Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Knowing" & Director, Alexander Proyas

We saw "Knowing" on Monday evening. I had mixed feelings about it. The husband didn't enjoy it much, though he thought the initial storyline was interesting. I felt the movie lost much of its attraction around halfway through. For me it seemed almost like two different movies. It's a mish-mosh anyway, I guess: sci-fi, horror, fantasy and adventure; but even so, the atmosphere seemed to change around half-time.

The tale begins in 1959. A class of school kids is asked to draw pictures for burial in a time capsule; pictures showing what life will be like 50 years hence. One little girl's contribution is very strange. Time moves on to 2009, and the opening of the capsule. The strange contribution is opened by Nicholas Cage's son, Caleb. The adventure begins. More I will not say, as it might spoil someone's enjoyment.

Special effects are particularly realistic and quite scary. This isn't a movie for very young children, even though two of the main characters are just 8 years old.

"Knowing" is directed by Alexander Proyas, who also directed "The Crow", "Dark City", and "I, Robot" . He was born in Egypt to Greek parents who moved with him, age 3, to Australia. In adult life he moved to Los Angeles. His natal chart has been through some pretty radical relocations! I don't know the exact place or time he was born in Egypt on 23 September 1963, so have set a chart for 12 noon in Cairo, which will show planets in signs with accuracy, though not rising sign or Moon degree.

I'm wondering whether there's an astrological reason why this director seems so drawn to sci-fi, fantasy and horror themes.

Initial reaction on seeing the chart was surprise. Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Uranus all in Virgo. Though Virgo is ruled by Mercury, communications planet, it doesn't immediately bring to mind an individual who is drawn to sci-fi and fantasy. Having said that though, I recall that Stephen King's birthday is 21 September - also with Sun in Virgo.

Mars and Neptune are quite close together in Scorpio in Proyas' chart - that's more like it! And a dime to a dollar that he was born before Moon had moved out of Scorpio into Sagittarius. Scorpio loves dark subjects, horror, and death-related topics. Neptunian imagination colored by Scorpio is likely to lead in that direction, more particularly if Moon is in this sign as well.

Two chart patterns stand out, calling for my attention. Yods: arrow-like configurations made up of sextile (60*)aspect between two planets which both then link to another planet by quincunx (150*). This configuration is said to show the symbolic "energies" of the sextiled planets being channelled through the planet at the arrow point.

In Alex Proyas' chart there's a Yod with Pluto at its tip (above), Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Aries the sextiled planets; and another, (right), with Pluto and Neptune sextiled, having Jupiter at the tip. Pluto is ruler of Scorpio and connects to darkness, death, horror. Jupiter connects to religion, philosophy, and publication. I like this! It fits! The two Yods are loosely connected too, both of them integrate Pluto and Jupiter.

Without giving away more of the plot of "Knowing", I'll just add that both Pluto and Jupiter (as interpreted above) feature prominently, so Mr. Proyas' Yods are working well.



Rossa said...

Completely off topic, may I ask if you could have a look at a chart for Daniel Hannan, Tory MEP who responded to Gordon Brown's speech at the EU on 24 March. His speech has turned viral and last time I looked had got nearly 700,000 hits on You Tube.

I'm curious as to why he has suddenly appeared out of nowhere to set the political debate on fire in the UK. At least on the 'net cos as usual the MSM have done nothing. Not a squeak out of the BBC, though some are now waking up to what is happening.

He was even interviewed by Fox News for about 12 mins and made the front page of Drudge.

I would welcome your opinion as my own understanding of astrology is still in the starting blocks.

Some links that may help:

Born in Lima, Peru on 1st Sept 1971, but no birth time. There is a link under the section on his speech to the You Tube clip. Just over 3 mins but now taking the political blog world by storm.

Link to his interview on Fox. The last couple of mins are interesting about how the New Zealand Govt handled a similar crisis to that the US and UK are currently facing.

Some are even trying to suggest he could be our Obama. Think that's a step too far but he has hit a nerve.

Hope you can help. Rossa

Twilight said...

Hi Rossa.

This is the first I've heard of Hannan, but I've watched the video and read a couple of articles about him, plus had a look at his chart.

I'm probably the wrong person to ask about this conservative politician, given my very leftward leaning politics ! I ain't gonna give him no bouqets, but I'll try to be fair.

He has Sun conjunct Venus in Virgo (Pluto in Virgo too at 28 degrees, and Saturn will transit over his Pluto in about a year's time - maybe an election and some news of him then?) Virgo is discerning, great attention to detail, good communicative abilites. His Mercury is in Leo which means he will relish a place on the world stage to push his views forward.

There's a Grand Trine in Air signs linking Uranus, Mars and Saturn - which translates as excellent mental abilities, with potential to appreciate both the status quo as well as a more avant garde approach (Uranus and Saturn linked in this configuration with Mars energising both). So he's not going to be anything like Maggie Thatcher. He could be a throw-back to the more civilised type of British conservative of yesteryear, for whom I had a lot more respect.

His Moon would be in Capricorn whatever time of birth, and here's his conservative core, I think.
Capricorn is business-driven, and very conservative.

I don't much like his stance on the EU (and neither does the EU by the sound of it), he appears to be a bit of an enfant terrible in those circles! Like McCain in the USA he likes to fancy himself as a maverick, I suspect. But at heart he's all conservative - via his Moon.

The Republican hacks on this side of the pond have pounced on Hannan's speech and video with glee - that's par for the course.
They'll jump on any bandwagon from which they can take clear aim at President Obama.

I'd best not say more, I have very clear views on this stuff and am likely to get steamed up. :-)

Twilight said...

Rossa - meant to say - keep an eye on Astrotabletalk blog. Dharmaruci is likely to have something to say about Hannan in due course, I think.

Rossa said...

Actually that's why I asked you as i felt you could give a balanced viewpoint. FYI I'm more to the right than left though I'm more interested in what our media today call social conservatism.

My upbringing and most of my business life has been a balance between traditional right wing armed forces, Tory politics and small business (father's side) and public sector, socialist, liberal family members on my mother's side.

I have no particular political leanings per se, though am a believer in taking responsibility for my decisions and actions, gaining advancement through merit rather than birth or who you know and helping others to do the same. So we may not be so far apart you know.

Interesting your comment about the election as we have the next UK election due next year. Think it has to be done by May/June so I'll keep an eye on Mr Hannan. I was mainly curious how someone who most people had never heard of before suddenly came into the limelight and I suppose after Barack Obama there are some who are looking for a similar candidate over here and he may have fitted the bill for a while at least.

I will have to agree to disagree with you on the EU. I am definitely not in favour of an overarching political elite who are wholly unaccountable and unelected, sticking their noses into everyday affairs. Most of the members of the Council and Parliament are ex Eastern European bureaucrats and they have stifled most countries ability to think for themselves or govern themselves due to this idea that somehow this will prevent another big war in Europe.

You may not know it but in Austria the Far Right has now got over 30% of the vote and where did it all begin last time. Clearly the EU can do nothing about this and to be frank the economic situation has only shown up the cracks in the so called union as it appears to be every country for themselves. Great idea in the good times but lousy choice in a recession. The chickens are coming home to roost and even the mighty Euro is looking more dodgy nowadays. But them so are most other currencies including the once mighty

And as another aside have you seen reports that China is leading calls for a new international currency to replace the dollar. A world currency to go with the World Bank, World Govt ??? Wonder who put them up to it???

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ There are lots of dramatic stories going around just now. Panic seems to have set in, which is exactly the wrong thing. Thank goodness that at least President Obama realises this and keeps his cool.

I think China is suggesting that the dollar be replaced as International Reserve currency, yes. They are obviously nervous.

I shall calmly watch points, believe only half (or a quarter or even an eighth) of what I read. In the US this applies particularly if it comes from the far right (Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, Bruce, et al).

By the way re Hannan - I remembered another conservative whizz kid from a few years ago, can't remember his name though. Was very young when he went into politics, and there was much hoo haa about him being "the next big thing" at one point, much the same as seems to be going on for Hannan now. He disappeared from the big scene as far as I can tell. This could be another such example of political hype.

Wisewebwoman said...

I saw your post earlier, T and when I went to play the trailer realized my sound had gone, no drivers, so had to hunt and install same. Now I played it.
I must say the movie wouldn't attract me in the slightest. Once I heard "lucifer" I tuned right out.
Tho I do like old Nicholas, no pun intended.

R Phoenix said...


I love Alex Proyas and think that "Dark City" is a very important and deeply underappreciated film.

Nick Cage seems to me to be a plug and play archetype for the meme machine. I'll write about him very soon.

Sounds like you should send Rosa my way btw. :-)

I promise, I did not put her up to commenting here.

But I do like how she can sense your balance.

I'd have no problem with the NWO if you were in charge.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ It was the religious spin they inserted that put us off too. The story would have worked better without it, I think - leaving it open to interpretation.

I quite like Cage, he gets into some very peculiar parts, and usually manages to salvage something.

Twilight said...

Robert ~~~ Oh yes, I'd be interested in your take on Nicholas Cage.

I didn't see "Dark City", I'll look for the DVD. I enjoyed "I Robot".

LOL ...yes, I think Rossa might be on the same page as you, or at least in the same chapter. :-)

I shall get my application in for the job of Leader of the NWO immediately, then.