Tuesday, September 08, 2015


The Google logo makeover. I did wonder. This piece offers explanation - boils down to the fact that the new logo's style is easier to scale down for all the small handheld devices now out in the wild.
Article HERE.

Well...this'll put the art forgers out of business - or speed up their output, one or t'other!
Can't say I'm surprised that this kind of thing has become possible, and a reality.
This algorithm can create a new Van Gogh or Picasso in just an hour

A bit of chit-chat on the topic of punctuation marks - how they got their rather odd (when you think about it) names. Hyphen, colon, comma and, of course the apostrophe, that much loved accessory of online punctuation police everywhere.
Article HERE

And...not forgetting to say:


Sonny G said...

Happy Birthday Bernie..

Happy Tuesday to all

mike said...

Google's name change means little to me, though it seems important to Google and its followers. I often forget how over the years, Google has greatly diversified itself from a search engine to become a conglomerate, necessitating a parent company, Alphabet. There is a financial aspect to the restructuring:
"Reorganization of Google into a holding company called Alphabet offers more visibility into the profitability of the core business. It is obvious that Google’s core business has higher operating margins than the consolidated group. This is likely to be easier to see under the new structure, where Google’s core operation has been separated from its non-core entities. More visibility into the core business of Google will enable investors to attach a fair value to Google’s non-core operations, especially the moonshot projects, which can be huge, high-risk bets."

Not surprising that computers are simulating art creations. I think I previously mentioned that IBM's supercomputer, Watson, is designing novel, new foods:

I recently read about a Rembrandt that was purchased and the receipt was used to sell a fake of the same painting:

Given a bit more time, I think punctuation will be a thing of the past, thanks to digital typing and the imposed need to condense words to fit a number-of-characters-allowed format. I often have to analyze the provided string of characters and interpret the text message into readable English that I'm more accustomed.

Bernie has received a decent birthday gift of exceeding Hillary's numbers in some states! I saw on ABC News last night that Hillary was feeling the BERN.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Happy Tuesday back atcha! :-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for the extra tidbits!

Yes Bernie has been doing lots better than many expected - perhaps even better than he expected himself! If he could persuade Elizabeth Warren to be his running mate it'd really put the cat among the pigeons wouldn't it!?

Off topic, but still a tidbit: I received a response this morning from the lawyers dealing with cousin's estate. Astro note: Venus no longer retro, Saturn has moved off exact conjunction to my natal Mars (still just a degree off, but no longer at strangulation pitch. ;-)

The letter answers my queries about my cousin's death, attaching a photograph of him and copy death certificate; with brief info on one major cause of delay of distribution of estate (the tax authorities); estimate of net estate value, and a note that there are a few more beneficiaries than we knew of previously (presumably from Stephen's mother's side). So... the mist has cleared - somewhat.

Anonymous said...

1) I like Google's old Icon ... for bookmarks, and task bars.
-- This multi-coloured Gee doesn't stand out enough.

2) Edward R. Tufte did a page about a glass drawn in many styles.

3) Vive la Reine!!

4) Go Bernie! ...

"gee, gee ... eye, eye"
"punctuation will never die"
-rust always happenz by Standing Old


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ I preferred the previous Google icon/logo. Everything now has to be compatible with everything else, especially if it meant a little extra effort or (more likely) expense, to make two or more different versions of the same thing. ;-/

2)Will have to research Ed Tufte.
3) Indeed
4) Indeed. Full stop. Or as they say in the (ahem) colonies, "period".

Anonymous said...

Edward R Tufte ...



Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Thanks for those links. It's something one tends to take for granted, isn't it - the way information is set out, presented graphically - yet a lot of skill is employed when it's done to best effect. Interesting!