Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Is Better Than Words ~ Seth MacFarlane

I made a discovery from a TV music channel (audio and data only) we have in our otherwise 75% unwatchable cable package. Listening from the kitchen, I was attracted by a rather smooth vocal on one of those beautiful American standards Sinatra excelled in, popped my head around to see whose voice it was. Surprise! Seth MacFarlane! It was a track from his album Music Is Better Than Words, released in the US about a year ago. I got me the album. Although I've had doubts about Seth MacFarlane's often over-raunchy, verging on distasteful, style in other genres (his TV Family Guy etc, series, and the movie Ted), I've always been much impressed by his talent, and thought he could do much "classier" things. He has. I knew, from the episodes of Family Guy we've seen, that he's keen on stage musicals and can sing a bit, I had no idea he's as good as he is.

Here's a link to what I've had to say about Seth MacFarlane before - and his astrology.

The album has had some really bitchy reviews, and some which are so-so. I don't say it's anywhere near the Sinatra level, but as an homage to the styling and feel of those times, it's good. It could be seen as "a vanity piece", but so what? If it's good it's good. The arrangements are super. MacFarlane obviously put a lot of thought and organisation into the production - as he does with all his work. He used a mic which was used by Frank Sinatra, and the album was recorded, with really excellent (even I could tell how good it is) backing orchestration, on analog tape, bringing back that special sound of the early Sinatra era.

My favourite track is Something Good. Seth MacFarlane brings a fresh new shade to the song, which I always thought to be the best from Sound of Music. I hadn't heard it sung by anyone other than Julie Andrews, and only very few times since being dragged, kicking and screaming to see the movie by a boyfriend who was strangely obsessed with Julie. Several other numbers with which I was unfamiliar appear on the CD, from musicals I've not seen, so there's no straight copy-catting of Sinatra or others of that era going on.

Here's his version of Something Good, live in concert ( I like the album version better, but it's not on YouTube):


mike said...

He has slowly evolved to become a household name now. This season's premiere of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Seth. I hope he continues to succeed with his talents.

I looked at your previous post for his astrology...very surprising that he's been hammered by the transiting Pluto-Uranus square over the past couple of years hitting his natal Pluto and Saturn (transiting Saturn involved two-three years ago, too!). I can only surmise that the three yods you point-out stabilize the transiting aspects. He has some interesting transiting Saturn in Scorpio occurring now and the next two years.

Perhaps his personal life doesn't match his outer presentation...or his exuberant talents allow a positive release valve. He appears to be a genuinely happy and upbeat kinda guy.

Twilight said...

mike ~~

I saw his SNL appearance - yes! He did well. He's a natural performer, and seems easily likeable. Maybe I feel that way because - as I've only now realised - his natal Venus and mine are on the same degree of Sagittarius!

Regarding the transits, it's really difficult to judge their impact, or lack of it, when we know only what is presented to us (and that's as it should be, I guess!) There could've been private difficulties, or simply overwork, health issues etc.

The Saturn transit over his Scorpio planets might indicate more and more professional responsibilities arising from his multi-talents, and obviously mushrooming successes.

He does seem to us (from what little we can glean) to have one of those perpetually sunny personalities, we'd all love to possess. Being a human, on planet Earth, that will certainly not be the whole of the story. :-)