Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adam Lambert ~ Star In The Making.

There's a star waiting to be born on American Idol, whether he wins the contest or not. Name: Adam Lambert.

I've mentioned him in an earlier post here. After watching more of his performances on Idol, it's becoming clearer with each week that this fellow is pure star material. Maybe I'm prejudiced because he's a Sun Aquarius like myself. He might even have Moon in Aries like me, if he was born after 4am. Perhaps this is what drags me onto his wavelength, far apart generationally as we are. I could be his grandmother, but I still "get" what he's doing. What pleases me, too, is that during interviews he comes over as an unaffected, level headed, articulate and charming guy.

I wish his time of birth were available. As yet I've not found the information needed to complete his natal chart. Here, again, is a 12 noon version.

Although he has background of several years in musical theater, there's no Leo planet in his chart. Leo might be rising, of course. In interview he has talked about his work in the theater as mainly a way of paying the bills. Broadway-type music, he says, isn't the kind he listens to from choice, or wants to sing in the hoped for career he's chasing on American Idol. His own idol is David Bowie. Bowie has never appealed to me at all. I sense a distinct difference between the two. Bowie has heavy Capricorn in his natal chart, Adam is more Air-led. Both want to be "diffferent", but the way Adam will become different.... will be different - if you know what I mean!

I do like the grounding of Venus in Capricorn for Adam though. It's a solid foothold on Mother Earth. He has lots of Airy planets, in Aquarius and Libra. Capricorn Venus is an anchor he'll no doubt need in years to come. Neptune, exactly semi-sextile Venus, from Sagittarius adds enough inmagination and creativity to stop Adam's artistry from becoming boring. He may go over the top on stage, but in real life, his innate Aquarian intelligence and that Capricorn foothold will save him from many wrong turns - I'd bet on it.

Sun in Aquarius is in challenging square (90*) to Jupiter in Scorpio. Here's a hint of immoderate attitudes, and more reason to be glad of Venus in Capricorn holding things down a notch or two. Adam will, at many points in his life and career "push his luck". Depending on other circumstances and influences his risks might come off, but probably not in all cases.

Some of his critics say he's talented but too polarizing to win American Idol. I don't see this in him or in his chart. Then again, his ascendant and exact Moon position might illuminate this.

By the time the finale of Idol rolls around (I think it'll be in May), Jupiter will be in the last 5 or 6 degrees of Aquarius, out of range of his Sun/Mercury. Jupiter has been a benign influence thus far. I'm confident he has built impetus enough to reach the final. Whether he'll be 2009's American Idol, I will not guess. I will guess, though, that Adam Lambert will be a familiar name by the time Uranus enters Aries, and transits near his natal Moon in around 2 to 3 years' time.

There's an interview with Adam, on video here.

"I'm like your boy next door who decided that he wanted to be a rebel one day. So - I'm a nice rebel." ~ Adam TV interview
I'd say that sums up Sun in Aquarius pretty well!

It seems FOX has decided to block the sharing and embedding of American Idol videos due to copyright, but all of Adam's performances can still be viewed at The Best Arts.

Here's a demo reel, featuring clips of several non-Idol performances, plus an Idol audition. The range of this lad's abilities can clearly be seen.


Adam has confirmed in interview (27 May) that he was born in Indianapolis. According to a commenter he has said on FaceBook that he has Libra rising. Taking these factors into consideration the above chart is skewed as far as the houses and ascendant/midheaven etc - although it remains accurate for planets in signs.


chickiwi said...

Adam's description of himself on one of his public social network pages:
6'1''/170lbs/25 yrs old. I'm a singer. AQUARIUS. Libra Rising, Aries Moon. (yup) Very Honest, Social, Critical, I like to dress up . Shopping nut. Love fashion etc... Love to poeple watch here in Hollywood. Its WAY better than TV.

Twilight said...

chickiwi ~~~ Hi there!

Oh - thanks so much for that information.

Libra rising, so those Libra planets are in either 1st or 12th house (or some in each).

This makes him even more Airy!
So midheaven/10th house of career would be where....hmmm might be Cancer or Gemini...could it be Leo? Don't know.

Interesting guy!

Thanks again.

Shawn Carson said...

Hi Twilight,
I like Adam too, and he is clearly the most polished performer on that show. Quite a chart...the levelheadedness makes me suspect that he has met with strong disappointment before, evidence Mars/Saturn. The Sun/Jupiter square is exuberant and accident prone. The Venus/Pluto square is creative, but I think he may be able to pull it all off because of the trine from Moon to Uranus. This is a lucky aspect that shows public acceptance or success based on original or unconventional methods.
Thanks for the cool blog,

Adam Lambert said...

fan here!..Adam is so good..he nailed "play that funky music"! Can't wait to see him sing next week..if he is safe tomorrow of course..but I'm sure he will be! If not, I will devotedly wait for him to come out with his own stuff.

He definitely is a star. Even Paula on AI put him up there with Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger, now that's a complement...those guys are icons in the music biz.

Twilight said...

Shawn - Hi again! Yes, he's outstanding. I feel kind of sorry for the others at times!

Good astrological points you've made - thank you!

Twilight said...

Hi Adam Fan! ~~~ I feel the same. whether he wins or not, I'll probably be in line waiting for his first cd.

I liked his performance tonight. They now seem to be pushing Kris as competition. I don't think he's versatile or consistent enough though. He'll have to go some to catch Adam! :-)

Anonymous said...

Just saw this kid, Wow! Crank up the star making machine. If he doesn't run away with Idoal, it's rigged.

Great job literally scoping him out.

anthonynorth said...

I have to admit, occasionally these shows CAN produce a star, but most go by the wayside.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ hi! Yes, you're right. I hope they don't manipulate the vote. I've noticed the judges trying to sway viewers' opinions this year more than ever.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ they do, don't they. I don't think this one will though, win or not.

Carrie Underwood, winner from a couple of seasons ago has been going great guns in the country music world - she has won all manner of awards since Idol.

So many things have to come together to make a really big star. She is in a narrower genre than pure pop music, so had a better chance I suppose.

Mary said...

I love Adam--thanks for such an interesting piece on him. I don't know if you saw but on his AI Q&A section--he mentions that he is very much into astrology. I thought this would make you smile!

Twilight said...

Mary~~~ Hi there! Glad you liked the piece, thanks for stopping by.
No, I hadn't seen the Q and A sesion you mentioned. Hmmm - good!
Yes, I did smile! :-)

Shane said...

Twilight, I also read his public comment about Aries Moon with Libra Rising (but no specific time). The Libra Rising presents that very diplomatic, artistic man we see, and I wouldn't doubt if he has Pluto right on his Ascendant. I was playing around with the chart and am kinda looking at 11:15 pm as a hunch. With Pluto right there, it's how he does the "dark" thing so naturally, and transforms his look from week to week in a most believable and artistic manner. As Paula said one week, we're do drawn to him and mesmerized by him, which seems indicative of that strong Pluto image. Pluto magnetism all the way.

Neptune in Sag on the cusp of his 3rd House would certainly account for the remarkably fluid and almost boundariless voice (that personally feels like something otherworldly when I hear him).

Twilight said...

Shane - Hi! Yes, I see what you mean. (I've just played around with the rectification tool on my software.) I agree that Pluto on the ascendant would fit very well, and that also puts Jupiter in Scorpio in first house using Placidus - and adds to the magnetism. Only thing is it puts Sun in 4th which seems a bit too "safe" lol! But then again it could tie in with Venus in Capricorn which would be on the IC in a strong position, and perhaps underline that he has a certain basic grounding.

Yes, I feel the same about his vocal abilities. Can't wait for next Tuesday!!

Thanks for popping in to comment. :-)

anyjazz said...

There's going to be some tough choices this year, especially when they get down to the last four or five. The youngster Allison Iraheta is another natural entertainer. I have to keep telling myself that although there is only one winner, the program is really just the world’s biggest audition. None of the final ten will ever go hungry.

Twilight said...

Hi Anyjazz ~~~ That's for sure.
the final ten will do their Idol tour which will bring more publicity and exposure too.

Alison is definitely a contender. I'm not sure she can be versatile enough though. But then, many established stars aren't very versatile either. In this competition though, versatility helps in the various theme weeks they are confronted with - helps keep them out of the bottom 3.

I think Adam and Alison will be 2 of the final 3 - not sure who the other one will be though.

Adrina said...

I am glad that someone is looking into his chart! I just wanted to add that I have read somewhere that he was born in Indiana... hope that helps with his chart! :)

Twilight said...

-Hello Adrina

Oh, really? Thank you! I'll look into that. It won't make any difference to planets in signs, though, and that's all I've looked at so far, because we don't know exactly what time he was born.

Cindy said...

I need help!!!! I am OBSESSED with
Adam. I actually think I have lost my mind. I have NEVER been so focused on one individual. What is wrong with me....I would love for you to do my chart. I had one done many years ago and need something to uplift my spirits. How do I email you? I am not sure that I am comfortable with the public aspects of this type of communication... a little to personal for me to share...
I am way too old to be sooooo inspired.
My birth date: Nov. 17, 1963
Birth time: 4:33 am
Birth place: Okinawa, Japan
Thank you and hope to hear from you :)

Twilight said...

Cindy ---LOL! I know how you feel.
I'm inspired too. See my post today (12 May)

If you let me have your email address by sending it to
me at:


I'll see what I can do with your natal chart, and send on my interpretation - in a few day's time. :-)

Lauren said...

Hello there! I love to birth chart you created for Adam- I, too am a performer- actress actually- and an Aquarius- I was wondering if you could do a birth chart for me as well???? Haha thank you!!!!!!!!

NAME: Lauren
BIRTH DATE: Feb. 11th 1990
TIME: (I think it's around) 2:00pm
my email is: lula.nordstrom@gmail.com

Thank you thank you thank you so very much!!!!!!!!

Jordan A said...

i am an astrologer from Vancouver, Canada. I am a huge Adam fan. I have never watched AI before but one day i just happened to be channel surfing and caught Adam singing If I Can't Have You and i was immediately in love with this man. He brought me to tears with his amazing voice. He is my new favourite male singer of all time. My other two favourite male singers are Roy Orbison and Chris Isaak. I'm an expert at chart rectification and in casting a chart for Indianapolis (i have yet to find reliable data for where or when he was born) the time I use for Adam is 2:05pm, which gives him 20 gemini rising, the transitting jupiter, neptune, chiron at 26 aquarius would be exactly on his MC if that time were correct, Venus in the 8 house would explain his eyeliner, sexual ambiguity etc. Mars, Saturn, & Pluto would be in the 5 house which is why he's an amazing performer. The main two reasons i think he is gemini rising are because he is very masculine, he has moon in aries, sun in aquarius, gemini rising, he is fearless and aggressive in pursuing his dreams, and second he looks very gemini with his perfect squarish head that many gemini risings have.

Twilight said...

Lauren ~~~ I'll see what I can do. :-)

If I have time in the next few days to take a look at your chart I'll do so, and will send you a note of whatever I find.

Twilight said...

Jordan A. ~~~ Hi! Thanks very much for your input on this. That's an interesting rectification. The only thing is, a couple of commenters who frequent MySpace or other networking sites have said that Adam himself has mentioned that he has Libra rising. I haven't found any other confirmation of this though, but it seems to fit quite well, from the little we know of him.

I'll keep in mind what you've come up with.

I'm hoping that now the American Idol season is over that we'll get some definite information on Adam's birth data.

It's disappointing that he didn't win American Idol, but it won't matter - he'll still have a great career awaiting him once he gets out of the contractual duties AI imposes on the competitors.

Thanks again for your comment. :-)

Jordan A said...

You cannot trust celebrity comments unless you have the actual birth certificate data. Britney Spears for example claims she is Libra rising whereas to me it is so obvious she is Sag rising with Sag sun. Unless there is a definite birth certificate verification, NEVER trust what people say about their chart. The average person knows nothing of the intricacies of astrology and will believe literally anything about it. I base my astrological interpretation on the ascendant and if someone doesn't look or act like their supposed rising sign then i don't trust it. To me Adam just doesn't look/or act Libra rising at all and his parents don't fit the conservative Cancer Capricorn Midheaven/IC axis at all. With my chart he fits/and his parents fit the Aquarius MC as they are very supportive and love the fact he is so flamboyantly gay. You just wouldn't get that with Capricorn/Cancer on the MC/IC axis.
Also with gemini rising it would explain his dramatic changes of appearance, that is the influence of mercury ruling gemini. Virgo also has that ability of being a hundred different people. So until we have confirmation of his birth certificate from a reliable source, don't be so naive and believe anything somebody says. Astrology is an intuitive art and most people have no idea about how to interpret chart/planet/sign data.

Twilight said...

Jordan A ~~ Believe me I am not naive - I've lived too long! ;-)

You could well be correct in your rectification, but then again, it is your interpretation of a person about whom we know nothing at all -apart from the stuff in the media.

When Adam gave the information (on his MySpace page, I understand) he wasn't a celebrity, just a contestant in a talent show.
He also said that he is interested in astrology. This proves nothing, of course.

As you say, until we have some substantiated data any assumptions should be treated as just that.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I don't know about the Libra rising (although that would explain the magnificent voice!) because I don't know that I can trust the source where Adam acquired his information. I know that Taureans and Librans have beautiful voices (or can have beautiful voices) due to Venus. I thought that, maybe, he would have Sagittarius rising (tall, great smile and straight-forward), with a Moon in Pisces (beautiful eyes and creativity). What do you think?

He confirmed yesterday, during his interview with Regis & Kelly, that he was born in Indianpolis.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ Hi! thanks for your visit and comment.

Yes, I saw a video of the Regis and Kelly interview. I left an update on this post and will be publishing an updated one tomorrow in a new post about Adam and Queen, using the info we now have.

I agree that Libra rising is still just a guess until we know Adam's source is reliable. With internet sites such as astro.com offering the chance for us to calculate our charts for free, it could be that he got his data for himself - that's a strong possibility. That's what I did the minute I bought a computer and got it working, years ago :-)

I think Libra fits, as you say due to its ruler Venus - re his wonderful voice, and his good looks and charm.

I'm hoping that someone will ask him what time he was born, and that the information will eventually leak out in this direction.

At least we know most of the planetary positions.

Cathlin said...

Hi - ADAM IS LIBRA RISING PEOPLE. He has confirmed a while back on his tribe.net profile (which is still active and you can check it out that)
He is sun in Aquariua
Libra rising
Moon in aries

so have fun - info was there.

Twilight said...

Cathlin - thank you! I had posted an update to the original post here to that effect. But thanks for confirming a source to check.

Jordan A said...

After months of not thinking about it, I agree that he is Libra rising, the name of his album pretty much confirms it (Libras are always about you, your versus Aries me, my) and the amazing art work and make up on his album are aspects of the venusian rulership of Libra, Venus is always artistic. Boy George was also Libra rising and i can see some similarities between the two of them. I was so sure Adam would win AI and when he did not I was livid that a talentless doofus like Kris would win, the guy cannot sing even a little bit, his voice is dead and horrible. After this horrible upset i seriously doubt i'll pay much attention to AI anymore since clearly it is fixed, if someone with Adam's immense talent could not win against a bunch of talentless nobodies with no singing abilities to speak of. And the irony that Paula Abdul was the judge when she has one of the most horrible voices around, and i own all of her albums and her greatest hits, so all the music trickery is what Paula is.

Twilight said...

Jordan A ~~ Hi there!

Yes, I think Adam must be clued up enough about astrology to have worked out his rising sign himself.
He even had a custom-made silver pendant made with the glyphs for Aquarius/Aries/Libra engraved on it, at Penny Royal.

He does have a certain softness in his features, similar to Boy George, though it pains me to admit it! ;-)

I believe that coming second was the best thing for Adam - and I'd not be surpirsed if it was "fixed" to end that way, to give him more freedom.

I enjoy the TV talent shows, but am certain all are "fixed" to some extent.

I hope Adam's first album does well. I'm looking forward to hearing it....I have it pre-ordered!

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was reading up on your earlier posts. I have some information for you that I think you will appreciate.

His birth time is 10:30 PM

I guess you could say that i'm an aspiring astrologer, but I find it rather difficult to understanding birth charts without an astrological mentor. I suppose if you wouldn't mind explaining a few things about Adam's chart regarding how to "figure out" certain things, perhaps it could benefit my astrological knowledge and understanding.


Twilight said...

Lilly ~~~~ Hi there! Thank you for the information, might I ask where you found it? - I'll set up a chart with that birth time and post it next week sometime. In the meantime, if you'd like to e-mail me any queries about his chart I'll do my best to answer them.


will find me, then I'll reply from my regular e-address.

The birth time you give puts early Libra rising, with Sun on the cusp of 4th/5th house, which is appropriate I guess - 5th relates to fun and entertaininment ! It puts his Moon quite close to the descendant angle too, making it a strong part of his nature - emotional, changeable - which I'd bet he is - he certainly can ring the changes style-wise. :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you cast Adam's chart with the birth time of 10:30 pm? did you post the chart somewhere? I'd love to see it!

Anonymous said...

Moderator - Did I double-post? - I didn't see that I had to wait for approval before my comment posts. and with having to go off and login somewhere, I'm not sure if my first post went. If I double-posted, could you delete one of them please. Tx.

Twilight said...

hotmud ~~~Hi there. Yes, sorry about the moderation - it applies only to comments on posts more than 3 days old (to avoid lots of spam). Also we've been away - just got back, otherwise I'd have respionded the same day or day after.

Yes, there's Adam's chart for 10.30 in my post of 6 July 2009. You can get to it via the link below, or by clicking on Adam's name in the Label Cloud (in sidebar) and scrolling down to 6 July post.


Astrolady said...

Hello.. I'm a long-time practicing astrologer and curious about the 10:30pm birthtime. Is this from an official source or is this your own "best guess"?


Twilight said...

Astrolady ~~~ Hi there!
Hmmmm - trying to remember!

There are several posts about Adam.
In another one:


I wrote:

Adam has said on his Face Book page that he has Libra rising. I'm going with that for the moment, and using an estimated degree. What we don't know is whether he had a reliable source for this information. He's a bright guy, said to be interested in astrology himself - I have confidence that he will have checked it out. This, then, is his natal chart, updated with the information so far available. I'm doubtful about him having Cancer at midheaven though. My relocation tool uses equal houses; I can't manipulate a time of birth with Gemini at midheaven as well as Libra rising - though that would seem to be an ideal combination. No doubt all will become clear in time. Any extra information from readers will be gratefully welcomed .

So it appears that the time was a best guess using the info provided by someone on Facebook, from his own words. He does have Libra rising, for sure. He had a silver pendant made with his Sun/Moon/rising on it and Libra was there.

Astrolady said...

Hello Twilight,

Thanks for your response. I think it's probably not too far off. I came up with 10:15pm only because his Solar Arc Uranus was almost exactly conj. that chart's IC which is also the MC. This *could* signify being thrown into the public eye very suddenly - or dramatic changes in one's status. Since that chart gives me 01Cardinal on all 4 angles, it's doubly significant. As we all know, his life DID change dramatically in every way as a result of his American Idol participation.

Other observations.. the charm and pleasantness with which he comes across is definitely Libra rising.. but notice that Venus, the ruler is in Capricorn (very down to earth) and it squares Saturn! Humility and insecurity (maybe when he was younger?) are the reason he's not arrogant. Thank god.. given his age and tremendous talent, this will keep his grounded and most likely in a lifelong successful career.

You question the Cancer MC.. I think it could definitely work. Moon, the ruler is in the 7th house of his (adoring) public in Aries - underneath all that modesty here's a guy who is hugely ambitious and driven to succeed - and he wants to be #1 - that's Aries! It also trines Uranus in the 3rd (unusual voice and unique twist on his interpretation of music).

2nd H ruler (Pluto) conj's the 2nd House cusp and sextiles Neptune (music) which is how he earns a living. Jupiter in 2nd will bring him lots of money but the square to his Sun in 5th may lead to many extravagances to support his theatrical (5th H) excesses. Sun should definitely be in the 5th - he's a performer and very theatrical at that. I'm a performer too and while I don't have Sun in 5th, I do have Jup conj Sat in 5th in a grand trine with Venus and MC. The 5th is almost always involved in some way with performers..

If you look at his midpoints using Uranian astrology, they also describe him pretty accurately! Anyway, there's lots more of course.. but these observations imo support the birth time I came up with (not too far from yours') - but then I'm no expert in rectification :-) I do however look at transits, progressions and SA's when a major event occurs in one's life as a way of narrowing down the possibilities. That said, I've had major events in my life that aren't always obvious in the chart.. it's tricky!


Twilight said...

Astrolady ~~ Hi again!
Thanks for your extra input and insights....and I think you're right on all counts.

I intend doing another post on Adam at some point - perhaps when his world tour is over and he gets into something else in the USA.
I'll refer to, and copy, your comment then, if I may.

I'm confident he has a big future ahead - perhaps not as a glam-pop singer but in some way. He has "star" written all over him!

Anonymous said...

Twighlight, did you ever do an update on Adam Lambert's astrology chart? It seems you were right about him in many ways. He is a star, with legions of devoted fans.

I wasn't following Adam during his Idol days - I don't live in the US, and although many of my countrymen have American cable and watch shows like Idol, I'm not a big TV watcher. So I really only started following him a few weeks ago, via youtube videos and online articles.

I don't know a lot about astrology, but I am an Aquarian myself, and I often recognise other Aquarians. In addition to seeing how his his streak of unqiueness and eccentricity, and his creative and artistic nature combine with his level-headedness and analytic approach to the world, when I heard what he had to say, and saw how he interpreted his own actions (contrasted with how other people interpreted them) I knew he was an Aquarius.

For example that whole thing with him posing with a nude woman in Details (?) magazine. Many in gay community accused him of selling out and trying to neutralise his homosexuality to gain mass appeal. When I came across those old comments online, I could have responded to them before even reading Adam's own responses. I knew that, as comfortable as he was with his identity as a gay man, he never fathomed that anyone would have interpreted his actions in that way. The thing is, as an Aquarius he is forward thinking, idealistic, and very individual. He was already living in a future where a gay man posing with a nude woman was nothing more than a salacious and ironic artistic experiment. He was already living in the future that many of these gay activists were fighting for, and he had done it without asking for anyone's permission or assistance or joining any movement.

As a black woman I've had such moments, where my own statements and motivations have been misinterpreted by other black people, and I miscommunicate with them because in my mind, I'm already living in the world of possibilities *beyond* the "struggle" and I don't realise that most people are not on the same wavelength. I would love for you to do my astrological chart some time, if you have the time.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ Hi there!

Wow! Thank you for your long and interesting comment. (There were 3 versions of it waiting for moderation but I posted the latest, realising that you'd possibly thought the comment wasn't posting.) I activate moderation after 3 or 4 days to avoid hundreds of spam pieces landing on older posts. :-)

I agree with all you've written, and do still follow Adam's progress with interest, though possibly not as closely as I used to do. I'm thrilled about his recent appearances with Queen.

Like you, I recognise Aquarius Sun (when it comes through strongly in a person anyway).

There are 23 posts in all about or partly about Adam, they can be accessed via the Label Cloud in the side bar, by clicking on his name (it's near the top of the list).

I haven't done anything on him for a while though. I might bump up a few extracts and maybe add your comment to a new post, maybe next week sometime.

Re doing your astro chart - I don't usually do this, but will certainly take a look and let you have a few thoughts on it if you let me have your full date of birth, place of birth and if you know it the exact time of birth (or as near as possible). I don't like putting my regular e-mail on the blog, but here's a spare one I keep for such occasions - if you contact me via this I'll respond to you via my regular e-mail address.

Thanks again for your comment. :-)