Thursday, April 07, 2011

More Presidential Ponderings ~ Tim Pawlenty

Following presidential ponderings in my previous post, I'm taking a quick look at the natal chart of Tim Pawlenty today. He's a likely Republican presidential candidate for 2012, opposing current Prez Barack Obama. He's one of the non-Tea Party types who will probably appeal to the more staid old-style Republicans. Tea-Party types are good for a laugh, they're like mothers' milk to comedians. Some will be able to gain traction locally, in certain areas, but strong enough to be voted in as president? I doubt it.

But would Tim Pawlenty be able to draw on similar Neptunian crowd-pleasing powers of illusion, via Neptune, as Barack Obama did in 2008?

Brief background from National Governors' association website ~
Tim Pawlenty grew up in South St. Paul, Minnesota. The only child in his family to graduate from college, he attended the University of Minnesota and practiced law in the private sector. His public service career included serving as a criminal prosecutor, Eagan City Councilmember, and ten-year member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, including four years as House Majority Leader. Pawlenty was first elected governor in 2002 and reelected in 2006. Besides bringing Minnesota from historic budget crisis to financial security, Pawlenty pursued the successful passage of a dramatic overhaul and improvement of the state's education standards; an $800 million increase in K-12 education spending along with a nation-leading teacher performance pay program; significant health care, welfare, and tort liability reforms; a range of new government efficiency initiatives; the creation of a nation-leading prescription drug website; and a doubling of the state's ethanol standard to increase use of renewable fuels and reduce dependence on foreign oil. Pawlenty served as Chair of the National Governors Association in 2007-08.

Good background for a president!

Born 27 November 1960 in St. Paul Minnesota. No time of birth available so chart set for 12 noon. Moon would be somewhere between 25 Pisces and 8 Aries. Ascendant - anybody's guess.

I'm not trying to define what kind of guy he is - just assessing his "charisma-factor" and identifying any planetary transits which might aid or impair progress in the presidential race.

Sun in Sagittarius has warmth and brightness enough to endear him to many. Sun links by two semi-sextile (60*) aspects, mildy helpful, to the stelliun (tight cluster of 3 or more planets) in Capricorn and to.....Neptune in Scorpio.

Without knowing exactly where the planets are in respect of the chart angles (ascendant, midheaven and opposite points) it's not possible to assess the strength of Neptune here. Were it on the ascendant or at midheaven I'd say: "Watch out Obama!"

His Capricorn stellium (Jupiter/Venus/Saturn) probably defines him more than his Sagittarius Sun. Saturn is part of the cluster, and is ruler of Capricorn. Saturn and Capricorn link to structure, conservatism, business.....all that Republicans represent.

Transits of Pluto and Uranus are important here. Pluto is transiting Capricorn now and is at 7 degrees as I type and will be back in the same degree after some to-ing and fro-ing in the meantime. Note that Pawlenty's Jupiter is at 6 degrees Capricorn, and pulls in the rest of that Capricorn cluster. Pluto = transformation, but usually only after some fairly traumatic events. Strong enough to transform him to being President of the United States? Yes.

Transiting Uranus is now at 2 Aries and by November 2012 will be at 5 Aries - Pawlenty's natal Moon was somewhere between 25 Pisces and 7 Aries, unless he was born very early in the day he will, at some point now or in coming months, receive a jolt, a change, unexpected know the Uranus drill! there indication that, should Tim Pawlenty run (very likely)that he would provide a serious worry for the Democratic National Party and for President Obama? Yes, I think a run by Pawlenty would have to be taken very seriously.


anyjazz said...

Serious as a heart attack.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ---Ya think we'd be able to tell the difference between him an the current Prez? I don't.

R J Adams said...

On the negative side:, he's an evangelical Christian, opposed to abortion, would cut Social Security and Medicare; would reinstate "Don't ask, Don't tell", and thinks the sun shines out of James Dobson's backside.

Personally, I'll stick with Obama.


Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ I want nothing to do with either of 'em, RJ.

Lesser evilism has got us where we are today.

Gian Paul said...

In case you are interested in this budget mess of the 2 parties so-called-responsible for the people, read Caroline Baum's today piece. More than humorous, tragic at second thought; link:

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~ thanks for the link.
Hmmm. Ms Baum appears to be on the other side of the divide from me. ;-) she dislikes "big government", while I only dislike crappy inefficient government run via a corrupted system, akin to a computer file that has been corrupted and cannot be accessed.

I like this article:

The authors say, among many other things:
But we're not broke. Not even close. The United States of America is awash in wealth. Our corporations are holding record trillions in cash. And overall individual wealth in the United States, the Credit Suisse Research Institute reported this past fall, has risen 23 percent since the year 2000, to $236,213 per American adult.

Patrick Watson said...

As for whether Pawlenty could have Neptune on his side...At first glance, albeit without a birthtime, it doesn't look like Neptune talents are necessarily something he has from birth. He sort of openly admits that he isn't that charismatic, so he hired that director to make those over the top action movie trailer-style campaign ads. Important to note that he will be experiencing a square from Neptune to his Sun fairly soon, while Obama will be experiencing a square from Neptune to his Moon. His Sun is opposite Obama's Moon. Pawlenty's Neptune-Sun square would be similar to Obama's Neptune opposition Sun transit when he became famous for his 2004 DNC speech. Only problem is it doesn't quite perfect before the 2012 election, and happens a long time before the 2016 elections. However, Neptune does hit the square to Obama's Moon in early 2012, and Obama has shown a connection to the Saturn-Neptune cycles which were relevant in the 2008 election primaries (the opposition) and will be in force again by the 2012 general election (the trine).

pwatson87 said...
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Patrick Watson said...

Also, something to consider, Pawlenty hasn't officially announced his candidacy, although he did announce the formation of presidential exploratory group on the day of the Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries. Wondering if that in itself is saying something astrologically pertinent...I'm going to wait for the official announcement though. I'm betting for the Republican candidates, Saturn will be emphasized by angularity or applications from the Moon at the time of their announcements.

Twilight said...

Patrick ~~~ Oh! Many thanks for your deeper insight into Pawlenty's chart and transits, as compared with Obama's.

In the absence of more very dramatic events which could sway things, before 2012 Pawlenty would be fighting a hard battle if he runs (but he knows that - as do all Obama's opponents ).

I wish we had his birth time.

The Pluto and Uranus transits to his personal planets could simply indicate hassle, challenges and a temporary change of lifestyle that is part and parcel of being a presidential candidate.

He does seem to be a more sensible face of the Republican Party as it stands, but even if he runs he'd have a fight on his hands against Tea Party people who seem to wield a lot of power now. Uncanny!

R J Adams said...

With staffers like these, Pawlenty doesn't need enemies. ;-)

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~~ LOL! Agreed! And look at the aide's middle name!
Enough to drive anyone to drink. ;-)