Friday, January 08, 2016

Arty Farty Friday ~ Luiz Gasparetto's Amazing Ability

Just before Christmas occasional commenter "JD" passed on to me links to information about Luiz Gasparetto. I'd not heard or read about his amazing abilities.

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
(William Shakespeare's "Hamlet")



From - Luiz Gasparetto's natal chart is available there, I've added a chart here too.
Brazilian member of a famous family of psychics. Their mom, Zibia, channels discarnate entities, Luiz channels famous painters and his brother Irineau channels classical musicians. Luiz continued his education to also become a psychologist.

Born on 16 August 1949 in São Paulo, Brazil, at 6.55 AM ("A" rating = reliable)

The Grand trine linking Venus (planet of the arts)in Virgo to Taurus Moon (Taurus is ruled by Venus), and Jupiter in Capricorn, jumps out first from his natal chart. The Grand Trine is in Earth signs, so doesn't immediately lead one to suspect indications of psychic or mediumship abilities. So, what would indicate those types of skills in a chart? I'd expect, at least, prominent Water. Uranus and Mars are in Cancer, but Mars squares Neptune (I'd have expected some softer links to Neptune, but see nothing that helps.)

His Leo Sun and ascendant helped him into the public spotlight for a time; Sun semi-sextiles Venus in Virgo, which could mean that he wasn't always comfortable in the spotlight - maybe.

I don't see anything that immediately fits the amazing ability to channel great artists this guy appears to have - do you?


Sonny G said...


the first thing I noticed is he's a 7.. :) they are most likely of all the numbers to be open to other worlds and entities.. I keep thinking I'll talk about that on one of the saturday posts and then I dont do it..

mike said...

His is an intriguing story...I've read about his talents previously. I'm not sure that astrology can pinpoint the psychic aspect, as his seems to be more in the DNA. It's said that we all have the ability, but the majority of us do not understand or employ the parting-of-the-veil and remain in the mundane world of five senses.

He has two final dispositors: Mercury in Virgo, 1st house of self-expression; Sun in Leo, 12th house of hidden things. Pluto in the 12th is the only planet disposited by the Sun. These two 12th house planets could infer transcendence of the material plane...the Sun in Leo is highly creative. I see his natal Pluto in the 12th as his psychic gift. It connects to Neptune by sextile, to Mercury and Mars by semisextile, and to Moon by square, with these same planets forming aspects among each other...a powerhouse. Had his mother not been aware of psychic phenomena, perhaps his abilities would not have surfaced for utilization.

Regarding Mars square Neptune, this excerpted from Robert Pelletier:
"...Your imagination is so powerful that it can be hard to trust your instincts. ...You're attracted to mysteries and intrigue. ...If an addiction to fantasy is present, you can find yourself constantly chasing a new and more complicated fantasy. It is only when you get into touch with your heart and discover your true desires that you realize that sensations are merely sensations--not deeply satisfying or fulfilling."

I'm curious to know why you accept this individual's psychic talents, but can't put stock in someone like Edgar Cayce who had trance states similar to Gasparetto, where Cayce took no credit (or money) for the information channeled, had a transcriptionist to document the activities, and had an extremely high success rate with the information channeled.

I wonder what he does with his inventory of masterpieces? I have some walls that need some magnificent art...LOL.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ You can talk about 7 any day, any time - please do! ;-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for the additional astrological points.

You asked why do I accept Gasparetto's psychic talents while feeling skeptical about Edgar Cayce's?

Well now...have I "accepted"? I have said that I find Gasparetto's abilities amazing. Whether these drawings are actually coming via instruction from entities in the great beyond, or from his own mental acrobatics - who could be certain? In fact, from my own interpretation of his natal chart (albeit simpler and less expert than yours) I began to suspect the psychic side of his ability. I've grown more cynical in my elder years. I've stopped believing what I used to want to believe. I still think "the truth is out there" - but in a different place. ;-)

As for Edgar Cayce - I've just never been able to accept him for what most people say he was - don't know why - does there have to be a reason?

mike (again) said...

In the day and age of Donald Trump, there need not be a reason for anything...LOL!

Sonny G said...

I have to agree with Mike's last comment.

in fact, I've personally heard DT channel Hilter, Mussalini, and Charles Manson- all 3 of course who were DARK n Brooding in looks. seems that when one is orangatang orange, it doesnt seem as menacing.


LB said...

Twilight ~ Very Interesting.:)

Adding to what you and mike have already mentioned, I'd say his gifts are aided by placements in the three water houses in Grand Trine: North Node/BM Lilith in Aries 8H (other people's resources/gifts), Sun/Pluto in Leo 12H (house of the collective), and Vesta in Sagittarius 4H (his sacred spiritual inheritance). Really, it's a Kite since his South Node is in 2H Libra.

Also, ruler of his 3rd house of communication (representing how, what and from *whom* he receives, processes, then passes along information ~ as well as his *hands*), is 12H Pluto in Leo (creativity/fame) conjunct his 12th house Sun (self), ruler of his Leo Ascendant.

Though my gifts aren't nearly as reliable, ruler of my 3rd is also Pluto and is also placed in the 12th. And I also have a Grand Trine in Fire involving the three water houses which includes my SN in Aries conjunct BM Lilith (a direct way of channeling information). We share a 2H Neptune sextile 12H Pluto too.

I relate to the way he described receiving some of his impressions, as if he's taking on the thoughts and feelings of others.

Sonny G said...


I thought he did quite well explaining how he recieves his impressions.. Thats such a difficult thing to verbally express.. its a Feeling that others can't see or feel, it just IS..
Maybe sometime you could share some of your impressions and how you feel you recieve them.
if ya wanna, I mean:)

Sonny G said...

yes Annie, thank you for saying you'd be interested to hear about 7's or more so, my experience with being one...

its possible there are indications in my chart that relate also- I'll have to go look and see if I can find them.

Twilight said...

LB ~ Many thanks for your take on the astrological side of this. I shall keep an open mind - or try to. :-)

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ If DT is a channel for anything at all I'd say it has to be for unadulterated BS. ;-)

Sonny G said...

I know you've said many time you dont watch the political news shows so I just wanted to let you know that last night at the DT rally in vermont- Bernie supporters heckled him into silence 7 times- woooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo.. I was absolutely cheering.
one group would heckle and he'd have to stop flapping his jaws till they were removed, then he's start blabbing again and another set of Bernie hecklers would get all there were 7 seperate sets of them so it took up at least some of his yap time..also there were Bernie supporters protesting across the street 5 deep and 3 blocks long.. the news made sure they were seen and heard. just wanted you to know:) I have my own candidate but dang I was so proud of those folks...

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ LOL! thanks for the info. Good, good, good for them! Sounds like they had it organised like synchronised swimming! Synchronised DT-gagging! they ought to go on the road and follow him around. :-)

LB said...

Sonny ~ In the second video, I also loved how Leah interpreted the purpose of Luiz' gifts when she spoke of them as being a reminder of the creative, all-inclusive, unending nature of the Divine, which exists within each of us and of which we're all a part.:)

Funny thing, this morning I dreamed I was (symbolically) married to two different men, one of them a dark-haired artist named *Louis*.


Twilight ~ I think DT is a more extreme example of someone giving the collective 'shadow' (or collective unconscious) a voice. Most politicians and leaders do this to some extent. They come into power by appealing to the collective values of their particular tribe.

As far as you keeping an open mind . . . a healthy dose of cynicism can be a good thing.

LB said...

Recently I checked a book out of the library titled, "The Astrology of Family Dynamics" by Erin Sullivan. In it, she describes Water houses as being "the places of ancestral lineage."

The first time around I missed the part about Luiz coming from "a famous family of psychics", which ties in with his Grand Trine of Fire placements in Water Houses.

I found an online chart for his mother, Zibia, who shares a similar astrological signature, with two sets of Fire placements trine one another in Water houses: Mom's 12H Moon in Aries trines her 4H Sun-True Lilith (and Mercury) in Leo ~ and her 12H Mars in Aries (conjunct Ascendant) trines 4H Mercury-Neptune in Leo.

There are other similarities between mother and son's charts. For instance, whereas Luiz' 3rd house cusp is ruled by Pluto, Mom has Pluto in Cancer on the cusp of the 3rd.

Wish we had access to brother Irineau's chart!

Twilight said...

LB ~ Thanks for these extra points. Interesting! ;-)