Thursday, May 07, 2015


Cute as wee Princess Charlotte is, I can't work up any enthusiasm for the Royals of Britain (or anywhere else). For any passing reader who can raise enthusiasm there's a post by British astrologer Barry Goddard at Astrotabletalk, and a piece by my favourite astrologer, Jonathan Cainer.
The Royal Family and State of the Nation by Barry Goddard

The New Royal Baby by Jonathan Cainer

My non-enthusiasm spills over into today's General Election in Britain. Should I care who "gets in"? It could affect my two pensions from there a little bit, one way or the other, via ups and downs of currency exchange (GBP/USD).

I guess if I were still living in England I'd be voting Labour - or whatever it's called nowadays, but definitely not UKIP. As for the astrology, Barry Goddard has a post on that also, at Astrotabletalk:
Why David Cameron will be the Next Prime Minister.


Vanilla Rose said...

Gasp! You're not suggesting that Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge is ...

... just an ordinary baby, are you?

Royal DNA! Her blood is blue, unlike that of us lesser mortals!!

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~ TSk task - what was I thinking? Of course her bloodline does include quite a few individuals I wouldn't want to meet in an alley on a dark night. There's that! ;-)

mike said...

A general rule of mine is to not be impressed with anyone that is of economic, political, and-or social privilege. This includes the elite of Hollywood, music, and sports (aka entertainment industry). We commoners are too willing to adore the gilded finials on the edifice, yet neglect the overall integrity of the structure and foundation.

On the other hand, I'm naive to believe that thousands of years of human nature should result in a different prioritization of resources toward basic needs. We love our idols at all cost.

Twilight said...

mike ~ As in our innate draw to allegory, we do have this inbuilt draw to our chosen "idols" don't we? Unless, of course individuals like you (and me - most of the time) make a decided effort to remain unimpressed.

I do have "favourites" rather than idols, chosen for high entertainment value and/or skill. Sometimes I'll name a "hero" (William Morris, Tony Benn) but they are few and far between.

Maybe the human seemingly inbuilt need to idolise comes from man's earliest relationship with the Sun.
The Sun was his...well, everything!