Wednesday, September 11, 2019

What to Write About?

Time to write something - but what to write about? Nothing has changed much since my last update, in relation to medical matters. I have found, after brief experimenting, that medical marijuana tincture - a drop under the tongue, does help to increase my appetite and decrease any feelings of nausea - side effect of my two anti-cancer medications. That's a worthwhile finding - I'd like to put back some of the weight I've lost. No more vaping the MM though, until the current findings about vaping in general are clarified as to whether nicotine or THC (part of marijuana) are involved - could even be both, I suppose. Pain-when-walking remains my main bugbear. Pain relief from my pain medication is good for a short time only, once it has kicked in. Sometimes I think the relief is improving, but not consistently, the following day can bring it back seemingly worse than ever at times. The radiation oncologist said, in regard to this, that bones are not consistent. It's something to watch and note. Perhaps the improvements will, as time goes by, last longer and longer - this is what the oncologist suspects, and I can but hope!

News on a wider scale continues, for me, to revolve around the UK's pantomime known as Brexit, and the USA's pantomime known as President Donald Trump.

Brexit news and the current doings of Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson (aka Donald Trump lite), become more unbelievable by the day - even by the hour this week. I didn't believe anything could possibly make Donald Trump appear to be more presidential - but this week's doings in the UK did it for me! It took a lot though. On President Trump, there's a long-running thread at Quora asking:

I read through most of the thread but found most of the jokes a tad lame. Maybe my sense of humour has been lost along with my weight! This joke was the only one that managed to raise as much as a chuckle:

Trump is doing a meet-and-greet at a crowded venue and his security detail is being extra watchful. One of them is a new guy and he’s extra jumpy.

Suddenly, a gunman bursts from the crowd, aiming his weapon at the President. Pandemonium ensues. The rookie bodyguard screams “Mickey Mouse!!!” at the top of his voice and this startles the would be assassin to the point that his aim is off and the shot goes over Trump’s head.

Some bodyguards wrestle the assailant to the ground, while others hustle the President to safety. Disaster averted.

Later, during debriefing, the head of the security detail congratulates the rookie. Without his quick thinking, he tells him, the President might very well be dead.

“But I’m puzzled” he said. “Why on earth would you yell 'Mickey Mouse'?”

“I’m new”, explained the rookie, sheepishly. “I panicked. I meant to yell 'Donald! Duck!!'”


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, Bob Nicewander here. The only man on the planet who creates progressed lunar returns using the travel of the Moon.

But this post is not about astrology. It is to confess that for some reason I have loved you since finding your blog and to ask if you might try hypnosis to mask your pain. My love is strictly of the platonic variety

I observed a medical doctor gain information from a subject that a psychiatrist had been unable to elicit in 7 years of treating a patient. The material was a guarded secret of incest that a woman had kept to herself for more than 30 years.

I learned how to hypnotize from a paperback I bought in the early 70'sand did work it on 2 people as well as learning self hypnosis. Gave it up as it took more time than I wanted to invest in it to produce in others . The first book I read about it was "Hypnotism" by George H. Estabrooks.

:) said...

Ask your dr for gabapentin aka neurontin rx. It's for movement-related pain and oft used in bone cancer. And if the runs still plague, look into Florastor. BoJo and DoDo inherited the worst of Gemini, which is now ours to suffer and hopefully endure. Likewise they are their own joke, now ours. Sounds as if you are on the mend and soon for Dancing with the Stars.

Wisewebwoman said...

it's hard to find that balance I know. My pain comes and goes and CBD dosage varies and some days are good.

I'm glad to hear you are eating. Keeping up the strength via good nutrition is key.

And keep writing. No matter what.


Twilight said...

Anonymous/Bob ~ I blush! Thank you kindly! I think I remember you from some years ago, Bob, when I used to write about astrology.

Hypnotism? That's something I hadn't considered. I've never been hypnotised - I'd be a wee bit wary of trying it, but I shall Google around for more information and take a look at the link you provided.

Twilight said...

:) ~ Thank you for the suggestion - I shall ask the doctor about the medication you mention when I next see him. The runs are held in check by my current pain pills which cause constipation - now I have the opposite problem from time to time, and have had to make friends with Ducolax. :)

I haven't looked at Boris's natal chart, but ought to do so now. I hadn't realised that he too has Gemini Sun. The Donald is certainly a bad advert for Sun in Gemini - his planets in Cancer provide a peculiar mix too.

Dancing with the Stars? LOL! Moi? 3 left feet!

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Yes, good nutrition is essential - not always easy for a picky eater like me. I've been trying to drink one or two high protein shakes each day, in addition to food, but I've had to give myself a few days off that routine. The hi-pro shakes are so overly-sweet (like most foods in the USA). I was starting to feel nauseous at the thought of drinking another one. Got to get myself back on them soon though.

Thanks, yes, I hope to carry on scribbling bits and pieces - it helps to keep the old grey matter active. Hugs.:)

R J Adams said...

Hi Twilight, glad to hear the tincture is doing you some good. I'm a Gemini, though god knows where my sun is, but I think Johnson is a bad advert for humanity generally. I agree with WWW, keep writing as much as you can manage.
As for Trump jokes, I did like that one, but like you I mostly don't find them amusing. I believe jokes are a way of sidelining just how dangerous the man is to the world. They make silly jokes about Boris Johnson, too, and for a similar reason.
You are in our thoughts, as always.

Twilight said...

Thank you, RJ. Yes I recall, from back in my astrology blogging days, that you have Sun in Gemini. Gemini, like that little girl with a little curl "right in the middle of her forehead" - when those girls - and Gemini's - are good they are very, very good, but when they are bad they are horrid! I reckon that you are of the former rather than the latter types, Boris and Donald belong, of course, the latter type :)

Love and hugs to you, and to Mrs RJ.