositions performed by others, but they created some super songs, the test of their quality for me is that they CAN be played in so many and varied styles from pop to classic orchestral.