Friday, August 01, 2008


I feel I ought to write about today's solar eclipse, though astrologers and astrology bloggers have already said all there is to say about it, and with a lot more expertise than yours truly could muster.

For me, the jury is still out on eclipses in general - at least as they affect us individually when they happen to hit a natal planet or sensitive point in a natal chart. I'm open to being convinced by persuasive argument and examples, but to date have nothing of my own to offer. Perhaps this will change shortly though. Today's eclipse hits the husband's ascendant (always supposing that his time of birth is absolutely exact- something about which I'm always wary). It also opposes my natal Sun, but probably a little widely (around 3 degrees). House position, in my case, isn't clear. In natal chart I have Sun in 8th, but relocated to the USA it's in 12th - so in opposition the eclipse falls in 2nd (natal) or 6th(re-located).

Eclipses are generally thought to herald change of one sort or another. I could say that this time around we seem to be ahead of the game, having just last week experienced a significant change by my having become a US citizen, and this indirectly affects the husband too, I guess.

I have a half-formed theory about eclipses. They are relatively quick phenomena, as compared to a transit of one of the outer planets - Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and even Saturn. When those planets, in transit, hit a sensitive point or planet in your natal chart you know it. They stay long enough to make waves in your life, you can recognise their presence, results are often profound. Faster moving personal planets, when they touch a sensitive spot, are much less recognisable, if at all, in my experience. The full Moon is an exception. I do tend to feel Full-Moon-ish on occasion, perhaps due to a natal Cancer ascendant (ruled by the Moon) but any effect is relatively fleeting. This is why I doubt that effects of an eclipse, Solar or Lunar, upon the individual are likely to be as dramatic as is sometimes supposed. Recognisable? Yes, perhaps sometimes, but not life-changing. That's my current take on it anyway. I could be completely wrong.

I'll have a better chance of putting it to the test next January when a Solar eclipse hits my natal Sun directly within minutes. As far as I recall nothing of import happened on the previous occasion this occurred, or in that year, but this time I'll be watching more closely.


R J Adams said...

Or, it could just be one chunk of rock passing between another chunk of rock and a large fiery thing?

Twilight said...

Could be, RJ! But have you ever driven along a highway listening to the radio when the station fades because you passed through a tunnel or near a high hill - could be somethin akin to that, not exactly, just an analogy you underrstand. Nobody knows, so it's as well to investigate and keep an eye on what happens, in case we might learn something of importance - it's called research ;-)