Friday, September 05, 2008


Yesterday I followed a link to website "Visions of Reality with Elizabeth Joyce" and an article posted on 17 January 2008: "Psychic Predictions for the 2008 Election"
Some of this lady's predictions haven't materialised exactly as set down, yet in a strange way an alternative view of her words might still prove to have been (accidentally?) accurate. Note especially the last four lines of this brief extract!

"For sure my psychic sense sees that a woman will occupy the White House as vice president as a result of the 2008 election, but not president. It’s just not Hillary’s time yet, as I have psychic stated for the past three years.

The male presidential candidate who runs with a woman vice presidential candidate on the ticket will win the election by a landslide. Obama or Gore will take the lead. What others are not thinking about at this time are the coming earth changes. They begin heavily after the February eclipses. America may call on and try to draft Al Gore to enter the presidential race. Psychic predictions everywhere state that we are reaching a point where the public is intrigued with the idea of a female president, but as a country we tend to take cautious steps.

If Barack Obama wins the nomination, Hillary Clinton may consider his invitation as the vice president, but his life will automatically be in danger. This “back seat” will be very difficult for Hillary to accept. Typically, you don’t want a vice president who is equally strong as the presidential candidate, but in this case it will benefit Obama, because he is “so green behind the ears,” as my grandmother, an excellent psychic, used to say. Hillary can beneifit him with her first hand knowledge of how the Oval Office is run.

My psychic sense tells me that not only will a woman become the nation’s first Vice President at the 2008 election, but she will be sworn in as president when the male president is forced to step down due to serious health issues or worse. I have also psychically stated that we will have a one-term president in 2008."

The scenario this psychic envisioned (back in January) was probably Obama winning, with Clinton as his VP, a possible assassination attempt forcing him to resign, leaving Hillary Clinton as president. As it has turned out this is unlikely to happen, but the premise of a female VP taking over as a result of the president's illness, or other reason, does remain a possibility, should John McCain win the election.

I felt intrigued enough to get out my tarot deck and ask: "What do I need to know about the outcome of the General Election?"

3 CARDS ~~~~
7 of Pentacles/Coins
The Hanged Man
The Moon

7 Pentacles/Coins relates to a time of contemplation, taking stock, and capitalizing on gains, adjusting any areas of weakness. This is apt and applicable to both Democrats and Republicans, now their respective conventions are out of the way.

The Hanged Man - a card of the Major Arcana, so more important in the reading. This card is said to be ruled by Neptune. Odd that! I've written on several occasions that when I see Obama, I think Neptune, in all its fogginess and illusion. The Hanged Man card symbolizes self-sacrifice, sometimes a period of feeling "in limbo", its message is that this is a time of waiting and requires patience, a need to watch as things develop. Being ruled by Neptune means that the card also has an undertone of spirituality.

The Moon - Again, from the Major Arcana. This card is said to relate to Pisces in astrology, Pisces' ruler is Neptune, which relates back to the previous card - a thread runs through this! The Moon card relates to highly charged emotions, a confused state of mind, feelings of fear, perhaps delusion or deceit. All is not exactly as it appears to be. Moon also signifies organic change, change led by nature, rather than manipulated change.

So..... the three cards together? Confusing! First card is clear enough, and fits the situation as it is at present. The two Major cards present uncertainty - I'm going to opt for a view that all may not be as it seems now, there is much more still to emerge. These two Major Arcana cards, for me, relate more to Barack Obama than John McCain. I could invent a scenario to fit, but it would be fiction. I'll wait, and try this experiment again in October.


anthonynorth said...

With many of these predictions I find it is often a matter of reading the politics right. And for that reason, I won't give one. The way it is at the moment, anything COULD happen.

Wisewebwoman said...

Confusing times T and all the gauges appear to be in need of repair.
I would really really like to hear the real world issues discussed and not this endless Hollywood circus of teen pregnancies and updo hair styles.
The experiment of the great dumbing down of the general populace has been successfull, methinks.

Twilight said...

Hello AN and WWW~~~~~~~

Predicting is is a risky business at any time, just now it's "a mug's game!"

I've just read an article by John Nicols on Common Dreams, his last words echo, near enough, what you said WWW

"perhaps the United States has crossed over into a post-rational society that cares little about facts and reality or serious policy ideas and respectful debate, but rather is a nation moved by anger and ridicule, fear and nationalism. "

R J Adams said...

You should steer clear of those Tarot cards. I recollect that every instance you consult them ends in confusion. I always suffered a similar result. As for John Nichols, he must be remarkably old if he remembers a time when American society was anything approaching rational. It hasn't 'crossed over' - it was never on the 'rational' side in the first place.

Twilight said...

Hi RJ ~~~

Tarot cards - you!? That surprises me!

I'm using them as an experiment. I've been interested and studied tarot, on and off, for more than 30 years, but I haven't used it much. I don't like to use it for personal matters for self or others - it can be unnecessarily worrying.

I thought I'd try using it for more mundane matters - never done it before. I tried it a couple of times previously on this blog.

While the result (of a 3-card spread) can be confusing, yet I've always found that the cards drawn do have relevance to the matter in hand. From a deck of 78 cards, drawing 3 cards which offer relevance to the question at all seems quite remarkable to me.

All my questions have been in regard to either the US primaries or general election, and the story isn't over yet - apart from the Dem. VP pick. For that one the cards were reasonably accurate.
Muy first try was, if I recall correctly about Hillary Clinton, and that story isn't finished, and she didn't win, but neither did she walk away defeated - she's still in demand, and may yet hold high office in the next administration, something which doesn't always happen to the ones who lose.

I've been thinking about this current question- I asked "What do I need to know about the result of the general election?" Well, taking that question very literally, and going no further into the issue that those words demand - the cards say that what I need to know is that the election will bring an unclear result, or some kind of uncertainty.

But it's just an experiment to see whether there's any value in doing this or not. Only way to find out is to try! :-)

R J Adams said...

Oh, I've 'dabbled' in lots of things during my lifetime. I've always believed in proving matters to my own satisfaction, rather than blindly accepting others' so-called "truths". It's a philosophy that's occasionally got me into trouble.
Keep up the experiment. I'll be interested to know your conclusions after a few years. I agree totally, the ONLY way to find out is to 'suck it and see'.