Tuesday, January 08, 2013

In the Wee Small Hours....

I wonder how 2013 is panning out already for others? I don't like it much so far! Husband has been laid low with a very nasty cough and cold for well over a week. I've slept on the couch in the living room for the past 4 or 5 nights to allow him the freedom to cough with required shrillness, get up, wander around, devoid of worries about disturbing his spouse. I've so far avoided the worst symptoms of whatever virussy affliction his is, though not for much longer - the tonsils are fighting a brave rearguard action, but............

Anyway, during my nights exiled to the couch I've been encouraging sleep by watching whatever movie I could find on TV until the eyes began to close automatically. There are some rather strange movies around in the dead of night! A couple of old black and white sci-fi offerings were good for a quiet laugh; then, another night brought a newer (2003) British-made movie, The Mother shown sometime between 1 and 3 am.

Oh my! I was to quickly realise why this film had been relegated to the early hours. Several scenes wouldn't have been out of place in a real porno movie. British film makers have certainly moved with the times, put the old "lay back and think of England" thing well and truly to rest.
The biggest shock was to see actress Anne Reid who I remembered last seeing in the iconic English soap opera Coronation Street, back in the late 1960s and 70s, playing the part of sensible northern gal, young mother of twins Valerie Barlow, who, after several years in the part met an untimely end, electrocuted while drying her hair with a faulty appliance. It was an unsettling leap from her portrayal of young Valerie Barlow to the 68 year old grandmother, May, who in early widowhood takes leave of her senses and sensibilities and.......well what ensues involves a young Daniel Craig playing a 30-ish Darren, carpenter and handyman (very handy, as it turned out), doing construction work on her son's swish London house.
In looking for a pic to include here I came across an article where Ms Reid, now 77, said she "wishes she had Been sexually wilder". Hmmm.....really? Now that is bravado - or would the correct term in this case be bravada?

Suffice to say that the characters and their doings in Coronation Street were always far more believable and true to life (as we knew it then) than I found the unrelievedly nasty characters and attitudes portrayed in The Mother: May's husband, son, daughter and their respective spouses. Surrounded by that lot there's little wonder May experienced a loopy turn or two: bewitched, bewildered and generally discombobulated.

Dune, showing the following night, even with its Kwisatz Haderach, Bene Gesserit, the spice Melange and giant worms proved far too tame to keep my eyes open longer than through the first hour. Last night it was an hour or so of The Day After Tomorrow, enough to give a gal nightmares - but I'd seen it before, and therefore immunised against after effects.

Meanwhile, during daylight hours, it has not been possible to go see Les Miserables at a movie theatre in a neighbouring town. I doubt we'll make it now, virussy affliction rules it seems. There'll be a DVD soon enough, 'til then I'll sink my head into the doorstop of the Les Miz book, it arrived yesterday. I read up to page 42, and to my surprise found it a pleasantly easygoing read.


mike said...

Well, Twilight, it sounds as if you have your own, personal version of the body snatchers arriving with the flu bugs' first tonsilly twitch...doubt that you'll be staying awake late much longer. I hope you treated your hub in a way that he will ingratiate himself to your days of need! Shared nursing duties at their best.

My mother used to listen to Art Bell and his many conspiracies...disease-causing viruses (that are actually inoculating us against something worse) released in the contrails of jet planes, that sort of stuff. Have you seen any contrails over the Okie skies?

Do you feel umbrage with any one? This would be a good time to pay them a visit. If not, stay inside and prepare yourself...feel better soon...if I don't read your post tomorrow, I'll assume you're toast. A good flu can make one feel reborn once the health has returned.

Twilight said...

mike ~~ Himself is still in a worse state than I am - he has no tonsils left to fight the good fight! My version seems to be heading more sinus and ear-wards.

Haven't seen any con-trails, no - I'd not heard that conspiracy theory before, only the one about manipulating climate via con trails. :-)

Thanks for the good wishes. I'm nowhere near bad enough to play toast yet, there are a few posts I "made earlier" stashed away, so the blog isn't likely to go dark yet a while.

R J Adams said...

Wish AnyJazz a swift recovery from me, and I'll hold a possibly forlorn hope you won't succumb.

I remember Valerie Barlow and her untimely demise from "The Street". I doubt you'd like it now. We stopped watching a few months back. It's no more than a northern version of "Eastenders" these days. Really terrible! We're now watching Corrie from the late seventies. It's a real breath of fresh air after the 21st century version.

Wisewebwoman said...

Healing thoughts fly your way T along with speedy recovery to Himself.

I commiserate completely, I've been handwashing like crazy when surrounded by wheezy-sneezers, dreading catching what's going around due to lung issues in the past.

Stay safe and healthy!!


Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ Thank you, RJ. He's considering a visit to the doc's today as the thing isn't improving - it appears to be one of those long-winded viruses, ill-effects, for him began 27 December!

I doubt I'd even recognise any character in Corrie now. Most of the old gang have shuffled off, sad to say. In its heyday it really was the Rolls Royce of soaps. :-)

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~ Thank you, WWW!
I hope you miss the 2013 round of the lurgie. We missed out on the 'flu and cold round for the past two, maybe three years, so can't complain too much.

I'm speaking, from time to time, in a deep baritone this morning, when I can bring forth any voice at all.....oh joy!