Thursday, January 28, 2016

Aquarius Sun + Others ?

SUN IN AQUARIUS according to Cyril Fagan - I found the list copied below on a website encountered while searching for something in relation to Fixed Stars. Decided to borrow it, being a Sun in Aquarius native myself.

I've graded each item on a scale of A/B/C :
A means that I find it fits me well or it's what I try to aim for; B = fits only sometimes; C = don't agree at all, in my own case.
? = not sure what this means.

Many of the characteristics listed could apply to any or all 12 Sun signs. The first 3 items, plus # 6, and the one about freedom of movement and action are those I relate to most strongly, regarding my Sun sign. Other 'A' markings are either too general or maybe I'd be inclined to assign them to other planetary placings in my natal chart.

Do any of these characteristics apply to passing reader(s) - either Sun Aquarian or Sun in any other zodiac sign?

A Most “scientific” type: inventive, analytic, delights in investigation and discovery.
A Avoidance of complex systematization (contrary to Cancer). Agnostic, Natural Mysticism.
A Interest in occult and recondite subjects. (Many reincarnationists.) Interest in profound or serious thought.
B Avid reader, absorbs concepts and ideas quickly.
C Highly talented, creative. Very musical (mostly vocal).
A Can judge others and themselves dispassionately, objectively. Takes people for what they are without trying to alter or misrepresent them, without being impressed by pomp, etc.
A race/C class! Ignores barriers of race or class.
A Rarely pretends to be anything he isn’t (yet many excellent actors). Uses vernacular in writing.
A Sense of humor off the beaten track. Cynical at times.
A Strong opinions freely expressed.
A Needs freedom of movement and action. Behavior often seems unconventional but within certain personal bounds.
B Desired responses must be enticed from them, never coerced or forced.
C Often seems to undermine relationships subconsciously (feeling autonomy threatened?)
C Refusal to surrender personal autonomy even in marriage. Healthy selfishness. Need for privacy. Strong resistance to dealing openly with own feelings.
B Hate to be criticized attempt to denigrate the criticism or rationalize the situation with principles.
C Don’t feel they have anything for which to apologize.
A Drawn to group situations, but not joiners except to fulfill a purpose. Socializes selectively (or with a purpose).
B Bad at personal relations. Misunderstood from being insufficiently expressive or demonstrative (esp. in romance).
A Truthful, high-minded, honest, altruistic, generous.
? He will take up and patronize many, and provide them with the means of life. (Firmicus)
B Sounding boards. Ready to lend an ear (less frequently a shoulder). (Hard for them to terminate an interchange, especially when the other person is talking.) Sentimental.
A Wisdom of life, astute judgment of human character. Knows how to appreciate others.
A Convenience Motif. Keeps things frequently used within close reach. Pragmatic.
? PAUL BUNYON motif. Works hard to make life easy.
B Unaffected manner, blasé, apparently easy-going. Such iconoclasts that nothing they do seems unusual to them.
B Seems low key if not tired. (Fluctuating energy cycles?)
B Weak self-image. Plays down own self (self-effacing?).
A Sensitive, easily hurt, can be terribly touchy (but often won’t express the hurt). BWorriers: fear the worst in a strenuous situation. Potentially high anxiety level.
A Money isn’t too important to them: If they have it, they spend it; if not, they go without.
AGravitation toward future. Frustrated if future doesn’t occur the way they anticipate.
AFear of dying before accomplishing what they feel they should. Imposes deadlines on self (then procrastinates).
A Employed in public service [if government service counts].
B Industrious (but difficulty concentrating on anything outside of major interest, specially relationships).
A Family-conscious. Strong devotion to both parents and children. Often family is an impenetrable, inviolable circle.


mike said...

Hhhhhhmmmmmm....did you notice that Fagan's definition-date for Sun in Aquarius is February 16 to March 16? Fagan uses sidereal astrology with the 13th constellation Ophiuchus thrown-in for good measure. I scored similarly to your rankings...hit and miss a couple...LOL.

Twilight said...

mime ~ O heck - no - in my hurry I didn't notice that. :-) Oh well, it was an interesting 10 minutes and a bit of an experiment with sidereal. He really covers all bases anyway.

Twilight said...

mime? I meant mike ! Unless you are, in fact, miming today.

mike (again) said...

Check-out the 13 constellation, sidereal Capricorn page and determine whether the characteristics are fitting to your nature:

Accordingly, I'm Libra Sun according to Fagan. I read the page and it centers predominantly on sex, love, and relationships. I've had my share, but I'm not that centric on those bullet points. I would have a Taurus ascendant by the 13 constellation, sidereal definition, and the description is heavy on the sex. An interesting comment made about Taurus not have a ruling planet...Venus be gone.

I don't see myself characterized by the 13 constellation, sidereal system Fagan purports.

Re - this definition, I'm always miming:
"A form of ancient Greek and Roman theatrical entertainment in which familiar characters and situations were farcically portrayed on stage, often with coarse dialogue and ludicrous actions."

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ No - doesn't fit at all. When considering sidereal, because of my splash chart I usually think it's just emphasis that shifts -e.g. my Capricorn Mercury gives me a little of Cappy bits and pieces but not all of that list!

Mime - doesn't sound like you - online anyway - sounds more like a Republican candidate who shall remain nameless. ;-)