Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Opposites: Palin & Obama

Watching the TV debate between presidential candidates Senators Obama and McCain last night, my mind kept returning to Sarah Palin, comparing her approach to that of Senator Obama. They are of the same generation, whereas Senators McCain and Biden are more comparable generation-wise. Also, Obama and Palin are displaying clearly opposite styles, as well as opposite ideologies.

Their opposite styles can easily be seen when comparing their natal charts.

The watching and listening public will sense, during rallies, TV debates and appearances, the candidates' ascendants and Mercury. The ascendant (rising sign) is the lens through which the public sees an individual. Mercury, the planet which relates to communication and mental processes has to be equally significant, reflecting style of communication and approach to the subject at hand.

The dual chart below has Palin center, Obama in the outer ring. Click on chart for larger view.

If the times of birth commonly used by astrologers are correct:

Sarah Palin's ascendant is 19 Leo
Barack Obama's ascendant is 18 Aquarius

Sarah Palin's natal Mercury is at 1 Aquarius
Barack Obama's natal Mercury is at 2 Leo

Comparing the way Obama has come over in the two recent debates with the way Palin did in her debate with Joe Biden, their opposite styles are quite obvious. How John McCain hopes to attach the label of "radical" to Obama I cannot understand. Obama remains calm under pressure and provocation, has the aura of a leader, professional, reassuring, assertive but not aggressive. Nowhere is the trademark of a radical to be seen. Aquarius ascendant here takes on the guise of brainy professor rather than troublesome radical.

Palin, in contrast, appears less professional, more of a showman (show-woman doesn't work!) reflecting her Leo ascendant. She attempts to break the pattern of most politicians, addressing people in a less formal way, throwing in slang and folksy expressions. Her debate responses are sometimes devious or unclear. She is anything but careful with her comments and accusations - possibly the reason she thinks of herself as a maverick.(Aquarius Mercury).

That Leo-Aquarius opposing tension is there, in the candidates' ascendants and Merury placings - factors which fly off TV screen or across an arena. The two don't have to debate each other for us to see it - what a debate that might prove to be! 2012 anyone?

Another interesting point: Saturn in both charts lies at 25 degrees, of Aquarius in Palin's case, Capricorn in Obama's. Saturn, the lawmaker, is traditional ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius, so is "pure" in both signs, but manifests differently -in Capricorn inclined to a serious attempt to bring about order from chaos, in Aquarius perhaps more inclined to bring chaos from order, metaphorically speaking. A significant difference here is that Palin's Saturn conjoins Mars, combining the two planets traditionally thought of as "malefic", whereas Obama's Saturn conjoins Jupiter, a planet always thought of as benign. Jupiter is at 00Aquarius, but still within orb to be considered conjoined, adding a hint of Aquarian foresight to the more staid approach of Capricorn.

The opposite styles of these two politicans, very obvious to the watching public, are easily identifiable from their natal charts. Once again I'm perceiving that "something is happening here", in astrology, but we don't know what it is.


Wisewebwoman said...

I have to hoot every time I hear that maverick noun being thrown around, T.
I don't think (a) either of them are aware of the true meaning of the word and (b) nothing could be further from the truth of what they think the meaning is.
Palin is so rigid in her belief system and McCain is so out of touch with anyone even remotely "maverick".
the world is crashing around all the contenders, do any of them actually 'get' it?

anthonynorth said...

Of the two candidates and running mates, I'm beginning to notice they all seem confortable, except McCain. I don't know if it's just me, but he's coming over as so false, as if he's trying to be someone he isn't.
Whereas the others maybe are, too, but they're more practiced ;-)

Twilight said...

WWW, Hi~~~
LOL! The original unbranded cattle definition brings a vision of a cartoon to mind (wish I could draw!)

I can't think of a single politician in America who could truly be called a maverick. Even Dennis Kucinich sticks to the Democrats, who ignore him, instead of starting a new party.

I think they must surely "get it", WWW, but they don't want to commit themselves, at least not before the election. A real maverick would be leading a peaceful revolution, not spending time deriding opponents.

Twilight said...

I know what you mean AN. McCain seems awkward, and older than his years. It's probably due to his POW years which must have taken a toll.

I think he's very unwise to have run at this point in the USA's history. The next Prez needs to be a young, energetic type with all systems at "GO", and a strong constitution, and some shrewd advisors. McC. is probably trying to keep up and appearing false in the process. He'd do better acting as an advisor at this stage in his life I think.

R J Adams said...

I did....I watched them, and thought, "I sense their ascendants and Mercury...." ;-)

Just kidding! I know exactly what you mean, (except for the astrology stuff where I know nothing and understand less).

Obama has a head full of knowledge and uses it well. Palin's head is totally devoid of everything but self, which is why every time she opens her mouth, there's a loud echo.

Twilight said...

You may know/understand nothing of astrology, RJ, but the last para. of your comment describes the difference between Aquarius and Leo nicely.... though not all Leo Mercury people have a head empty of everything but themselves, and not all Aquarians have a head full of knowledge - but both stereotypical descriptions do fit in a lot of instances. :-)