Friday, August 30, 2019

Updated and Backdated

Quick medical update first: The oncologist and the radiation oncologist I saw earlier this week on follow-up appointments both gave me a thorough "going over", declared me good for a while longer - well, anyway until my next appointments with both I guess; that will not be for 2 months. Perhaps I'll not be shuffling off before then, barring accidents and the unexpected, fingers crossed!

The temporary stand-in oncologist advised, with regard to pills for my pain-while-walking, that I can try using a double dose of the the minimum dose extended release morphine tablets, prescribed in July by another stand-in oncologist. The pills as prescribed had had no effect on my pain, so I just didn't take them and relied on the previous pain pills I'd been using. I'm now trying this new regime, with my old pain pills available for "break-through pain". I'm still not overly impressed with the morphine, the effect so far isn't as beneficial as my usual pain pills, but maybe lasts a little longer. I shall give it a longer testing and experimenting time.

I'm not sure how much longer Learning Curve on the Ecliptic will survive, in view of the fact that I shall have to buy a new computer before January 2020. Windows 7 operating system, which I use, will no longer be supported by Microsoft after that; this old computer has a hitch in its sound system so needs replacing anyway. I'm posting much less frequently than in years past. Survival of Learning Curve, at all, will depend on how compatible I find myself with Windows 10 once I've replaced my old faithful machine and operating system.

It was around this time of year in 2006 that I first jumped into Blogger and tried my hand at blogging. For many years I posted daily, initially about astrology, later on a variety of topics. In 2015 a kind commenter suggested that I should write some posts telling a little about my life. I was wary of doing so at first as it seemed particularly self-indulgent. Ah well, a bit of navel-gazing has never hurt anyone, so I began a weekend series of posts on my own life story. By the end of the series I found that I had actually enjoyed those backward glances.

Thinks: With a bit of filling out, this post could stand for the full week ahead, so...below is a list of links to the 8 parts of that self-indulgent story of my life mentioned above. Any stray passing reader might be brave enough to sample an episode - or two - or perhaps just take a look at the pictures.

Self Indulgence - episode 1
Self Indulgence - episode 2
Self Indulgence - episode 3
Self Indulgence - episode 4
Self Indulgence - episode 5
Self Indulgence - episode 6
Self Indulgence - episode 7
Self Indulgence - episode 8


Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for the update, my friend.

I do worry about you.

As to upgrades, find a whiz like I did when I upgraded many moons ago to the new 8 or 9 (then) who set it up like 7 with some kind of app until I got used to the new configuration. It was a breeze and nothing to be feared.

I sailed on to 10 and chrome with no growing pains at all. And Dr. Google is forever helpful to me still when I have questions about anything not just computers and technology.

I will be come back and read your life anecdotes when all this attention we are getting dies down a bit.

Meanwhile, courage, in the French sense.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Thank you, WWW - you are very kind. :) Yes I think I've read about the way one can get to Windows OS10 using an app involving OS7 - I shall try doing that when I eventually dive in to buy a new computer.

As in "Courage, mon ami, le diable est mort!" :)? I suspect he's currently very busy acting as president and/or prime minister somewhere or other. ;-)

R J Adams said...

Twilight, I think it's important to keep your blog going if you can, if only an occasional short post update on how you are. I'm sure you have many readers who never comment (I know I still have one or two!) but who care about you. I echo WWW - "courage," in the French sense. Win 10 is much better now than it used to be. I've now updated all my computers to Win 10 (two desktops and four laptops at the last count! Yes, I know, but it's a bit of a hobby).
10 is different from Win 7, but for blogging or internet browsing it's just as simple and won't cause you any problems, though you are right to get a new computer with it already installed.
As Mrs RJ is evidence to, cancer is not necessarily the killer it once was. I'm sure you'll be around for a long time yet, so no hasty decisions, okay?
Best wishes to you both. You are in our thoughts.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ I'm sorry I didn't see your comment lingering in "Awaiting Moderation" again, RJ. I often forget to go take a look in there these days.

Thank you for your positive thoughts regarding this blog and its survival, and relating to Windows 10. Husband also needs a new computer with Win.10 installed but he is holding back due to something related to Photoshop. We'll probably both dive in around the same time. He's much better at the tech side than I am. :)

Yes, you're right, cancer doesn't have to be the death knell these days that it once was. At age 80 though, I'd be looking towards the Exit door anyway, so... Still, I hope to be around a little while longer. Avoiding infection this winter will be important - for all of us - but particularly for Mrs RJ and for me.

Warm wishes and "courage" (with proper French accent) to you both from us both RJ. Hugs.