Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Saturn at the Gates of Sagittarius - again

Astrologer Lynn Koiner has a piece

SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS - 2015 through 2017 - a new energy of Fire
A brief snip from it:
....What I am telling my clients is that early 2015 will be a sense of something new about to happen, a new vision and a new direction, but the timing is not right for bolting out of the starting gate. From June through September 2015, Saturn retreats back into Scorpio in the late degrees.

Many will be drawn to go back and finish up issues and projects from the past. We cannot move forward with a lot of loose ends from the past cycle holding us back.

When Saturn is in the late degrees, it is always an ending cycle, a time to end what no longer works in our lives. Once it returns to Sagittarius, according to Jeanne, it will lift the delusions created by Neptune in Pisces. The lessons of Sagittarius are connected with freedom, open-mindedness and truth. Of course, there is a big difference between the Facts and the Truth!..............
Ms Koiner also writes, about Saturn's last Sagittarius transit, from 1985. Looking back in my own history I find that in November 1985 I had just recovered from a major operation (hysterectomy), several weeks on sick leave, was about to go back to work, just as Saturn entered Sagittarius. So, for me it was good - all in all. Maybe I felt the difference as Saturn changed signs due to my natal Mars being "just behind the gate" at 28.54 Scorpio. Saturn didn't leave Sagittarius until early 1988. I've no other stand-out memories from that time. Anyone else have old Saturn in Sag. memories?


mike said...

Waaaayyyyy back then, Uranus was in the middle of Sagittarius, Neptune was fairly fresh to Capricorn, as was Pluto newly in Scorpio. I left the city of my alma mater, where I'd worked after graduation, for the beauty of Albuquerque and its surrounds (it was much nicer back then) and loved it. The fall of 1986 brought a relocation to the Boston area and a great job opportunity. I left a sweet-turned-sour, twelve-year relationship behind, too, which was refreshing and muchly needed. 1986 was a year that my life changed in so many ways, forever altering my future dramatically. A very eventful flow of events proffering halcyon days ahead.

Jupiter in the 10th house and moved into the 11th the middle of 1986, Saturn & Uranus in my 7th, Neptune in the 8th, Pluto in the 6th. The astrology seems fitting to the actuality of circumstances.

Gertrud Althausen said...

I gave birth to a Sagittarius boy in december of 1985 en the next 3 years were difficult years because of his behavior.

Sonny G said...

In '86 I built my first home from the ground up. Talk about exciting and starting a whole new life- wow.. 21 houses later I retired with a paid for rental home , a paid for home I now live in and a small paid for cabin that I built on my great grandmothers land in Cherokee nc. 1986 was a banner year for me that has radically changed my life since then in more ways that I can ever say.
In 1985, I didn't even know I could build anything and by 87' I had an unlimited building license from the state:) Happy Homemaker to Master Builder in what felt like a Nano Beat.. of course there was that little nervous breakdown along the way but yea, it made me even more grateful for the positives in my life.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thank you for your memories - nice to know that Saturn's move into Sagittarius was good for you !

Gertrud Althausen ~ Hi there! Thanks for your contribution. I hope things settled down as your son matured.

Sonny ~ Wow! Radical change indeed! Thanks for your contribution - and congrats on those achievements.