Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Biden Appreciation

We watched the Biden/Ryan debate on Thursday. Five minutes into the proceedings I was remembering how I'd felt about the now Vice President during the last election circus 2007/8. Joe Biden impressed me a lot then.
I was disappointed when he left the primaries at an early stage. On Thursday evening he impressed me again. I love his straight-talking style, unaffected, right to the point, no messing! He's the leader we should've had. He is a natural leader. But The Powers That Be (whoever they are, and whatever their reasons) didn't want Biden, they wanted Barack Obama and allowed no obstacle to his achieving the presidency.

I've nothing to say about Paul Ryan - he doesn't speak my language. I'm not going to say "Biden won", though he did dominate. "Winning" these things is purely in the eye of the beholder. The debates offer political equivalents of football games or boxing matches - the side you support can do no wrong, t'other can do nothing right. One has only to visit a left-leaning blog, then a right-leaning blog, to be presented with totally different views on the matter - all a bit pointless anyway, but grist for bloggers' mill (and my own).

For anyone seeking a good blow-by-blow account, go read Big Joe & the Joyful Noise by William Rivers Pitt at Truthout. In his last paragraph he wrote this: "... The sun came up on Friday morning to shine upon a world that will never, ever underestimate Joe Biden again....."

A couple of snips from my 2007/8 posts mentioning Biden, who is the focus of this post, follow. Full versions of the posts, and several more, can be accessed easily from the Label Cloud in the sidebar - Biden's astrology features there too. In looking back over my posts from that time, I was surprised how engaged I'd felt in the whole election ballyhoo. I've lost that enthusiasm this time around, but the sight of Biden on Thursday brought back an echo of it.

"Joe Biden is growing on me! I'll not be disloyal to Dennis Kucinich, he's still top of my heap, but Joe Biden comes a close second in the current line-up of Democratic presidential candidates. He, like Dennis Kucinich, is usually sidelined in televised debates, in favour of "the front-runners", but when he does get an opportunity to speak he makes it count.............................Biden as Prez would give me confidence in the USA I think, a feeling of security, the kind of security I used to feel back in the UK. I don't feel the same here - so far. Whatever government was in power in Britain, and I experienced many I didn't agree with, I always felt that they'd do the right thing if push came to shove. It's down to the way he answers questions, his attitude and bearing, he seems to have substance - in a nutshell, he appears presidential. Or could this be the old Scorpio magnetism at work?"

"And so to the man who turned my own mind away from voting either third party or (perish the thought) Republican: Joe Biden. Another man who knows exactly how to speak to the public, inform and inspire without ever talking down. Why the heck he didn't do better in the primaries I'll never understand. I have a lingering suspicion that "the fix has been in" for a long, long time. Obama was earmarked, nothing was allowed to stand in his way. I'll try to keep an open mind if he does become president, I'll hope my own assessment of him has been wrong. Anyway, back to Joe. That inspirational Scorpio had me hooked again..... Joe's nomination as VP will make the future so much more interesting and reassuring for yours truly."

"If you do politics the right way, I believe, you can actually make people's lives better. And integrity is the minimum ante to get into the game."
~ Joe Biden, Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics. in 2012 I doubt that even VP Biden's debate performance can persuade me to vote for the Obama/Biden ticket again. I'd like to have heard what he thinks about drone warfare, and climate change....two topics studiously avoided in this, and probably in all of the current round of debates.


Chris said...

The Moon-Mars square that took place on his ascendant really energized him that night. That debate is going to go down as a great textbook case of what happens when transiting Mars hits the ascendant of someone who already has it prominent in their chart, both in a positive and a negative sense. It was such an interesting dynamic to watch, with Biden having all of these close Mars transits, and then Ryan having really close Neptune transits.

Twilight said...

Chris ~~ Many thanks for adding your astrological insight here - I'm grateful for it.

I also noticed that Jonathan Cainer's weekly forecast for Scorpio, online yesterday (& still), hit the nail on the head as to Joe Biden's performance this week. Saturn into Scorpio.

mike said...

I, too, like least the image that he projects, which I think is real. I looked at his chart you provided in an earlier post...interesting chart. Very Scorpio dominated, with most all of his planets having dispositors back to Scorpio. His 1st house ruler, Jupiter in the 8th (Scorpio's house) even disposits back to Scorpio. I wouldn't have thought someone with such a dominate 12th house would be in such a high public view. I think he must work best as a behind-the-scene support, like he is now as VP. His 3rd house South Node must be why he's always singled-out for his speaking gaffes!

He has some very favorable aspects over the next several weeks, specially with Venus into his 10th house. He'll have a strange time of things starting late next year and into 2014 with Saturn conjunct his planets in Scorpio.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Yes, I too think in Joe's case what we see is what we get.

Thanks for your astrological insights too, Mike! The Saturn transit is going to make itself felt for JB in the not too distant future - can't even hazard a guess how though....I could surmise but it's fall into the realms of fiction.

I think my own draw to the JB style could be astrological, now I come to think of it (or remember it). My natal Mars conjoins his Sun and Venus, and my North node of Moon conjoins his Mars.

Wisewebwoman said...

Why does "all the world's a stage' come to mind? :D

I do wish the more serious conditions of this sad state of the union were on the table. But they're not.

Nah, just some privileged white dudes with nice haircuts and staged questions along with a wimpout of a so-called moderator to titillate the masses.

I got my cynic on. I'm seeing too much Canadian shyte go down too...


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ "Elephant in the room" is the state of the planet - and nobody, save a few insightful but widely ignored souls, seems to care. There's not enough profit in it - natch.

That irritating saying "it is what it is" applies here WWW.
Gut-feeling led this post. that's all I have left to draw on when enthusiasm's gone and logic doesn't fit anymore.

Privileged and white they may be, but in this case one had a peculiar haircut showing off a rather unsettling widow's peak, t'other had a bald patch and sparse, probably implanted front-piece. :-)

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I enjoy your posts very much and have spent some time today in your archives.

I have not the astrologic expertise to comment on that subject.

I always go with how I "FEL"
I really Like Joe and I really dislike Ryan. Joe makes me feel Safe and Ryan is swarmy and makes my skin crawl just looking at him. It isnt even about their politics- its just how FEEL about each. I have learned to listen to that feeling through the years and only when I ignore to I make a mistake.

I'll keep reading here and thank you for your insight into many issue from angles I otherwise wouldnt be privy too.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

that would be "astrological" an FEEL .... I really can spell , I just don't type well.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~~ Thank you - It's good to know that you enjoy reading my efforts, and kind of you to say so.

You work in the same mode as I do most of the time - gut feeling. Like you, I usually find it works. Your feeling about Joe B. matches my own. :-)

Re typing mistakes - I can sympathise - I regularly make typo mistakes in comments, especially first thing in the morning - takes 2 cups of coffee to get my fingers moving in the right order - then not always!

Chomp said...

Well I do agree, Biden is more a natural leader than Obama is. But Romney is stil less a natural born leader than Obama is!!

Have you noticed how the political systems do not allow today natural leadership to pass their strict criteria and that do prefer constructed self-calling leaders...

I do consider this specific point very interesting to be noticed

Twilight said...

Chomp ~~ Yes, I agree, and it's a very important point. If a true charismatic leader who was not in thrall to Big Money and The Powers that Be should arise, he'd be stamped on very quickly.

All part of "a plan" I guess.