Monday, October 06, 2008

Tarot Re-visited - The Election

As I've commented in earlier posts, it's remarkable that, from a deck of 78 cards, in a reading based on just 3 of them, randomly drawn after shuffling the cards and concentrating on a specific question, three cards emerge which are capable of providing a cogent answer to the questioner's enquiry. It's not logical that this should happen - but it is consistently fascinating! My Aquarian Sun/Capricorn Mercury want to know "Why, how?" There's no answer, so I continue to experiment.

On 5 September I consulted my tarot deck, asking "What do I need to know about the outcome of the general election in the USA?" The answer: it was then a time of taking stock, matters were in limbo and there was more to be revealed, in time. (See here). I decided that I would ask the same question again, a month later. I did so, Sunday morning, shuffled the deck and extracted three cards in the following order:

a) Judgement

b) 9 of Swords

c) 6 of Swords

My first impression (usually the one to note) wasn't one of clear optimism, though the third card does give cause for hope of what I'd personally see as the best possible election result - President Obama, VP Joe Biden. Others might see hope coming from a different result, but I asked the question and drew the cards, so this is my perceived response. A result indicating, to me, a Republican win would have had to show less hope and more depression in the final card.

Judgement - a card of the Major Arcana, and it does set the scene very aptly.
Taken literally, it indicates "a day of reckoning", in more mundane terms, it's about making a considered choice, weighing options. Also indicates that past mistakes must be regarded as part of the past; a renewal, a rebirth, is possible.

The following card, though, says that any renewal or re-birth will only come after some anguish.

9 of Swords: Worry, doubt, anxiety are indicated. This might relate to negative campaigning, expected to intensify during coming weeks. There are still some unresolved matters regarding Senator Obama's background, which troubled me in the past. His eligibility to hold the position of President of the USA is still in question in some quarters, a judge is currently considering matters relating to this issue. There's room for doubt about some of Obama's past associations too. I chose to push these things to the back of my mind, as being part of his past, perhaps other voters have done the same, bearing in mind the horrendous prospect of 4 more years of Republican rule, as bad as, if not worse than the last eight. The more I listen to Obama though, I'm finding that he is not simply "the lesser of two evils" - I'm convinced that he and Joe Biden would be good for the country. I do wonder what could ensue if Senator Obama were to be found constitutionally ineligible to be President after winning the election. Joe Biden would step in, I suppose, and that's something to be thankful for, but it's pretty certain that unrest among the more fervent Obama supporters could blow up into something very serious.

6 of Swords: Change of scene, getting over a tough or worrying time, new frame of mind, and best of all - feeling hope again. A traditional "happy ending". Taking the illustration at its literal meaning -sailing (moving) away from danger.

Interpretations confirmed at

Returning to Judgement which, being part of the Major Arcana, is the strongest of the three cards. This card connects to Pluto and Scorpio in astrology:

From The Mandala Astrological Tarot by A.T. Mann:

"The Symbolism of Judgement
The element Fire shows the energy of heaven which shatters structures to unite humanity, and Pluto which shows the required destruction of existing forms before regeneration occurs. Death and destruction are only preludes to rebirth in a new and higher state, as all causes must be transcended. The coffin is life’s structure, within which humanity is trapped, floating on the surface of the unconscious – yet male and female differences must be integrated to form the central child, which is unity. The whole scene is presided over by the winged solar disc of the law of the cosmos.
Divination Meanings
Success despite difficulties which force an about turn. The decision to complete an action leads to the termination of current partnerships. Accomplishing the work of transformation. Changes of position and beliefs

The divination meaning stated above could indicate a change on the Democratic ticket, or a change of administration generally (from Republican to Democrat). Wishful thinking on my part? We shall see, in just four more weeks.


R J Adams said...

Mmmm! Can I be so optimistic? I'm not sure. As my old Grandma used to say: "I feel it in my water." (Another of her sayings!) ;-)
Methinks the Repugs may be cooking something behind the scenes. I'll conserve my judgment for another four weeks. McCain could still pull this one.....let's hope your 6 of swords is a powerful card.

Wisewebwoman said...

Did we have the October surprise yet?
The meltdown was September.
I'll cling to your optimism like a drowning woman, T.

anthonynorth said...

Interesting post. As you already know, I think there's a variety of possibilities with divination, but to me this doesn't detract from the subject, but enhances it.

Bu the way, on another issue, I've read the link you sent me. An interesting argument, but I think the sheer mass of information you have to plough through on the web takes away the automatic idea they're posing regards serendipity. There's simply too much of it.
At least, that's how I understand it :-)

Twilight said...

RJ~~~~ Yes, I think they are cooking something up - I can smell it, and it's not appetizing!

Think positive thoughts, RJ - send 'em out into the ethers - it won't do any harm and might do some good -
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,(or RJ)
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

WWW~~~ Not yet, I think. It's early October, they'll do it at tactically the right time, just before the election, I bet. But both sides could have surprises up their sleeves, so not to worry too much. Positive thoughts!!

AN~~~ Divination is a fascinating experiment, yes. Some types don't appeal to me at all (palmistry, phrenology, I-Ching and such) but I'm drawn to the tarot, and astrology, though I don't see astrology as divination - I don't think it's in the same category as the rest.

Re the serendipity article - I think the internet simply throws up more incidences of synchronicity (often seen as serendipity if it fits hopes and wishes). In the past, before the net, instances must have been far fewer, therefore seemed more significant. But even now, some instances of synchronicity seem much more "pointed" than others - only the person experiencing them can differentiate. That's how I see it anyway. There's synchronicity (or serendipity) and there's synchronicity-lite. :-)

Cassandra said...

Great post and interpretation! I sure hope you are right this time about the dems!

Today, I came across another
tarot reading
showing a Mccain victory, so I don't know what to think!

Twilight said...

Cassandra - Hi! thanks for the visit and comment.

I took a look at the tarot spread you mentioned. I couldn't get into it though, it's not really possible to read someone else's spread - it seems like wearing someone else's shoes. :-) The Celtic Cross spread can be read in different ways, I find that for a simple question such as this it's too complicated, and stick to the 3-card spread.

Astrologers differ as well, some say Obama will win, others McCain. There are so many vaiables and imponderables involved this election.

Polls seem to be indicating the wind is behind Obama now - lets keep fingers and toes crossed!!

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Twilight said...

Tarot cards ~~~ Hi there! Thank you. I'm glad you found it useful.