Monday, January 11, 2016

Music Monday ~ Your Birthday #1 ?

Inputting one's birth date at this website brings up the title of the song that was #1 on the day you were born. Turns out, according to this (and presumably in the USA) that #1 on my date of birth was Over the Rainbow (Judy Garland).

In Britain, maybe Over the Rainbow was also very popular at the time I was born. Another popular number of the 1930s, had became even more popular when Mitchell Parish added the lyrics in 1938 to Deep Purple. Larry Clinton and His Orchestra recorded one of the most popular versions of the song on 23 December 1938. Featuring vocalist Bea Wain, the Clinton version was a huge hit. Released in January 1939 on Victor Records, the Clinton recording was number one on the U.S. popular music charts for nine consecutive weeks in 1939. It was Adelaide Hall who introduced the song to Britain and recorded it for Decca. Her version was released on 15 May 1939. (See here).

I like the Larry Clinton/Bea Wain version:

On husband Anyjazz's birth date #1 wasSing Sing Sing - Benny Goodman, which as it happens, has been one of his longtime favourite jazz/swing pieces! He likes the longer version, but this one's good for the rest of us, it's from The Benny Goodman Story movie:

What was your birth-day #1?


Sonny G said...

The Thing by Phil Harris

its funny:)

and this was the #1 movie... I always loved this and saw it many times in later years..

Samson and Delilah

thanks for the link Annie.

mike said...

"Goodnight, Irene" by Gordon Jenkins and The Weavers was the #1 song for sales..."All About Eve" the #1 movie. "All My Love (Bolero)" by Patti Page was the #1 song played by DJs according to Wiki.

"Cost of Living 1950
How Much things cost in 1950 Yearly Inflation Rate USA 1.09% Yearly Inflation Rate UK 2.8% Average Cost of new house $8,450.00 Average wages per year $3,210.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 18 cents Average Cost of a new car $1,510.00 Stromburg Black and White Television $249.95 Ball Point Pen 25 cents Samsonite Case $25.00 Clock Radio $59.95
Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Sterling
Average House Price 1,940"

RIP David Bowie...sob, gasp, choke

mike (again) said...

"How Much things cost in 1939 Average Cost of new house $3,800.00 Average wages per year $1,730.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 10 cents Average Cost for house rent $28.00 per month A loaf of Bread 8 cents A LB of Hamburger Meat 14 cents Average Price for new car $700.00 Toaster $16.00 Due to increased number of users Electricity prices have been cut by 1/2 in ten years.

Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Sterling
Average House Price 590"

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ LOL! I'd forgotten about that song - went to YouTube to listen on very low volume - anyjazz having his breakfast some yards away immediately said "Phil Harris? :-)

I used to love those old movies featuring Bible stories. There are no stars with the right charisma these days, so I doubt we'll see re-makes. :-)

Twilight said...

mike + (again) ~ I remember those. :-)

Money values have changed far more than musical values haven't they! Most of us can still relate to the songs mentioned by all 3 of us, but trying to relate to those gas and property prices sends us to la-la land!

Sad news about David Bowie. Jonathan Cainer has a very nice tribute to him up on his front page - do go take a look:

mike (again) said...

Twilight, I see that David Bowie played Nikolas Tesla in "The Prestige", a movie that is not available on Netflix. Have you seen the movie? It sounds good. I didn't realize that Bowie played in that film, but read it this morning in his death announcement.

Sonny G said...

RIP David Bowie.

very talented man in many venues.

I was glad to see my day got a happy , fun song versus some romantic soppy thing lol.

and OMG Victor Mature-- be still my heart:) I agree, no more like him for sure.

my Dad was gaga doe Hedy Lamarr- which is probably why thru my growing up year I saw the movie 10 or 15 times lol

reading Mik'e comment made me think about my first home purchase in 1976- a few coats of paint inside and out, new roof and it was nice,, 11,800.00 . I added a fireplace in the living room and redid the bathroom with extra storage,fenced in the backyard and in 1983 I sold it for $37,000.. during those years the real estate prices really made a jump and I was fortunate to be able to benefit from that.

Twilight said...

mike (again)~ We did see "The Prestige", rented the DVD a few years ago I think.
From what I remember, it was quite a classy production, period piece, but I think it's one I ought to see again. I didn't fully "get it". I do remember being surprised to see David Bowie pop up - don't think his was a very big part in the film though.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Property prices have made some scary leaps and bounds, and a few scary dips and dives. If my parents could have known for what price I was able to sell the small house they left me, they'd be absolutely was I! I had ploughed most of my retirement lump sum into improving it, but that came back to me manyfold. I benefited from fortunate timing; but they themselves had lost from a few dips and dives and unfortunate timings during their many moves over the years.