Saturday, October 04, 2008

Getting My Mars On

Mars will enter Scorpio tomorrow. It'll take the planet of energy, forcefulness, aggression and war until 10 days after the general election to reach my natal Mars at 28 Scorpio, but it will be within range for quite some time before that.
Astrolgy Weekly says of Mars in Scorpio:

"Mars in Scorpio indicates that you will assert yourself in an energetic, positive, proud, practical, resourceful, courageous, persevering and emotionally intense manner. You have an uncompromising spirit, deep reserves of energy, a strong instinct for survival and the ability to overcome even the most difficult of situations - you will fight to the end to defend your principles."

My own instinct to persevere kicked in while discussing the possibility of a campaign yard sign with the husband. He has Mars in philosophical Sagittarius trine his Mars-ruled Aries Sun, sextile my Aquarius Sun):

She: "What I'd really like to do is put an Obama-Biden yard sign in front of our house. What do you think? Shall I order one?"

He: "If you must, but it's not the cleverest thing to do in a neighbourhood where McCain-Palin yard signs are spreading like weeds. One guy in a road behind us still has an enormous sign, left there since 2004: "Bush - Cheney ~~~We Don't Need a Change". You won't change anybody's mind. What's the point? "

She:"How about a bumper sticker then?"

He: "We value our car too much to risk some idiot scratching the paintwork or slashing the tyres. I don't like bumper stickers."

She: (threateningly) "I shall wear campaign lapel pins all the time!"

He: "Pins are fine".

She: Tch!!

I could have persevered more but my "strong instinct for survival" intervened! As a small contribution to the anticipated Mars Return energy I sent for a couple of campaign pins, they arrived yesterday. These are quite subtle, I don't expect anything other than the odd raised eyebrow in response - which will elicit an Aquarian wink (a la Palin) from me.

Of course, as Mars heads ever nearer to one's natal Mars one could ratchet up the aggression and stomp around Walmart waving an Obama-Biden placard.

The husband can bail me out later.

*** *** ***

PS ~~~ Any passing reader, unimpressed by the current Palin farce, and could use some laughter therapy, should read blogging buddy R.J. Adams' post of today, at Sparrow Chat:
"Sarah Palin: Sparrow Chat’s Choice For Vice President".


anthonynorth said...

That was great banter. As for me in the UK, I'd presently say 'anything but Brown'.

Twilight said...

So Brown isn't the new black then, AN? ;-)

Twilight said...

AN - I've tried several times today (Sunday) to comment on yours, but no-can-do!

Others seem to be getting through, perhaps it's a blip on Blogger, or some other snag in the cyber continuum.

Wisewebwoman said...

Surrounded by the enemy, oh T, not good at all.
I hard back to days of yore and my parents' time when their votes would cancel each other out, according to my mother.
My father believed one's political bent should be completely private.
On our upcoming I'm voting Green as I have for the last few years.
so that the powers that be who do get elected might pay some attention to the increasing numbers of us who care about the environment and the end of days.
P***ing the wind some call it. ;^)

anthonynorth said...

Definitely not ;-)
I've rescued your first comment and deleted the other attempts. It's the overactive spam filter with an occasional hatred for links.
Haven't had time to read the link yet, as it's late here and near bedtime, so have just scanned it, but will do so in the morning.

Twilight said...

Yes, WWW, being surrounded by the enemy has been a pattern throughout my adult life (politically speaking). I've always found myself in an area where Conservatives rule the roost.

I'd considered voting Green, but then decided that as Al gore is attached to the Democrats, it's equally valuable to vote Dem. in the wind would probably describe our votes this yeur in this Red state state - but just in case the wind changes.......

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Thank you!