Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Reincarnation? Another look at Tallan Latz & Stevie Ray Vaughan

A comment on a 2009 post of mine arrived last week. The post featured a young prodigy: guitarist, Tallan Latz. Link to the 2009 post

The comment, from David H. Larsen:
"This kid blew me away. As a practicing Buddhist, the idea that he was a blues/rock performer in a past life is not at all fanciful. He really reminds me of Stevie Ray Vaughn, and given that SRV died in the middle of his career appogee it would make sense that he would want to come back to finish what he started. Not to take it away from Tallan though; he is a talent in his own right."

That partially echoed my own feelings and those of an earlier, anonymous, commenter who had written:
Thanks for the article! I strongly suspect Tallan to be the reincarnation of Stevie Ray Vaughan due in part to these similarities in birth and death: SRV died in the sign of Virgo in Wisconsin near the birth place of Tallan in Elkhorn. The comparison of their birth charts and SRV's death chart also show uncanny connections.

Stevie Ray Vaughan, a highly successful blues guitarist died in August 1990.
From Wikipedia:
At around 1:00 a.m. on August 27, 1990, Vaughan was flying by helicopter from East Troy, Wisconsin to Chicago with members of Eric Clapton's tour crew. The helicopter crashed into the side of a 300-foot–high hill. Vaughan was killed, along with Nigel Browne and Colin Smythe. Earlier that evening, Vaughan had played with Double Trouble at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, featured as a special guest with Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray and Jimmie Vaughan. Vaughan was interred at Laurel Land Memorial Park in Dallas, Texas. Martha and Jimmie Vaughan sued the helicopter company, Omniflight, based in Addison, Texas, for negligence in allowing the unqualified pilot, Jeff Brown, to fly and for allowing the flight in dense fog.

At the beginning of my 2009 post I had said:
I'm not sure I believe in reincarnation, but when I see someone like 9-year old Tallan Noble Latz, hear his guitar playing - I do have to wonder! I heard this young lad when he appeared in American's Got Talent. Apparently he is already quite well known in some circles - a prodigy, nicknamed "The T-Man".
A video from a blues festival in 2010.

I should take a look at the charts of the two guitarists. Here they are. I have no time of birth for Tallan so use 12 noon. Astrotheme gives 3:40 AM for Stevie Ray - I've used that.

I have no idea what to look for to find hints of possible reincarnation. All I can do is look for similarities in the charts.

SRV had Virgo rising (if birthtime is correct). He died when Sun was in Virgo (27 August 1990 - chart @ right).
TL has Sun in Virgo.

One link between TL's birth chart and SRV's death chart is Uranus at 4.56 Aquarius in TL's chart conjunct Moon's North node in SRV's death chart (5.50 Aquarius.) Moon's nodes are linked to reincarnation by some astrologers. In addition, Pluto (planet associated with death) was at 15 Scorpio at time of SRV's death, close to his natal Venus (21 Scorpio) and close also, on the other side, to TL's natal Venus(12 Scorpio).

SRV had Venus (planet of the arts) at 21 Scorpio
TL has Venus at 12 Scorpio.

SRV had Jupiter & Uranus conjoined, in Cancer.
TL has Jupiter & Uranus conjoined in early Aquarius and with Neptune in the conjunction from 27 Capricorn (all 3 retrograde).

SRV had Moon at 19 Gemini. If TL were born sometime close to noon his Moon would be exactly opposite, at around 19 Gemini. Conjecture only, as I am without TL's time of birth.

My only other thought, perhaps one that might be more palatable to passing readers who think that reincarnation is fanciful at best. Tallan was born in the same state as Stevie Ray, who was doubtless idolised there. He could have been exposed to the playing of SRV from the time he emerged from the womb if his parents were fans. Rather than reincarnation, might this be an example of a child with prodigious talent simply emulating an idol?

Any other thoughts?

Stevie Ray Vaughan with Pride and Joy


James Higham said...

Do you mean genuine reincarnation or artistic reincarnation, Twilight?

Twilight said...

James Higham ~~~ I leave it up to each reader to decide, James. I set out to see whether I could spot any astrological similarities.
These could relate equally to a real reincarnation or simply an artistic one (as noted in my last paragraph - though not described exactly as artistic reincarnation there.)

I'm not at all sure about real reincarnation, nor how astrologers purport to find evidence in natal charts. I hope a passing reader might add information.

Gian Paul said...

Gian Paul asked me to throw some light on this question of reincarnation:

1) It exists, rarely occurs in our modern times.

2) Little probabilitiy to happen with some guitarist or other type of normal person

3) Astrology is of no use at all in such matters, being that it is a mental exercice. Reincarnation is beyond what the mind can conceive.

But do not blow out a candle that's burning.

Gian Paul said...

Who answered in the previous comment was my alter ego which sometimes "sailes under the flag of Swami Ananda". Or other names, depending on the circumstances.

Twilight said...

Gain Paul and/or Swami Ananda

Thank you for your thoughts on this mysterious topic.

I hesitate to argue with your alter ego, GP, but being an obtuse Aquarius Sun I cannot resist one counter argument.

If reincarnation exists, then it will exist for all, store clerk, driver, gardener, musician, king, president, blogger, financier etc alike.

If there is any form of elitism connected to reincarnation, then I'm definitely not joining! ;-)

About the rest - I'll go along for now, because I don't know - and neither does anybody else - about any thing - anything at all. That thought struck me forcefully earlier today. Nobody REALLY knows anything....about anything

Gian Paul said...

By saying what you said UNDERLINED I just had a strong impression that you may be a reincarnation of Sokrates - not for his looks of course!

Twilight said...

Gian Paul - After falling about laughing at the thought I consulted Wikipedia on the subject of Socrates. Never having studied philosophy in any depth I know only that he was a Greek philosopher from centuries past - no more.

Anyway, maybe old Soc. was born with Sun in Aquarius like me, because he and I do have this in common:

The matter is complicated because the historical Socrates seems to have been notorious for asking questions but not answering, claiming to lack wisdom concerning the subjects about which he questioned others.


Gian Paul said...

While preparing a curry for some guest for the week-end (another Aries who likes cooking, and what he learned from some Swami in the past), I had plenty of time to converse with my "alter ego" about reincarnation. I first warned him that Neptune now being in Pisces, some people with one or more planets in that sign may be getting excited. He said; no problem with that.

More fundamentally, He said: what is striking, is that earthlings who believe in reincarnation tend to believe that they were in past lives if not Napoleon or Churchill, at least some type of outstanding artist. Women like to think of Mata Hari or Cleopatra.

Reincarnation as such is possible, but extremely rare. It tends to be reserved to Tibetan Lamas. (But he added to forget the present Dalai Lama who's speciality is to be constantly grinning or smiling to whom pays some attention, even the Chinese oppressors of his people). The Incas also had some entry in such matters.

Back to Socrates and the ancient Greeks: they had a notion that their Gods could also be mischievious or occasionally simply having fun. So it's entirely possible to imagine that one these Gods (the likes of Dionysios/Bacchus?) may have even invented stories such as "reincarnation" to see whom thier human subjects would like to emulate.

But that's being possibly a bit too imaginative. Must say, to my defense, it was not me who raised the subject...

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Think on it this way, GP - never mind Napoleon, Cleopatra etc etc (those come from the comedic variety of reincarnation) - instead think about what we are made from and that to which we return when we die. We again become part and parcel of the Earth and the Universe whether in the ground or as ashes scattered or buried....whatever. At some point in the very distant future molecules that were one "us" could be a minute part of another living being. tht's a kind of reincarnation - material reincarnation.

But that's not what true believers mean by reincarnation. They emphasise reincarnation of "the soul" - which is where I have to part company, because I don't understand "soul", so is difficult to believe in anything connected.

Gian Paul said...

The confusion you are refering to, Twilight, may just be semantics: reincarnation or transmigration of souls?

As you say, it's some molecular particle (perfectly capable - maybe - of remembering having been part of Cleopatra or Napoleon) or an actual soul, with all the attributes romantics tend to give it.

Your predecessor Sokrates said it: I know that I don't know!

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ A reasonable summing up - yes. Agreed.


anyjazz said...

In the immortal words of Marty Greb:
Dem dat know, know dat dey know.
Dem dat don’t know, dey don’t know dey don’t know.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~~ Yup!

“I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer”
(Douglas Adams)

Anonymous said...

Love SRV! But he was born in Dallas, TX, not WI.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ thanks! I got my lines crossed there ! :-)
I've amended the chart for SRV.
The change of birth place doesn't change planet positions, and rising sign is still in Virgo.