Wednesday, March 04, 2009

IDOL Drive-bys

American Idol isn't looked on as "cool" TV viewing fare. Since when did that stop me? I enjoy musical talent shows, love to see The Great Unwashed getting their chances to shine (or not). The 8th series is now well under way, but isn't yet at the stage where there are 12 clear finalists, that will be reached after Thursday's show.

As usual, a few stand-out singers and personalities have emerged early on. It's not easy to find their birth data at this stage in the game, but I've found some for two of the best male singers so far. I'm confident these two will be with us the late rounds: Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert. Two very different guys, with very different stories and backgrounds.

A little drive-by astrology, using 12 noon charts (ascendant and Moon degree not accurate as shown):

Danny Gokey ( 24 April 1980, Milwaukee WI) is the contestant whose wife had died a few weeks before his audition. The producers played heavily on this for dramatic impact, of course. The singer has said he's a little embarrassed about that, but feels happy that others are finding inspiration from his performances. He is a church music director in real life. His style is modern bluesy, ballad rather than rock based.

Adam Lambert (29 January 1982, Los Angeles) has a background in musical stage, has toured in "Wicked" and played Joshua in the musical version of "The Ten Commandments". He's more edgy, rocky than Danny, but an equally, perhaps even more, impressive performer.

A Taurus Sun and an Aquarius Sun - wouldn't we have guessed who'd be the edgy one?

Adam has had the benefit of Jupiter around his Sun and Mercury for several weeks. Danny must have suffered his loss when Saturn transited around his Virgo cluster, I guess. He has a Saturn return coming up in a few months' time - possibly a time for a new chapter, career-wise, to begin?

From last night's show, just one stand-out singer, a gal called Lil Rounds. More drive-bys, if and when I find the data.


Shawn Carson said...

Fun stuff, Twilight!
Adam has by far the more polished stage presence, voice, and his astrology looks better too, as the big lineup at the end of Aquarius is making supportive aspects to his Libra planets.
Not too familiar with the other guy, but hard aspects to his Node/Mars/Neptune don't look too promising to me.

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ A agree, I think adam has more staying power than Danny.
He's very clever in his choice of song too - picks ones that the TV audience, including older viewers, will recognise. He sang the Stones' "Satisfaction" last week - did a great job with it.

anthonynorth said...

I think the UK equivalent is The X Factor, which I'm afraid I can't watch. It isn't that I don't like some of these progs - the BBC equivalents such as the recent ones to find stars for upcoming musicals, are great - but it is the culture of this one I don't like.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ I remember the X Factor from the last years I was in the UK. It's a variation of Idol, I think, but don't they have three age groups in it? Or am I confusing it with something else?

What culture is it that you don't like, AN - just curious. :-)