Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zodiac Sign Virgo

The Sun has now moved along the zodiac trail from the area western astrologers label Leo to that we know as Virgo. Virgo, the Mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury also rules Gemini (Mutable Air); it's somehow easier to connect Mercury with Airy Gemini than Earthy Virgo.

In a 1964 book, Astrology, recently acquired (more on this in tomorrow's post) author, Louis MacNeice, not an astrologer, but poet and scholar, has this to say about zodiac sign Virgo, quoting Ingrid Lind, a 20th century British astrologer:

Ingrid Lind once again asks straight away: "How can earth be mutable and mercurial?" And the answer yet again is in the other ingredients (though she says, this internal conflict does tend to make a Virgo type a worrier).
I like the expression "Virgo type", as against the more commonly used "a Virgo" - it covers my constant quibble that "there ain't no such thing as a Virgo, or an Aquarian...or...etc. etc. etc." I'll remember to use the expression Virgo(or whatever)-type myself in future. There are certainly "types" who clearly reflect major characteristics of zodiac signs and/or planets, though these people may not always have natal Sun in the relevant sign.

MacNeice then quotes astrologer (Rupert?) Gleadhow:
Virgo (is) "perhaps the most earthbound" of the 12 signs, but her earthiness is very unlike the earthiness of Taurus: Mercury could never rule Taurus. In fact the earth gives Virgo common sense and Mercury supplies an unusually keen intelligence. The two together make for disciplined thinking and acting.
Virgo is traditionally represented holding a sheaf of corn and, in western Europe Virgo's time of year is harvest-time. Granaries may connect with Virgo too - also the separating of wheat from chaff, in a way representing a very Virgoan characterisitic: discrimination.

MacNeice writes that Virgo is thought of as the patroness of critics and craftsmen, but not of creators or commanders......Virgo is a great deal more than a sharp-tongued and keen-eyed housewife. It is the patron sign of Switzerland (which was to be expected), but also of Paris and of cats (no doubt because cats are so neat).

He tells us that Tolstoi is accepted by astrologers as a Virgo man, having had not only Sun and Mercury in the sign but the Moon as well. Which would suggest that Virgo CAN be creative sometimes, though perhaps what is most Virgonian about Tolstoi is the exact and conscientious way in which he tried to lead a new life in his old age.

Quoting astrologer André Barbault, MacNeice writes:
.......Anyway, the traditional Virgo type is somewhat dry and cold, a fusser over detail, a discriminator, a rationalist, a perfectionist, yet prepared to sacrifice himself. Barbault suggests that if the Pisces man is like an astronomer brooding on the infinite spaces, the Virgo man is like a biologist with a microscope.
As I've noted before in these blog posts, my husband's eldest daughter has Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Pluto in Virgo and has spent almost all her career in the newspaper business - how much more of a Mercury-type is there? Coincidentally her birthday is the same as that of Louis MacNeice, apart, of course, from the year. She matches some, but not all of the characteristics mentioned above. Her Leo ascendant (matching that of her Dad) accounts for her softer, warmer nature and sense of humour - more than might be expected from text book descriptions of Virgo.

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Gian Paul said...

Socrates had said it: Know thyself. And it's never finished. Having Moon in Virgo, nicely opposed by Mars in Aquarius to give my map some extra spice, I have an unending "thing to analyse".

Discrimination (or lack of it - when I am meant to suffer a bit) makes of me a "Virgo type". Well described, Twilight!

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Ah - Moon in Virgo will occasionally pull the brakes on your impulsive Aries Sun, I guess, GP! :-)

I have no personal planets in Virgo, but do have Neptune there, and hooked up by trine to Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus - Grand Trine in Earth - all very sensible and restraining to any wild fantasies, and limiting futuristic thinking. Or so one might think. Not so though - or what am I doing writing an astrology blog?

I blame asteroid Urania, patroness of astrology - if I recall correctly she lies a couple of degrees from my Natal Moon in Aries. Now there's fantasy for you!

Gian Paul said...

I do not know about Urania, but having Saturn/Moon in Aries and Mars in Scorpio (last degrees, those of the Eagle) makes for a very serious, investigative mind. Plus the Grand Trine in Earth and otherwise no oppositions or squares, leave your natal Sun in Aquarius and excellent Jupiter in Pisces all the freedom of mind you might be wishing to have - and gracefully for your readers.

Twilight said...

GP ~~~ That's very kind of you.
Well - I do have a few "hard" aspects, not least Pluto opposite Sun, but it's not a tight opposition, and a few other square's - nothing exact though.

You and I both have to consider our relocated charts too - both living thousands of miles distant from our birth places.

My ascendant now is Aquarius, around 22 degrees I think. Which I like better than natal Cancer.
:-) I'd probably never have dared to write a blog about astrology from the UK. :-)