Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Collective Zodiac

Collective nouns can be fun and creative. For a collection of them, see here. From that list I like these deviations from the more common herd, flock, swarm: a congress of baboons, a scold of jays, an exaltation of larks, a nuisance of cats, an ostentation of peacocks, a murder of crows, a murmuration of starlings.

Just for fun, I've invented twelve collective nouns, one for each zodiac sign, for descriptive use in a natal chart where a cluster of planets appear in one zodiac sign, alternatively for those attached to Sun sign astrology, to describe a group of people who share the same Sun sign.

A rush of Aries

An affluence of Taurus

A chatter of Gemini

A nest of Cancer

A parade of Leo

A proficiency of Virgo

An arbitration of Libra

A collusion of Scorpio

A magnification of Sagittarius

An institution of Capricorn

A metamorphosis of Aquarius

A mirage of Pisces

And to pull together the whole caboodle:
A cadence of zodiac signs!


anthonynorth said...

Liked them! I also rather like one I made up a while ago on another subject:

A thicket of politicians

Twilight said...

Oh yes - I like that one AN !
Very apt. ;-)