Thursday, September 04, 2008


To paraphrase an old rhyme, oft recited to me as a child when being naughty: ("There was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead, When she was good she was very very good, But when she was bad she was horrid.")When Aquarius is good, it's very very good, But when it's bad, it's horrid. The same can be said of any zodiac sign of course - two sides to all of 'em.

In American politics there are now two people with what I'd categorise as the "horrid" side of Aquarius prominent in their natures - Dick Cheney and, new to the national scene, Sarah Palin.

I probably see both these characters in negative light due to their politics and beliefs, which are diametrically opposed to my own. I have Sun in Aquarius, as well as Aquarius rising when my chart is re-located to Oklahoma. Perhaps, if those two characters knew me, they'd see me as the negative side of Aquarius, if they deigned to consider astrology which, of course, they wouldn't!

In Aquarius, because of its reputation for eccentricity and unpredictability, one is apt to encounter much variety in how the sign reflects back through personality. Something I try to keep in mind also is that, before the discovery of Uranus, Saturn ruled Aquarius, along with neighboring sign Capricorn. Negative Saturnian traits might account for much of what I see as the "horrid" side of Aquarius. As a quick rule of thumb, for those unable to fully analyse a natal chart, I think it's valid to approach Aquarius-driven folk with the thought that they might display prominent traits of either Uranus or Saturn - very different. Another option, perhaps more common, a subtle mix of both.

In the case of Cheney and Palin, their old fashioned Conservative views and policies, and the beliefs and values they embrace loudly yell "Saturn here!" to this observer. The the humanitarian traits for which Aquarius is generally known these days are harder to identify, nor do I see much originality or inventiveness. Unpredicatable Aquarians? As folk ruled by Saturn they are eminently predictable.

I watched Sarah Palin's speech at the Republican Convention last night with interest. She delivered it well. I understand that most of it was prepared for her, so it's hard to say whether she actually believed what she was reading. Does she really see herself as "a pitbull with lipstick"? My thought afterwards was that, astrology apart, here is a seminal American version of Margaret Thatcher. (I used to think this about Hillary Clinton before I really listened to her - I was so very wrong about that.) I lived through Thatcher's reign in Britain, and believe me - it was not pretty! It's sad that so many Clinton supporters seem to be throwing their support to McCain/Palin as a way of "getting back" at the Obama campaign for the way Hillary was treated. It's a classic "cutting off nose to spite face" attitude, and it's scary. There's some proper astrology talk on Palin and her speech by Matthew the Astrologer, today.

Here's another scary thought - what about the much vaunted Age of Aquarius? What if it doesn't bring "harmony and understanding, sympathy and love abounding", but a load of old Saturn instead ?


Anonymous said...

One of the neat things about being an (evolved) Aquarian is the ability to accept that people come with their own very different sets of experiences and beliefs and refraining from judging an opposing POV as "horrid." May you come to that ability yourself someday. Namaste, fellow Water Bearer.

Twilight said...

Hello evolved anonymous Aquarian.
I used the word "horrid" slighly tongue in cheek after quoting an old rhyme. Being so po-faced about this, not to mention judgmental yourself is enlightening in itself.

If I judge here, I judge with the good of the country, and more importantly the planet in mind, Anonymous. I seldom judge for personal reasons.

Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Like you I am an Aquarian female who was read the same poem as a child. I agree with you and your analysis of this woman. What responsible mother "parades "her (none too happy looking family)
into the public foray for her own ambition. Does she really think she has so much talent to contribute to the public good that she must sacrifice any sense of normalcy for those kids. Sad statement on motherhood.

Anonymous said...

I know I'll sleep better tonight knowing Sophia Petrillo's got this whole planet thing figured out! Whew!

It wouldn't even be an issue if it were a MAN with five kids running for VP. What responsible "father" parades his family into the public foray for his own ambition? Um, OBAMA, maybe? Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander?

Okay, fellow Aquarian brain trust, I'm glad y'all have everything under control. 'Ava good one!

Twilight said...

Anonymous no.2 - Hi and thanks for the comment. I'm not a mother myself, so haven't much of an opinion on the matter of Gov. Palin's family being involved.
I tend to agree with what you've said though.

anyjazz said...

Whenever I run across that famous adage, I can never avoid thinking of Mae West’s version: “When I’m good, I’m very good. When I’m bad, I’m better.”

But somehow that doesn’t seem to apply here. Or does it?

Discovering a difference of opinion usually enhances any subject. Sadly, however, some seem to feel that their opinion is not only very, very good, it is better.

Politics or political science is the craft by which the professionals strive to find common ground and reach agreements for mutually beneficial results. But there are some who seem to use politics to breed divisiveness and distrust and fear and personal gain.

Understanding is and always will be, a two way street.

R J Adams said...

I don't know about Aquarians, but one doesn't have to have an astrological bent to recognize the 'horridness' of Cheney. It oozes from every pore in his body. As for Ms Palin, we'll have to see. Speaking personally, first impressions are she's just another hard-nosed bitch with a lust for power and ego to match.
One thing I've noticed about Aquarians: they like to hide their identities. It makes life very difficult. Are there three 'Anons' out there, or just one writing three comments? The mind boggles. ;-)

Twilight said...

And now we have Anonymous #3 (or is it #1 again?)

I had no idea who Sophia Petrillo was/is so looked it up in Wikipedia.

I assume you are referring to me as "a Golden Girl" figure, sir or madam? It's not the first time, I've been likened before to t'other one - the tall one. I wasn't a great fan of the show though. If you make that remark as a veiled reference to my "certain age", I take it with good grace and am grateful to have come this far unscathed.

Sarcasm doesn't sit well with me though.

The whole point of this post seems to have by-passed you. Sigh.

Thanks for taking the time to comment all the same.

Twilight said...

Wow - this is the most action I've had for a long time - ;-)


We agree once more. Thanks.

Aquarians hiding their identities is an angle I hadn't considered. I think you are married to one, so you know a bit about it! I am one, but I reckon I'm an open book(not saying what the title is though - or the language) ;-)

Twilight said...

Hello anyjazz

Thanks for popping in with your wise and thoughtful comment.

I really should try being more like Mae West: bad and better.

Watch out anonymous commenters- I might be getting badder!

Wisewebwoman said...

I tried to comment yesterday but Blogger had issues.
So here goes again.
I was recently complimenting our mutual friend RJA on his lack of misogyny on a recent post and now find that he has decorated yours with some:

"Speaking personally, first impressions are she's just another hard-nosed bitch with a lust for power and ego to match."

Not wishing to fan the flamers or be a flamee I would point out that the above remarks can be applied to all politicians (including The Chosen One). Without exception they lust power and have egos to match, otherwise they would not be in the polibiz. This is not exclusive to women (or bitches and curs).

That said, I am no fan, not even close, of Governor Palin's. Her NRA, creationist pro-cellular, anti-women stance appals me on many levels.

I like your astro-analysis, T.

However,I do call out misogyny when I see it, for every woman, anywhere.

XO and with respect,

Twilight said...

Hi WWW~~~
Hmmmm - yes - RJ did go a wee bit over the top with the "bitch" remark. I tend (wrongly) to read through that particular word, so common has it become. I love dogs, so don't find it all that offensive myself - but I realise it is offensive, especially used alongside "another"......which possibly referred to Hillary Clinton. In my haste yesterday that didn't occur to me.

Slapped hands, RJ!

Hard-nosed and ego-driven are two pre-requisite characterisitics of anyone running for president or VP, male or female. Anyone lacking these wouldn't survive.

I agree on Palin's stances - they somehow just don't gel with her situation. But then, at least half of the population of the USA seem to be saddled with the same affliction! Therefore....Bush in 2000 and 2004.