Monday, January 28, 2013

Elizabeth Warren and 2016

Commenter "Sonny" left a note on a 2011 post featuring the natal chart of Elizabeth Warren the other day, with information on Ms Warren's time of birth, and asking if I'd take another look at the chart.
"1:51:24 pm time of birth..
Would you consider doing her chart again and letting us know your feeling on her being VP in 2016.
Thank you"
Ms Warren is now Senator Warren of Massachusetts, of course. Excellent!

Her natal chart updated with the proposed time of birth :

My view:
It'd be difficult to narrow down any potentialities to an indication of her being Vice President in 2016. All we're likely to see is some indication of change in her career, extra dynamism around Uranus (change) or Saturn (career, legislation) also involving Sun, Moon or ascendant (different parts of "the self).

In November 2016 Mars (dynamism, energy) will conjoin her Jupiter at 00 Aquarius, the planet at the apex of the Yod mentioned in the 2011 post. The Yod involves Sun/Uranus, Saturn and Uranus-ruled Aquarius. Indication of "something" happening linked to career matters, but there are numerous possibilites.

Another possible indication of "something" important/different happening is that Uranus, planet of change will be conjunct north Node of the Moon in her chart.

Perhaps Mike, our blog friend who is more expert and experienced than I am in these matters, will offer his opinion....please?


Sonny G said...

thank you so much Twilight.
I really appreciate this.

I will wait now with great anticipation to see what Mike and others, may have to add to your newest statement.

as I have no technical knowledge//astrology/ numerology == all I can use is my Feeling about people. Some folks give me good feelings and others send off a negative vibe.
Just the sight of Elizabeth Warren's face or the sound of her voice makes me "tear up" in a wonderful way. I realize for many this isn't considered a very scientific technique but its served me well since early childhood..

thank you again for acknowledging my request.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~~ I know exactly what you mean about a "feeling about people" - I experience the same thing, and find it's accurate for 99% of the time. :-)

I liked Elizabeth Warren from the first time I saw her interviewed on TV a few years ago, had the feeling we'd be seeing much more of her in the future.

My first post about her, in August 2010 is at

mike said...

Oh, amateur perspective here. Yes, I, too, greatly admire Elizabeth Warren and certainly would like to see her achieve greater political positioning.

I'd have to state what you've already stated, Twilight...I don't see much that would yield tremendous positive aspects for 2016. Rather the opposite, actually. Whatever occurs for her at that time will be a bit of a struggle. I suspect she could have a difficult time holding on to her Senate seat and-or a personal-professional conflict.

For November 8, 2016, she will have transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune in the 12th house, which can indicate dreams realized. Transiting Saturn will make a yod to natal Moon-Venus and will also trine natal Pluto. Transiting Pluto in 3rd house will oppose natal Venus and will be inconjunct natal Pluto in the 10th house. She has Libra rising, so Venus is significant...her natal Venus is on her midheaven...her natal Venus will be involved in the yod and opposition...I don't think that will be a positive for her in terms of public image and career.

A truly big challenge for her will be the transiting Uranus-Pluto square. Her ascendant and natal Venus will complete a grand square the year before, during, and after. Mid-2015 Uranus will cross her for surprising news then. Uranus in her 6th house could bring sudden health concerns for the next couple of years, particularly this coming March 27th! There will also be a lunar eclipse May, 2016, that will affect her natal Moon.

I would not think that the totality of these aspects would indicate being elected to office. However, they can be positive for someone APPOINTED to a position, as the aspects indicate a shift in goals and acquisition of greater responsibilities. It could be that a presidential appointment is in her future...?

Now through mid-2015, she will experience the magic of transiting Jupiter making positive aspects to many of her natal planets.

Sonny G said...

thank you Mike and Twilight for your detailed insight..

perhaps her integrity and honesty could get in the way of future political pursuits.

Ever the optimist though, I dream of a renewal of conciousness that opens the way for someone of her caliber to make great strides in our system.

If wishing on the stars every evening has any bearing on a situation, then one of those stars will have her name on it, when I gaze upward.. Stranger things have happened:-)

thank you BOTH again.

Twilight said...

mike ~~~ Thanks from me too for your more detailed and expert astrological pointers.

From a non-astrological standpoint:
for Ms Warren to actually BE Vice-Prez it would mean another Democrat would have to take the presidency in 2016, of course. It's too far away to sensibly surmise, but due to the pendulum swing that's often part of political elections, we could easily be seeing a Republican president then - though perhaps a re-invented, re-thought Republican (more along the Jon Huntsman type) presidency.

That scenario would match what you've proposed, the disappointment - apart perhaps from the presidential appointment part - not sure about that.

Even if Hillary Clinton were to run in 2016 (I suspect she will not) and were she to win, taking a female VP would be over-egging the female pudding I think - too risky and unbalanced. But she'd almost certainly offer a presidential appointment to Ms Warren.

Let's be really silly and look at 2020 - after a possible Republican in power for 4 years.....maybe Elizabeth Warren would run for the presidency herself!! I hope I'll still be around and no completely gaa-gaa by then, to see. ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Always liked her and her ideas. She is so refreshing.

Yes, I guess the US is not ready for a twin female assault on the presidency. That will be the day indeed.

Hillary is being coy, I wouldn't put it past her to run in 2016.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~ The US and most other nations have put up with twin-male presidencies, PM's and their deputies for centuries, but it'll take at least another half- century before a twin-female scenario would ever be accepted, in the USA anyway - I'd bet.

Re Hillary - I wonder about her health WWW. In 4 more years....?
Apart from health issues though, perhaps even she doesn't really know what she wants to do - yet.
That'd be understandable after the past 4 years she's had.

Tracy said...

i don't have my empheris around me...when does uranus conjunct her north node?

Twilight said...

Tracy ~~ Exactly:May, and October 2016, March 2017 and within a degree or two for several weeks around those times.