Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Dennis Kucinich's 16-year stint in Congress ended this month. I was surprised to read, last week, of his engagement as a regular contributor at Fox News.

I've been a fan of Mr Kucinich for as long as I've been in the USA. It was partly due to the despicable way he was treated by his own party the Democrats, and the media, that I decided not to register as a Democrat, but as Independent back in 2008.

20 posts featuring Kucinich dated from 2006 to 2012 are accessible via the Label Cloud in the sidebar, the most recent of them, including his natal chart, is HERE.

I wondered which way DK might go once free of congressional duties and loyalties. Fox News though? That would have been right at the bottom of my list of possibilities! Still, what would be the use of his singing to the choir, even given the chance? The Democrats, if they'd bother to listen - most wouldn't - cannot bear to hear and acknowledge the truth. They prefer to ridicule and denigrate, even the best of 'em, I'm sad to say.

There's a strong possibility Kucinich will be shouted down at every turn in every discussion, but then again it may not be as easy as the Fox gang suspect. DK is a seasoned national campaigner. He will not be content to be "token liberal" du jour, another Alan Colmes. Colmes and Kucinich are both diplomatic Libra Suns, as it happens, but, and it's a big but, Dennis Kucinich has heavy Scorpio back-up, as I mentioned in this 2006 post Scorpio's Iron Hand in Libra's Velvet Glove.

Some suspect that the Fox people will be hoping to see Kucinich attack President Obama, as they do themselves, but from the left. Ironically, this is truly what's needed - but not on Fox! The more I think about it the more screwed-up it all becomes. To keep my wayward blood pressure steady I stopped watching political talking heads on TV long ago. I'll not have the stomach to watch Fox, but will hope to read of DK's adventures there. Perhaps he might even get his own show - eventually - now that would be worth watching!


mike said...

It's premature to assume Kucinich's motives and goals are in stranger-danger-land. However, I'm with you, Twilight...his transition to Fox is ominous.

I viewed the chart you provided in another posting. He has, is, and will be affected by the current transiting Uranus square Pluto...his natal Sun and Neptune will be in T-square for the next several years. Transiting Pluto just entered his tenth house of career and public recognition. Transiting Saturn was conjunct his natal Mercury and Jupiter, and is currently conjunct his natal Mars...Saturn will again affect these planets with the transiting Saturn retrograde soon...all this in his seventh house of relationships. Transiting Jupiter has and will conjunct his North Node and Uranus.

His chart would indicate disappointment and surprises in his relationships-alliances. His career is undergoing a transformation right along with his alliances. I think he probably feels bitter about the past several years, but he'll probably have more bitterness in his future for quite a few more years. This could be his crash-and-burn...or his resurrection. I believe Kucinich will continue to surprise us, if he remains in the public view. I don't think his current alignments will last and will ultimately disappoint him...or teach him some stern lessons.

While it's always nice to have heroes to pin hope upon, they are no more infallible than any other. My hero can easily be some one's antithesis to be destroyed.

I've decided that the enemy is all of us. Extremely few of us truly have an eye on the bigger picture, spiritualism, and love for our fellow man, or creatures, or planet. Each of us messes it up, somehow.

Simply observe the recent discussions regarding ballistic weapons. I'm appalled by the gun toters, but hey.

And we humans often get sidetracked...our local editorial yesterday had a cartoon, but essentially said:

"A Weapon Guide for the Uninformed (and average homicides or deaths per year, per category)

Military assault rifles: 18
Rifles: 453
Handguns: 6,009
Blunt object: 674
Knives: 1,817
Hands, feet, fists: 869
Drunk driving: 10,839
Auto accidents: 32,885 "

I'm not sure about the "average per year" determination, but I suspect it's fairly close to reality from the numbers I've previously been exposed. This year's numbers would seem higher in the ballistics' category. They omitted drones and war, too!

We can only pin our hopes on ourselves and take no hostages!

mike (again) said...

From "The Hollywood Reporter" (

THR: You're going to do some TV, right?

Kucinich: I'm going to do some TV, yes. The Fox Network has invited me to be a contributor. I'm happy for that opportunity, and I'll continue to express a point of view that many of my supporters are already familiar with.

THR: That point of view may not necessarily be the generally accepted Fox News point of view. Do you anticipate any trouble?

Kucinich: In the last 10 years, I have been on Fox many, many times. And I know the people, I have a working relationship, we've had an energetic exchange of views, and we shall continue to do so.

THR: What does a contributor role look like? How often will you be on?

Kucinich: I'm like a utility infielder, so I'll be on there once in a while.

Twilight said...

mike ~~ Thanks for the astrology - I didn't dare go into it myself too deeply as I suspected it might not be "all beer and skittles". ;-0

I feel for DK, truly. I'm as sure as anyone can ever be about these things, that he's a man of integrity with no ulterior motives at heart other than those promoting the good of the people - all people. I hope any surprises from him come as
welcome ones!

I did once have a tendency to hero worship - it has been more or less knocked out of me over the years, but I still have a need to pin hopes in certain places. :-)

Re the gun control battle and the issues you mention from your local rag - it was a bit unfair of them to lump figures for deliberate violence, causing death, to accidental deaths, just so as to make gun violence look comparatively good.

The whole right-wing attitude at present is ridiculous - President isn't in any way thinking of trying to outlaw gun ownership or even controlling it very much - for those already in possession of piles of weapons, even for new owners. He's only talking about doing the minimum anyway -even so, what'll actually happen is another matter.
Talk is easy.

After I read your comments I saw this at common Dreams - watched the video and wanted to knock my head against the wall exactly as in the wee animation in the posting.

"Aaargh Fox!!!

mike (again) said...

I watched the mirrors the national rhetoric. I saw on the news that 59% of Americans polled were not in favor of gun control in any form. Here in TX on the news tonight: a new tax will be created to pay for increased security at public schools. Fear mongering pays dividends.

The saying, "May you live in interesting times", was not wasted on us.

Wisewebwoman said...

I, too, was shocked when I read this T. The upcoming flavours of Fox should be interesting.
I thank the heavens I don't have teevee. I'd be long dead from out of control rage.... :)

Twilight said...

mike ~~ I think TX is just a smidgin worse than OK - but a tiny smidgin only. I prefer your Gov to ours - at least he does a few "Oops" with good grace and sense of humour. Mary Fallin has nothing horrendousness to offer. ;-)

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~ I can see the benefits of not having TV, but living in tornado alley, it'd be reckless to dump ours. So we ignore or filter most of what's on offer.

Anonymous said...

"Scorpios' Iron Hand in Libras' Glove"

Is this the case for we Libra suns that have Scorpio rising?

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~ That could be how you'd come across to others, or try to. I think there'd need to be a few Scorpio planets or hard Saturn aspects involved to completely outweigh Libra's charming velvet glove. :-)