Thursday, January 03, 2013

Sir George Martin (and his astrologer son)

Today, 3 January, is the birthday of Sir George Martin, the man whose work with The Beatles helped propel their music to the iconic status it will likely retain forever. There's a good article about him at Salon by Frank Houston, from 2000.
"He was the only "fifth Beatle" who really deserved the title -- without him the '60s' greatest group might never have happened."

"With the exception of Phil Spector’s syrupy post-production on the “Let It Be” album, Martin produced every Beatles recording — from the first single (“Love Me Do”) to the last album (“Abbey Road”). Manager Brian Epstein, their most fervid salesman, may have given the scruffy Liverpudlians an initial gloss, but Martin gave them real artistic polish. He supervised the band’s transition from precocious boys to mature artists, harnessing all that wild genius into the most efficient and dazzling hit-making unit in modern pop.

In all he produced more than 700 recordings in a career spanning 50 years and genres as diverse as jazz, rock, classical, comedy and film soundtracks, with an unprecedented 30 No. 1 Beatles and post-Beatles hits to his credit in the U.K. Now Sir George, Martin may be the most influential and prolific record producer in history."

Sir George describes his job thus: “The producer is the person who shapes the sound. If you have a talent to work with — a singer together with a song — the producer’s job is to say, right, you need to put a frame around this, it needs a rhythm section to do this or that and so on,” he told the Irish Times in 1999. “He actually decides what the thing should sound like, and then shapes it in the studio. He may also be an arranger, in which case he may write the necessary parts … he shapes the whole lot. It’s like being the director of a firm.”

Beatles Historian Mark Lewisohn affirms that:
"George Martin was the perfect producer for the group -- creative, keen to experiment, willing to listen, an expert about music but nicely inexperienced in pop and rock, and a veteran of comedy-sound effects records." Indeed, George's experience with the Goons (Note: The Goons = British radio show starring stellar comic actors Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine, Martin produced comedy records with Sellers and Milligan) had provided him with a diverse repertoire of recording trickery, which came into play when the Beatles, worn by the pressures of live performance and touring, progressed in the studio to ever more complex tracks.......... Martin's patient nature was invaluable........ it took extraordinary diplomacy, exceptional musical expertise, limitless patience and visionary clarity to bring these ideas to fruition and greatness. Sometimes George's genius was knowing when to jump in and offer musical advice; sometimes it was knowing when to go down to the canteen and have a cup of tea, letting them get on with whatever they were up to."
Sir George's personality is said to be a blend of "giddy enthusiasm with cool intelligence and eloquence" and I'd add it has to include a shrewd business sense, and as highlighted above: patience and intuitive tact. His time of birth isn't available online, so I took a look at a 12 noon chart for his date of birth:

Lots to see here - I'll simply pick out what jumped out to me first, a network:

Ruler of his steady, businesslike Capricorn Sun, Saturn, is in emotional Water sign Scorpio and in harmonious trine to Uranus in Pisces. Uranus in Pisces is semi-sextile (helpful) to Venus, planet of the arts in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus and co-ruled traditionally by Saturn). Venus, planet of the arts, in Aquarius is in opposition (balancing) to Neptune (planet of creativity and ruler of Pisces) in Leo.

Yes....I know that sounded like a huge muddle. It is, but it reflects Sir George's mixed bag of undeniable talent, a linked network of astrological traits: steadiness, patience and business sense from Capricorn and Saturn, emotional intelligence from a Water link Pisces/Scorpio, a certain appreciation of quirkiness and fantasy from Venus in Aquarius, and Uranus in Pisces.

His natal Mercury (mental orientation) in easy-going Sagittarius harmoniously trines creative Neptune in Leo - more evidence of an ability to appreciate fantasy, softening and adding colour to a potentially more staid and rational Capricorn nature.

It's a pity we can't pinpoint his rising sign or natal Moon position, his birth time being unknown. Moon would have been in either Leo or early Virgo. Virgo would fit an obvious urge for perfection in his work; Leo would fit his draw to musical show-biz. Hard to say which is the more likely.


A SIDELIGHT on Son of Sir George

In the course of preparing this post I noted that Sir George Martin's eldest son from his first marriage, Gregory Paul Martin is, among other things (writer, actor, producer, playboy of the western world), an astrologer. He looks uncannily like his Dad, but apparently they are not very close in anything but looks. From the pieces I've read, Gregory Paul prides himself on being "a bit of a lad", magnet to the fairer sex and all that. Born 21 January 1957 (1.33 AM) in London, England, he has Sun in Aquarius, Scorpio rising. That could be a difficult mix to handle, but his Libra Moon should help! His natal chart is available at Astrodatbank, but curiously they don't mention his work as an astrologer. I wonder why?

I followed a few leads to discover what kind of astrologer his is. His astrology website is ASTROARIA; there's also a video talk by him from February 2012, with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger "In her second hour, Dr. Staninger is joined by Gregory Paul Martin, Astrologer, as they discuss 2012, the Age Of Aquarius and the return Of Divine Feminine/Magdalene energy and why it matters. The eldest son of Beatles producer Sir George Martin, writer/producer Gregory has practiced astrology for 25 years reading privately for colleagues…"


Wisewebwoman said...

T - you are truly gifted at dredging up these characters and expanding on what we know of them!

mike said...


Gregory Martin talks with David Palmer about his father's (George Martin) relationship with Paul McCartney and the astrology involved. George refers to the relationship as "friends and lovers". George Martin's rising sign is discussed and is 23 Gemini.

mike (again) said...

Oooops...should have said that Gregory Martin refers to his father's relationship with Paul as "friends and lovers".

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~ It stems from an innate nosiness, WWW - but thank you!

Twilight said...

mike ~~ Oh! Thanks for digging out that wee nugget of infoormation. I have to confess that GP Martin isn't "my kind" of astrologer and I couldn't dredge up enough enthusiasm to delve very deeply. As with books, so with astrologers - I'm very picky! That's not to say GP Martin isn't a good astrologer, however. As I always say if anyone has asked me how to choose an astrologer from whom to buy forecasts: find one with whom you feel some sense of inner rapport, from the way they write (or speak if they speak in public).

Sorry - I'm waffling.

So George M. has Gemini rising. Hmmm - using my rectification tool on the astro software I find that when the ascendant is in mid-Gemini Moon is at 1 Virgo. so it's still not certain whether Moon is in virgo or Leo - depending on degree of ascendant. Still, Gemini rising would have blended well with Paul McCartney's Gemini Sun and John Lennon's Libra Sun.
also, one would expect, with his eldest son's Aquarius Sun - but Scorpio rising must get in the way.

Twilight said...

mike ~~~ Oh - noticed you did say 23 Gemini.....dang! Now my rectification tool refuses to work.
Will re calculate whole chart.
Software in dire need of updating, which shall be done soon.

Twilight said...

mike ~~~ Moon still at 1 Virgo with ascendant at 23 Gemini.

anyjazz said...

There is no doubt that George Martin recognized the potential and won the trust of the young fab four. Just as the magic began to happen when Lennon met McCartney, the addition of Martin elevated the results even further. It's the stuff of legends. Remove any element and would you have the same results? Or even ANY results?

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~~ Yes, all elements came together at exactly the right time, as if drawn together by some cosmic magnet. As you say, if any were to have been removed - any one of those elements (including the timing of it all) and....well we wouldn't be talking about The Beatles, still, in 2013!