Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Conventionally Speaking....Again

Sitting through a second full evening of Convention fare didn't appeal, so it was back to channel-surfing, dipping in and out of the Democrats' carnival. Early on, I was lucky to catch sight of my first favourite presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, delivering a brief but rabble-rousing speech. He had the crowd on their feet cheering as he stomped around the stage calling "Wake up America!...Wake up America!" His Scorpio passion well to the fore, driven by Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Venus all in that zodiac sign. Sadly, I'm now convinced that America will not wake up in my lifetime sufficiently to vote in this golden, dedicated and inspired politician to high office. I do think America is trying to wake, albeit slowly. The nation is still drowsy, in a half-dream, unwilling to face cold reality.

After listening briefly to other prominent speakers, Mark Warner, Bob Casey and Deval Patrick, I began to think that America would soon be going back into a deep sleep again. These were obviously worthy statesmen, but.....well... boring. Mark Warner, a former Governor of Virginia, was billed as "keynote speaker" for the night. He has Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, I'm surprised he came across, to me at least, as lacking that certain spark. Natal Moon in Virgo might have something to do with his serious, scholarly style.

The star of the evening was always going to be Hillary Clinton. Her duty, it has been said, was to convince her obstinate supporters to throw their lot in with Senator Obama, in order to ensure a Democratic victory in November. From what I've read in some of her supporters' blogs recently there's little chance of this ! Hillary received a rapturous welcome - it brought a tear to my eye, in fact. I shall always think, "It should have been her!" But we have to deal with things as they are and not how we would like them to be. Like Dennis Kucinich, Hillary has a hefty dollop of Scorpio in her natal chart. Her passion and insight showed through clearly last night. One question she posed to her supporters impressed me greatly. After reciting some real-life stories, tragedies in the lives of ordinary people she'd met, brought about by 8 years of Conservative rule, she asked: "Were you supporting me, or were you supporting these people, people who need us to elect a Democratic government?" I think most would answer "We were supporting YOU - because in our estimation you were the most likely to get things done for those people". The chance has passed, we now have to play with the hand of cards we've been dealt, let's hope fervently that the Joker isn't among those cards !

Really and truly it's up to Barack Obama to bring around disaffected Clinton supporters. If he's the man so many Americans (and Europeans) think he is, he should be able to do it. The jury's out on that score. Me? I'll keep in mind the people on whose behalf we should really be voting in November - the people who need a Democratic government, irrespective of who happens to be the figure-head. I'll hold my nose as I cast that very necessary vote .


anthonynorth said...

I just love that last sentence :-)

Just to stir it a bit, isn't the best way to guarantee Hillary eventually becomes President to vote for the Republicans?
If Obama wins, chances are he'll want to go for a second term. If McCain wins, Obama's finished, and Hillary only has to say 'I told you so' in 2012.

Twilight said...

AN~~~ Hi!
If things weren't so dire just now, what you suggest could be a good plan. :-)

I doubt the country could withstand 4 more years of Republican administration. It's not just the country, though, it's the planet. Republicans would continue to drag their feet on measures to counteract climate change. The USA is way, way behind on this score. Al Gore, on the side of the Democrats, will push them to act and act strongly.

Much as I distrust Obama, it's not about him, not really. It's about the country and the planet, and the next administration- irrespective of the face on its figurehead. That's what I have to keep reminding myself.

R J Adams said...

The saddest part of this whole escapade is that so few actually get it. Of course Obama will fail. And when he does, half the Democratic party will turn around and say, "We should have voted for Hillary."
She would have failed, too.
When will the electorate come to understand that presidents don't run this country anymore. Neither do Congress. They just do the bidding of their masters. I heard someone on the media say last night that Clinton had more chance of reforming healthcare than Obama. Why, then, did she not succeed when Bill was in office? Because the powers-that-be shut her down good and proper. They'll do the same again, whether it's Obama or Clinton or Kucinich, or anyone else, trying to upset their financial applecart. These 'personalities' are just frontmen (and women) for Joe Public to latch their emotions onto. Democracy is dead, both here and in Britain. Once two parties become supported by the same financial backers, it doesn't matter which one is elected, the policies - or, at least those likely to effect the corporate backers - will always be the same. Sure, there'll be a bit of window dressing to make them look different, but the end result will be the same.
The one big difference that may come from a Democrat victory this time is the ousting of the neo-cons. Any hope of that can only come from Washington outsiders. Both Obama and Biden are outsiders. Clinton is not, and has more ties to K Street than either Obama or McCain.

Twilight said...

Hi RJ!~~~~~~ That's a doom-laden comment if ever I saw one!
If you're right, I think Obama and probably Biden are both "in the kidney" just as much as any other politician you care to name (except Kucinich, Feingold and Bernie Sanders - the nearest thing to European style socialists in this country).

I suspect Obama has been backed by the very people you say are "in charge", and need to be gotten rid of (Did I say "gotten"?) I vowed I'd never use that word - must be going 'Murican!)

The lesser of two evils has to be a wee bit better than the greater of two evils - that's what it'll amount to this election I suppose.

The Clintons, with all their connections, good and bad, led the country to a much better place in the 90s than it's in now. They have that in their favour and nobody can take it away from them, much maligned as they are in some circles. I think Hillary would have carrried the same pattern forward. But too many Americans hold a silly grudge against the Clintons. I will never, ever understand it.

kaleymorris said...

"I'll hold my nose as I cast that very necessary vote."
Welcome to America.
Those of us who vote on a regular basis often find ourselves in just that situation.

Twilight said...

Kaleymorris - Hi! ~~~ Another lesson in becoming a 'Murican then!

The one glorious opportunity I'll have on 4 November is voting against Senator James Inhoffe!!!