Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Debatable Debate

I didn't watch the televised debate between President Obama and Governor Romney last week, and had avoided watching videos of any part of it - until yesterday afternoon, when I became curious enough to dive in and watch the whole thing. There have been countless articles and opinions expressed, most emphasising that the Prez was lack-lustre, seemed tired, disengaged, wouldn't look at Gov. Romney, didn't even contradict several lies said to have been presented by him.

I don't support either one of the two debaters. My view is that the debates are little better than theatre for consumption of the masses. Having now seen a video recording of the full debate it's hard to relate what I saw to what has been said and written about it. If I had to score it I'd say it was a tie rather than the resounding win for Romney most have been calling it, along with a variety of theories as to whether it could have been a deliberate ploy by the President and his advisers, or was he even "taking a dive"? Dearie me!

Romney was on the offensive, naturally, why wouldn't he be, Obama already has the ball? That was to be expected. I didn't see Obama as tired or disengaged. He did look at Romney, in between quickly writing notes, didn't seem at all intimidated as some have implied. I don't agree with either of 'em, so watched the proceedings with a different perspective from most, I guess.

What seems likely to my way of thinking, is that immediate post mortems by TV pundits (of which I haven't seen any at all) must have shaped the views of many. It was in the best interest of those pundits to keep interest in the debates and campaigns alive for as long as possible, leaving viewers and readers panting for more, with plenty to argue about until the next outing.


mike said...

I watched the debates, but can't say I learned anything new, including the Republican mantra "we don't need fact-checkers running the campaign". I already know Obama from his job performance, so I had hoped to gain additional insight to Romney and I was amused that most of the math Romney presented was disputed by the fact-checkers. I've never liked politicians that employ mathmagic. Obama scored much higher with the fact-checkers.

Twilight said...

mike ~~ I'm not surprised the fact checkers found lots of non-facts among Romney's responses. He's a natural salesman, whereas Obama is a natural lecturer, when unaided by teleprompter prompts, that is - from his scriptwriters (who are also salesmen). Neither is a natural leader, in my opinion.