Friday, August 08, 2008

Obama: Reflections of Neptune.

I've said this before: I can't be sure who Barack Obama is, nor what he stands for. As the weeks pass the picture becomes not clearer, as one might expect, but more clouded.

I asked myself why I feel so connected to all of this and am prompted to write about it again just now, so took a look at current transits. As I type, the opposition between Mars in Virgo and Uranus(my Sun's ruler) in Pisces is pretty much exact at 22 degrees of each sign, and my natal Mercury is at 21.58 Capricorn, in close trine to transiting Mars, and sextile transiting Uranus. I guess that's why I'm feeling tuned-in to the current push-pull dynamic.

Esteemed astrology blogger Dharmaruci at Astrotabletalk yesterday wrote of Obama as "A Hawk" - surely the exact opposite of what most peace-loving Americans hope for in a new president. He said "Does Obama's Sun in Leo square to Neptune make him an inspirational leader or self-delusional? (Actually, probably a bit of both!)" I think it also makes him an expert illusionist.

So why, when clarity about the Real Obama is so hard to come by, has he managed to gather such a huge following?

John of Liberal Rapture
wrote an excellent piece on 6 August, which has the answer.

"The Obama phenomenon is the result of a country in despair. He is not bringing hope - he has capitalized on a deep fear and anger at the loss of an idea we had about what this country was supposed to be. If Obama had a track record and ANY proven leadership skills beyond gaming the system, I might be able to get on board. He does not.

If Obama had not said almost the exact opposite of what his campaign has lead people to believe he believes - I might be able to get on board.

If Obama had not railed against lobbyists while taking boat loads of cash from the exact same GOP bundlers as Bush- I might get on board.

But he has done nothing that speaks to any kind of internal integrity."

Barack Obama has fed on, and profits from, the despair of the ordinary people of the USA, that is clear, his motivation is not. There are several theories, variations on:
a) that he is actually a rabid left-wing socialist/communist, biding his time before showing his true colours, or b) he has been financed and pushed ahead by Republican manipulation, and will be their tool, changing nothing once in power, but bringing the nation ever nearer to being a fascist state.
Two extremes with variations of them taking in everything inbetween. How many times in the history of US presidential elections has it been possible to talk in such terms about the leading candidate ? I don't know, being a newcomer, but I'd bet that this year's experience is pretty unique.

There are writers and bloggers across the internet trying to blow away the smoke, polish the mirrors left dim and murky with doubt about this man.

A commenter at Texas Darlin's blog on 5 August 7.47pm ("Flyingsongster") set out the position very well. Brief extracts:

"The crux of this and many threads is simply:
Who is Barack Obama?...............

We do know that he (Obama) does not have a moral bearing based on his mercurial stances on subjects such as FISA, and oil drilling; the death penalty and gun control. We do know that he was affiliated for 20 years with Tony Rezco, a convicted felon; that he lobbied for Almansarrae for contracts in Iraq; that Auchi, the Iraqi billionaire has been a distant supporter. We do know that George Soros the unrepentant Nazi, has supported Obama. We do know that he was a member of Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years, that his daughters and wife were members as well.
By mentioning just a few facts,
it is apparent that by what we DO know, there is the obvious need to pursue further What we do NOT know. For what we do know, is so very troubling."

Illusion. Deluding others. Self-delusion. Reflections of Neptune.

If, against current evidence, Barack Obama does have integrity and is trustworthy, then he has put himself forward too soon as a presidential candidate, having done so he has not laid before the people clear evidence of his eligibility evidenced by the current conundrum posed by what is said to be his Certificate of Live Birth, as mentioned in my post on Tuesday. But that aside, as a highly educated individual claiming to possess vision, he should have realised that thinking Americans need a solid background of trust and known stances to rely upon. These can only be bought by years of experience and example, not with millions of $$$$$. At the very least, and putting it as kindly as possible, his judgement is seriously questionable.


Anonymous said...

thought-provoking post. he seemed to change after he got the nomination, a shapeshifter. I've wondered if it's playing on Neptune transit to the country's Moon in Aquarius...a big psych-ops of playing on hope that will dissolve into mist and nothingness in the end. a mass delusion. red flags are going off about it, and his links to certain shadow government figures, so am glad to see you mention it here. Very illusory and foggy indeed.

Wisewebwoman said...

One of your best posts, T. I was reminded as I read it, of the great grief that overtook Britain upon the death of Princess Diana. Which really had nothing to do with her at all but a grieving of a nation for itself.
A mass hypnosis takes over, such as in this delusion around BO.
He is, as you say, completely unknown, and possibly a master manipulator. Or a puppet.
But there is such a hunger for change that it eclipses common sense and proper evaluation.

Twilight said...

Molly - Hi!
'Shapeshifter' is a good description of him!

Yes I think the current Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces mutual reception does have something to do with this, I hadn't tied it in to USA's Moon in Aquarius though - good point! I look on the USA as completley Aquarian or Uranian, I know it's not its Sun sign or rising sign, but it works for me! The flavour fits.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Thank you kindly!
Yes, you describe the situation exactly. Thank goodness there is a good slice of the public who were not affected by the Pied Piper syndrome. I also hope it's not too late for the rest of 'em to wake up.

R J Adams said...

".....At the very least, and putting it as kindly as possible, his judgement is seriously questionable."

Do your research on American presidents and you'll discover there's never been one who's judgement has not proved questionable. In fact, America has never had a 'good' president.
I doubt Barack Obama, should he get elected, will prove any different from the others.

Twilight said...

Hi RJ!

I expect it depends from whose perspective one is surveying the scene. Good president/bad president - interchangeable depending on who is considering the question. Same applies to the quality of their judgement.

From your point of view there has been none to match up to your perception of what a good one ought to be, but you have not lived in their times, in their country. I doubt that you, or I, are in any position to judge except from a somewhat prejudiced onlooker's point of view.

Re Barack Obama - personally I hope we never have to find out what kind of president he will be, but if we do, and I am pleasantly surprised by what unfolds, I will promise to write one blog post a week dedicated to singing his praises while crying "Hallelujah!" as I type!! ;-)

Hey - I've just thought of a book for you to write - remember "1066 and All That"? You could do American history in the same surreal Pythonesque/Adams style!

R J Adams said...

I could be tempted, though I might end up burned at the stake.