Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rachel Maddow: One For The Future?

I wonder who'll be on the political scene in the USA around 10 years from now, say for the elections in 2016 and 2020? One name in the future's political headlines which wouldn't surprise me a bit would be Rachel Maddow. She's 35 now, in ten years she'll be just about the right age to run as a presidential candidate, or be chosen as VP, having perhaps done a stint in the House or Senate in intervening years.

Rachel's new TV show, which has all the hallmarks of being "the one to watch" for those keen on politics, was aired for the first time last night. She has been seen fairly regularly on MSNBC all year, doing pundit duty along with Olbermann, Matthews, Buchanan and the rest, as well as presenting a regular radio show on Air America. She strikes me as the type of person for whom US politics is crying out. She oozes confidence, speaks and debates with a no nonsense clarity, clear grasp of issues, but never loses her calm, friendly approach.

Rachel Maddow was born on 1 April 1973 in Castro Valley, California. I can find no time of birth, so here's a chart set for 12 noon. Moon position will be inaccurate, though it will be somewhere in Pisces. Ascendant must remain a mystery, in the absence of birth time.

Sun and Venus in Aries, Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius, Saturn in Gemini, Moon and Mercury in Pisces. Outer planets in Libra and Sagittarius.

Her Aries and Aquarius planets are in harmonious sextile; Saturn in Gemini also sextiles Sun/Venus in Aries and trines the Aquarius planets - more harmony!
A sweetly linked line-up, indicating a very "together" person, enthusiastic, energetic, abundant intelligence, ability to analyse, and disciplined communicative skills all work together in harmony. Moon and Mercury in Pisces reflect another side of Rachel's personality, her sensitive and comapssionate nature, via Mercury this softens her style, which otherwise might come over as cold or dictatorial, which she definitely is not!

Rachel is well known for her unstinting research and preparation, a reflection of workhorse Saturn in Gemini, and Jupter/Mars in analytical Aquarius.

"The former Rhodes scholar, with a doctorate in political science from Oxford, is writing a book about military politics in postwar America and is famous at MSNBC for bringing a scholarly rigor to her preshow research and preparation. She has been known to arrive at Rockerfeller Center from her Manhattan apartment nine hours before she is due to go on air, cloistering herself in a cubicle with an iPod as she reads and writes on the day's news.
"One of the things that separates Rachel from many people is the amount of fresh information she brings to her storytelling," said Wolff. "She really often isn't expressing an opinion as much as laying out facts that lead to the conclusion
."(See here)

Rachel has had a good professional and mentoring relationship with MSNBC colleague Keith Olbermann. Perhaps they relate well to each other because Olbermann's natal Sun at 7.01 Aquarius conjoins her natal Jupiter at 7.04 Aquarius, and is therefore also in harmonious aspect to her Aries and Gemini planets.

It'll be interesting to watch Rachel Maddow's progress from here on.


Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with Rachel Maddow, but coincidentally I read a piece about her on 'Little Country Lost', just yesterday. The writer hoped Ms Maddow would not be 'spoiled' by her association with MSNBC. She wasn't too hopeful.

Wisewebwoman said...

I was a huge fan of hers until she joined Olbermann in Hillary bashing, then she lost me.
MSNBC, IMHO, only dance for their masters.
I had hoped she would have kept detached a la Helen Thomas but have been profoundly disappointed.

Wisewebwoman said...

Hey T:
maybe one of your astrospins on aforementioned Helen??

Twilight said...

Hello RJ and WWW

MSNBC is a definite fly in the proverbial ointment, I agree.
I think Ms Maddow is smart enough to use it simply as a stepping stone though.

Yes, I remember the Hillary bashing well, WWW. I stopped watching MSNBC for months because of it. I've started watching occasionally again, now that Hillary is safely out of their sights. It's a pity they're not more even-handed in their approach, because the format they use is entertaining, and the personalities there have a weird fascination (for me anyway!) At least, now I'm back in the left-wing fold, they are "on my side" . They are criticsing Gov. Palin pretty strongly, but so far not in a sexist way - maybe they've learned a lesson.

Twilight said...

Helen Thomas, WWW? I don't know of her, but I shall research, then see what I can do! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hiya, writing from London here. First time visitor to your site and I am afraid immediately I can't agree with your screen name. You are one very good looking woman and your photo shows there is a lot of life left in you so why call yourself Twilight? Come on, let's have a more future looking name :). And where is your chart btw? Cheeky womanie

Twilight said...

Hello Anon. from London !

Thanks for your visit, and your very kind comment. LOL! I can use a morale booster right about now!

About my screen name: I've used it for around 7 years, long before my blog was born. I chose it originally with no thought of its relationship to my age. Schoolday French had lodged a word in my head "crepuscule", which being translated means twilight. I nearly called myself Crepuscule, then decided it wasn't a very pretty word. LOL! I love twilight, I love the changing from one state to another, like this time of year when summer turns slowly into autumn (fall). It was much later that I started to relate "Twilight" to my time of life.

If I can stay in twilight for many years I'll be a happy gal! Now Midnight would be different altogether!

I'm toying with the idea of using my real name, or a variation of it, but not fully convinced yet.

As for my natal chart - I'm not comfortable publishing it for the wide world to see: Aquarius Sun, Uranus in Taurus, Aries Moon, Cancer rising natally, Aquarius when re-located to USA. Mercury in Capricorn, Jupiter in Pisces exactly semi-sextile Sun. Mars in Scorpio. Saturn in Aries. Neptune in Virgo trine Mercury. Venus in Sagittarius. Pluto in very early Leo.

Thanks again for your kind comment.

Anonymous said...

I love Rachel Maddow and astrology, thus I ended up here. Your observations about her chart are apt.

As for Maddow and Olbermann "bashing" Hillary Clinton, I didn't see it that way at all. They are journalists, and as such they interrogated several of Ms. Clinton's decisions and tactics during the campaign. I questioned these same things before I heard critique articulated by Maddow and Olbermann, and I (as well as a good number of other folks) concurred with their skepticism. . Clinton has acknowledged the issues with her campaign, and now she will probably very successfully serve as Secretary of State.

To refuse to respect two extremely intelligent journalists because they dared to dissent is sad, and IMO wrong. I'm just happy that both journalists continue to do exceedingly well professionally--their shows actively calling into question the current political landscape.

Maddow and Olbermann have unique styles, but I find their form of journalism intelligent, provocative, very witty and hardly capitulative (dancing for "their masters"?).

In the end, everyone is filtered through a lens, I'd challenge anyone to present op-ed each evening without fallability.

Twilight said...

Anonymous~~~ I take it you are mainly relating to some earlier comments, rather than my blog post.

I recall that Clintion supporters (myself included) did become very sensitive during the primaries. There was sexism displayed by MSNBC, there's no getting away from it. Olbermann and Matthews went too far on many occasions, Rachel didn't, as far as I remember.

Anyway, it's all in the past now, Rachel is doing exceedingly well with her new show. Long may it continue!

thanks for youir visit and comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've just looked at Rachel's Human Design Chart and I'd put her birth time around 7am. Before and after this time she'd be more emotional and confrontational. 7 am gives her sociability and grace in her interactions with others, plus a natural joyfulness. More her style. That gives her an ascendent at 5 degrees Taurus according to my caculations.

Anonymous said...

I've just posted her Human Design Chart for anyone who'd like to have a look.
Cheers, Kim

Twilight said...

Kim Gould~~~~Hi Kim, thank you for visiting.

I'm not familiar with the Human Design system, but possibly other readers will be - thank you for the link.

If I write more about Rachel in future posts I'll link to your piece, and experiment with a 7am time of birth. :-)