Sunday, August 11, 2019

Medical Update MM-Wise

YAY!! I received my Medical Marijuana card on Saturday! We visited a dispensary, bought some tincture, a gummie and a plastic straw filled with "High Honey", as my first-time try-outs. I tried the last-mentioned on Saturday evening - no effect! I did fall asleep in front of TV late evening - but I do that most evenings anyway. This morning I tried a couple of small drops of the tincture (under the tongue), which haven't done anything so far. Finding the right stuff for my needs, and the right doses, will take time. Everyone is so different, useful advice can't really be offered. I'm looking for help with my pain-when-walking and occasional nausea and loss of appetite. Experimentation is recommended, always starting with lowest dose. The woman in the dispensary said to even cut the gummie into 4 and take a quarter only at first - I'll experiment with that later. We shall visit another dispensary, to buy the necessary equipment to do "vaping", the dispensary we visited on Saturday was out of stock. I really do not fancy smoking the stuff, vapor seems like the next best thing.

The past week saw irradiated skin around my chest and under-arm areas peeling away, leaving one painfully awkward raw place under-arm requiring a dressing. I had to seek assistance and advice from a nurse. Glad to say that, with husband's assistance with the dressing, it's now much less raw and improving daily.


Wisewebwoman said...

I do hope you find relief with the experimentation. So glad you got your card. I find CBD helps me but not as much as I'd like. I tend to overdo my mobility so I do take some of the responsibility on myself. Yesterday for instance I overused my spoons completely. So suffering today.

The radiation is causing secondary distress but hopefully that soon, too, will be alleviated.


R J Adams said...

At least you got the card so you'll be able to experiment until you find what's right for you. I don't know if MM is the same as the 'recreational' stuff, but if so the oil is supposed to be quite powerful. I found smoking the best way to regulate intake as its effect is almost immediate, but then that was weed. Using hash in brownies (or any other way to get it into the stomach) can take time to have an effect and can make you feel a bit panicky if you've used a bit too much. It's not so easy to regulate the amount. Oh, dear, I feel like a pusher advising a buyer in a back alley! I can't get used to the stuff being legal. It's taken all the fun out of it! ;-)

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ I'm still experimenting - only effect so far has been experiencing more general sleepiness - and sleeping longer. Nothing has happened that could be described as "a high", or "euphoric"; pain relief hasn't happened yet either. I still have to give "vaping" a trial run - later today - I bought the vaping equipment yesterday. I'll carry on with the tincture tiny drop by tiny drop under tongue. :)

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Thanks for the advice, RJ. I think the medical and recreational are more or less the same stuff - perhaps some blends are just labelled more exactly to fit the healing/medical effects buyers seek.

I bought a cupcake with added ingredient yesterday, ate it half at a time. It was a very nice cupcake, but it sent me to sleep through a big chunk of the evening's TV viewing! :)

I shall be careful with the vaping, it's likely to have an even more direct effect, one secondary to actually smoking it, I suppose.

R J Adams said...

How are you doing, Twilight? This blog has been unusually quiet of late. I do hope you're okay. Thinking of you both.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Thank you for asking RJ. :) I'm okay in general - all things considered, but I think the medical marijuana has been making me lazy. I've been mainly in reading-only mode for a while. Am unsure whether the medical marijuana is doing much that's useful. I haven't experienced any uptick in appetite or lessening of pain when walking - none that I could point to with certainty as being a result of MM anyway. Plenty of zzzs, no highs or other effects so far. A bit disappointing, because it ain't cheap! I must be doing it wrong!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what you're vaping, but some MM is very low or no THC, but high in other cannabinols & terpenes. I'd go for a strain with high THC and cannabinols. If you know your dispensary's inventory, read up online before buying. I agree with RJ: smoking is best. Two tokes of a high grade strain can do it. Here are two sites to use as strain references.

R J Adams said...

You're not likely to get 'high' on MM, it contains much less THC than the recreational variety and is mainly CBD, which has a more 'medicinal' quality. If you want to get high you'll need to nip across the border to Colorado where the recreational stuff is legal, but don't get stopped at the border on your return! ;-)
Taking it easy is probably a good idea and the pot will certainly help you do that.

Twilight said...

Anonymous and RJ Adams ~ I have only today found your comments from 23 August in "Awaiting Moderation" - I've checked there most days since then without finding them so I think Blogger must have been having blips - or maybe I was having blips! :)

Thank you for the advice - which I shall bear in mind. It'd be interesting to experience a "high", though it was never my main intention. Pain relief, and help with loss of appetite and nausea brought on by the meds I'm taking are where I need help. So far haven't found much help via MM. If I take enough tincture to improve appetite it tends to make me unsteady on my feet - I can't risk a fall. No MM has helped the pain so far. I'm continuing to experiment re appetite improvement in relation to dose and timing - maybe I'll get there eventually. :)