Friday, April 29, 2011


Blog on hold for a few days.
Tomorrow will be our 7th Wedding Anniversary. 7th is the Copper Anniversary. We won't be buying any coppery gifts for each other but, with a following wind, we might get to see some copper coloured scenery on this celebratory trip.

'Bye for now!


Gian Paul said...

Very happy birthday and keep going while having fun as well!

Kaleymorris said...

Seven! Has it been that long? Has it only been seven?
I'm so glad you have something to celebrate. May you have a long, happy and healthy life together.

Wisewebwoman said...

It is a coppery day, here T! Misty rain falling on coppery grass and trees.
A hearty congrats to yourself and Himself.
Enjoy your time away my dear!

R J Adams said...

Happy Anniversary, Twilight and AnyJazz! Enjoy your trip.

Twilight said...

Gian Paul, Kaleymorris, WWW and RJ Adams ~~~~
Thank you kindly one and all!