Saturday, March 28, 2009

Future, Future Everywhere & H.G. Wells

This week several unconnected items with a common theme: The Future have lined up for my attention. George Friedman's current book "The Next Hundred Years" (Monday's post), the movie "Knowing" (Thursday's post), blog friend Robert Phoenix's piece about a possible New World Order. Then, on Thursday evening, what should appear on TCM but the classic movie from 1936 "Things to Come". The film is based on H.G. Wells' novel "The Shape of Things To Come". The author's ideas of how the world might develop during the hundred years from 1936 to 2036 haven't, so far, come to pass exactly as presented, but there is evidence of sharp insight to be found, watching from our 2009 perspective.

It's odd how these things clustered together this week, unplanned, unlooked for.

In my "Knowing" post I mentioned that Virgo seemed an unlikely sign to bring forth sci-fi, horror and fantasy novelists, or movie directors in those genres(Alex Proyas for example). Then I recalled that Stephen King was born 21 September, with Sun in Virgo. H.G. Wells was also born 21 September. Interesting!

A quick look at Wells' chart to see what else might link to the subjects which most fascinated him, as a writer. Born 21 September 1866 in Bromley, Kent, England. Chart set for 12 noon. Astrotheme and Astrodatabank both give 4.30pm as time of birth and Aquarius rising. Astrodatabank states that this is a rectified time. I feel it's just a teeny bit too convenient, and feel wary of it. I prefer to look at a 12 noon chart, which offers more than enough information for my purposes.

Sun and Mercury in Virgo - Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so writing is second nature to most people with this sign emphasised in their charts. Wells' Moon would have been in Aquarius whatever time of day he was born - here's the first clue as to his avid interest in all things future. Aquarius' modern ruler Uranus is conjunct Mars - symbolically adding energy and further emphasis to all that Uranus signifies: new technology, future development, the unexpected, change. Saturn and Venus are conjunct in Scorpio, and in harmonious trine with Mars/Uranus. Saturn in trine with its symbolic opposite, Uranus, carries a hint that H.G. Wells, though fascinated by future potentialities, had fairly rigid attitudes, believed in structure rather than randomness. This would blend well with his Sun/Mercury in discerning nitpicking Virgo. He was actually a bit of an enigma, certainly a different animal from the much later Aquarius-hippie stereotype. More evidence of Wells' stability and general common sense comes from a Grand Trine in Earth linking Jupiter, Pluto and Sun/Mercury.

Two H.G. Wells' novels, "The Time Machine" and "War of the Worlds" were the first "grown-up" books I read. In those days I probably didn't fully appreciate everything the books contain, but was still absolutely fascinated by them. It turns out that H.G. Wells was a socialist and a pacifist - a guy after my own heart. How could I not enjoy his ideas?


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, I've been an admirer of his too, T and an early reader of him.
By the way, have you and Himself seen Fahrenheit 451? It is one of my very favourites and I've seen it umpteen times. Prescient to an enormous degree considering it was made in the sixties.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes - I saw it mainly because of Oskar Werner, who I liked a lot after seeing him in "Ship of Fools" (all a long time ago though). I barely remember the movie, but intend to read the book again. Himself has been an avid Bradbury fan from early days.

It seems (from Wiki) that they are going to re-make the movie, but are still looking for a leading man after Tom Hanks withdrew.
That'll be one to watch for!