Thursday, September 11, 2008


"Hatred ever kills, love never dies. Such is the vast difference between the two. What is obtained by love is retained for all time. What is obtained by hatred proves a burden in reality for it increases hatred."
Mohandas K. Gandhi


A glance at Wikipedia's list of events for 11 September through the years threw up coincidences:

On 11 September 1941 ground was broken for the construction of the Pentagon, headquarters of the United States Department of Defense.

11 September 2001 saw destruction of the western portion of the Pentagon, part of a terrorist attack which also destroyed the World Trade Center, New York.

On 11 September 2002 "Through extreme and coordinated effort, The Pentagon is rededicated after repairs are completed, exactly one year after the attack on the building".

On 11 September 1941 Saturn and Uranus were conjoined, Saturn in the last degree of Taurus, Uranus at 00 Gemini. In 2001 Saturn and Uranus were trined (14 Gemini/21 Aquarius), and in 2002 the two planets remained in closer trine: 28 Gemini/26 Aquarius. I'm unable to translate this as a clear relationship to events, but thought it interesting. This year Saturn and Uranus are opposing each other, not tightly at today's date, but within 8 degrees, in Virgo and Pisces. As has been pointed out by astrologers, the opposition will be exact on the date of the US General election. I'm wondering whether the Pentagon will somehow be in the news again during coming weeks.


Wisewebwoman said...

Well numerologists have tried to make a theory out of 9/11, but I still find my own theory of chaos quite comforting in its own odd way. And karma. And synchronicity.

anthonynorth said...

You've just prompted me to check my Chambers to see if it is a generally violent day. I find decisive battles in two wars on English soil, another on American soil, and a fourth in the Crimea.
I guess some days are just like that.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Synchronicity fits, and chaos for sure! Karma I'm not so sure about though. I'm not convinced about karma in general, but if there is such a thing, I would like to think it'd be more precise, that it would target the exact people who had caused any hurt to others.

Twilight said...

Yes, AN, I guess so. Sad but true.

R J Adams said...

Personally, I believe it would be difficult to find any day when some war was not being fought, somewhere.

Twilight said...

RJ ~~~ I suppose that is true also.
Violence must be hard-wired into the human psyche. Astrology personifies it as Mars - we all have it somewhere within us. A part of nature that's hard to stomach.