Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Jeffrey Epstein ~ Le Scandale du Jour

I'd never heard of Jeffrey Epstein until reading about the "scandale du jour" at the weekend.
Epstein's Wiki page.

See also:
Salacious new chapter in Florida billionaire’s sex scandal.

And, regarding Prince Andrew's alleged involvement: Prince Andrew to 'move on' after US underage sex claims

It seems the scandal is not exactly new news, but rather re-conditioned news involving some of the not-so-great and not-so-good regularly indulging their lusts with the help of "sex slaves", some of whom are/were under-age. Britain's Prince Andrew's alleged involvement excites the British press, while a few political commentators in the USA are more interested in Bill Clinton's long association/friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton's own reputation, already besmirched enough from past dalliances could, if he's found to be personally involved in any of the reported orgies etc, affect his wife's possible run for the US presidency next year.

I was interested to see Jeffrey Epstein's natal chart...disappointed to discover what a let-down he is to the Sun in Aquarius brigade - as bad a let down as is Dick Cheney. Dang!

Born 20 January 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. Time of birth not known, so chart set for 12 noon.

Sun just 22 minutes into Aquarius - he must certainly have inherited the mental acuity for which Aquarius is known - and has used it to help in amassing his fortune. Is it going to be possible to identify his other "talent" in his chart though - a talent for sleazy trouble? It's interesting that his natal Mars and Venus (symbolically male and female) are closely conjoined - they are in Pisces, ruled by potentially addictive Neptune. Neptune itself is conjunct Saturn in Libra - I wonder if that might indicate Saturn's limitation on Neptune's addictive tendencies (Epstein has spent time in prison in the past and is a registered sex offender).

Other than that, how about these two Yods? One links the Venus/Mars conjunction to Mercury by sextile then all to Pluto (sex, darkness) by quincunx (150 degree aspects). The other Yod links Pluto to Neptune/Saturn by sextile, then all to the Mars/Venus conjunction. Hmm. All the relevant planets are involved, and tell an accurate story. Another good example of Yods "working"!

UPDATE: See also Jeffrey Epstein - Again


Sonny G said...

The birth time set at 12 noon issue, does it mean we cant really know his ascendent? and how that would fill in some of the blanks to how he expresses himself to the public.. also would knowing that shift any of the other important planets / signs// houses in his chart...

also- how did you find those Yods by looking at the art wheel? I'd like to look at mine and see if I have a yod..
I bet the " face reading " experts would have a hayday with that face:) that swarmy look he wears tells me all I'd need to know to keep my distance from him.. its just so ewwwwwwwwwwwwww:(

Sonny G said...

ops - forgot to click on follow-up comments:-)

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Yes, we cannot know his rising sign without knowing his time of birth. Knowing time of birth wouldn't change the sign position of any planet except Moon - though in Epstein's case as Moon as at middle-ish sign, (10 degrees) Aries at 12 noon, it would likely still be in Aries whatever his birth time.
Knowing birth time would shift house positions, yes.

I found these particular Yods by noting degree positions myself. Some Yods in some charts are highlighted by parts of my software, but these were not (don't know why).

LOL! I've just tried (and deleted) three times to explain how to find a Yod in your own chart - but (trying again) if you first look for any sextiled planets - sextile = 60 degrees (or near) - the sextile links planets in Water/Earth or Air/Fire signs - unless they happen on cusps (extra complication!)

If you find a sextile look across the chart to see whether there's a planet in the sign that is one sign away from dead opposite each sextiled planet, and if that planet is around the same degree as the sextiled planets - that'll be a quincunx or 150 degree aspect.

It sounds ridiculously complicated when trying to explain, but it really isn't too difficult once you get your eye in, and note similar degree numbers and get a handle on the Air/Fire Water/Earth combination.

Sonny G said...

thank you Annie..
sorry for the Yod question and you having to type it out 3 times..I'm certain you gave me an excellent answer and the fact that my question is far beyond my almost non existant skill set is my fault..:)
the software you mentioned having- would it be helpful to my learning astrology or would it be again- above me:)
thank you again.
we miss you Mike.. hoping your computer issues are soon solved..

I saw on another site that since the moon changed signs it would be benficial to resolving electronic problems..keeping my fingers crossed for you.

mike said...

Sexual and criminal proclivity knows no bounds, even astrological. Epstein does have some past and present transits that could be interfering with his bid to have his fun. The late 1990s through 2010 had transiting Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto making hard aspects to his natal at various times. Right now, as the particulars are released to the public, the ever-popular Uranus-Pluto square is T-sq his Uranus, transiting Jupiter is on his Pluto, transiting Chiron is on his Venus-Mars, the South Node is somewhere on his Moon, and our last full Moon on Jan 4th was on his Uranus. These transits draw-in the two yods you discussed, too.

Sure...we are all bound to have influencing transits over time, but Epstein had and has more than usual with his splay or splash pattern of planets. The splash pattern in natal charts doesn't allow for much rest between transits! Most of his planets are cardinal, so he's likely to go for what satisfies him with zest. He's a dominant person.

mike (again) said...

Hello, Sonny - I've been here all along, even with computer problems...YOU have been missing, however...LOL. Computer problem solved. As usual, I suspected it was my computer, but turns-out it was my old modem. I didn't figure this out until I had already dumped all software and rebuilt my computer to factory original software installations...still didn't work...took my computer to a neighbor and tried their internet connection (something I should have done FIRST) and found that my computer worked fine on their connectivity. AT&T visited and replaced my modem...the repairman said that he hadn't seen a modem die in slow motion with intermittent good, then bad performance; it's typically off or on...works or doesn't.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Some astrology software would be useful to you as you learn - but maybe the most sophisticated and expensive type would be too much at first. I used to use an old version WinStar software until I had to change computers and operating system. I now have only a very basic version of the same, which for some reason will work on my OS - possibly because it's not complex. I think the newer version of the basic software I have now is Winstar Express V.3

See this website


If you consider buying some software
this is good for a start and isn't too expensive compared to the full progs. Or there is free astrology software available online I think - though I'm wary of any freebies - in case they deposit "stuff" on one's computer or encourage malware - there's no such thing a a free lunch or free anything online! :-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ Yes, I noticed his Uranus at 15 Cancer would have been involved in the infamous square that has been sending flak around for months...also conjunct the Full Moon on Sunday. Thanks for the extra info on past transits to his chart.

He deserves all the flak he'll get - but with his stash of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
he'll probably be able to buy himself out of the worst of it.

Apart from his financial and sexual appetites it appears he could possibly be involved in some way with Mossad and Jewish issues via the Maxwell family - possibly gathering sleazy photographic or video evidence to be stashed away for future use to "encourage" influential individuals to act in certain ways beneficial to him or others.

Sonny G said...

thank you for the link to the program. I will look closely at that site and maybe give myself ::in feb:: a belated birthday present:) I spent my january allowance on a shingles vaccinne. no insurance so paid in full out of pocket.. thats 2 ouchies at once lol..
I dont download any free software for the same reasons you mentioned..you do get things on your pc that you didnt ask for and some of it is impossible to get off without a total wipeout.. scary stuff

mike (again) said...

First they came for the "terrorists" and I said nothing, then they came for the kids and I...


Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I'm not a fan of this expression, but it's appropriate here: OMG!!!


Sonny G said...

yikes. I cant even imagine how those teachers must feel. It just does'nt seem possible that those in power could do this.

Vivi Vox said...

Interesting post!

Have you checked out asteroids?

His Nessus (TAU 14) is rx conjunct his Jupiter (TAU 11) and his Sun (AQU 0) is conjunct his Eros (AQU 1)...

I've just come across your post because I've been checking out asteroids such as Nessus, Dejanira, Child and Eros in famous people's birth charts who have been connected to child abuse cases..

Twilight said...

Vivi Vox ~ Hi there! Thank you for commenting here - it's good to know that older posts still manage to receive eyes on 'em! :)

No, I seldom look into positions of asteroids, as there are already so many variables and imponderables in astrology. Fixed Stars are my only "extra" other than basic Western astrology lore. I am interested in your findings though, and thank you for bringing them to our attention.

Vivi Vox said...

Hey, thank a lot for your the reply :)

I'm new to astrology so me looking at asteroids is just a bit of playing around but I've noticed Dejanira (the vicitim), Nessus (the abuser) and negative combinations of those with Child, Psyche, Lust and Eros (and of course, Pluto, Chiron etc) to be prominent in charts where there are (child) abuse allegations (Pedowood etc).

Just a few examples of some of my findings (planets and asteroids):

POSSIBLE (or known) ABUSERS (note: + means the same as conjunct)

Aleister Crowley
Nessus conj. IC (exact!), Nessus opp. Psyche rx+Dejanira+IC, Mars+Eros+Lust

Bill Clinton
Pluto conj. Psyche sq. Nessus (H8), Child+Chiron sq. Dejanira

Dan Schneider
Nessus rx + Psyche rx, Pluto rx + Uranus opp. Chiron + Saturn, Chaos + Child, Dejanira sq. Neptune

Bob Saget
Nessus + Sun sq. Jupiter, Pluto + Jupiter (near MC) opp. Mars, Eros + Chiron rx


Olsen Twins
Pluto conjunct IC, Nessus in H1, Chiron conjunct Sun, Jupiter sq. Chiron, Dejanira in H8/7 opp. Moon, Child sq. Chiron

Amanda Byrnes
Nessus in H4, Dejanira in H10, Pluto (H6) Opp. Chaos (H12)

Jenette McCury
Nessus rx (SCO 3) + Pluto rx (SCO 0) conjunct IC (SCO 3), Eros + Lust conjunct IC, Dejanira conj. Psyche, Sun sq. Chiron

Marylin Monroe
Child + Lust in H8, Dejanira + Neptune in H1, Dejanira Opp. Moon & sq. Saturn, Pluto conj. Psyche in H12, Chiron conj. Venus

There is actually much more, those are just prominent examples that I (being new to astrology) immediately spotted, and I didn't want to bore you :)

Anyhow, while I'm a little overwhelmed with using asteroids (since I haven't even mastered planet astrology yet), I still feel like they can add important detail to the mix, even if I don't understand them fully as of now..

Twilight said...

Vivi Vox ~ Thank you for these details. At some point, possibly after the festive season, I shall do some research, then write a post on asteroids (and/or centaurs) and direct any readers to your comments here.

The one thing that does bother me a little on this topic is the naming of these bodies, by astronomers I suppose - and the automatic connection to the mythological characters' stories connected to the name. Same thing bothers me sometimes about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - and all the other bodies discovered and named in relatively modern times. I do intend to do some more reading on it. :)

Vivi Vox said...

Hi Twilight! Thanks so much for the reply and your interest :)

I do understand your concerns and in a way I feel like accepting and including asteroids comes more natural to people who haven't studied astrology for very long.. it almost feels like there has been a shift in consciousness between "classical" and well-studied astrologers and a newer generation of people interested in astrology who do not include logic as much but rather go with feelings, images and intuition(?) ... this is not to say, that you or other astrologers who don't use asteroids do not go by intuition
Admittedly, my approach to asteroids (and astrology, in general) is quite top-down and I couldn't for the world tell you any characteristics of the asteroid bodies that justify their supposed astrological meanings. However, I have just accepted the interpretations that I have read (which do stem from their mythological names, like you said) and have discovered that, to me, there seems to be a truth to it.. for instance, even my "name" asteroid is conjunct my birth sun.

It's a bit of a utilitarian approach in the sense "whatever works, works even if I don't know how" (that I usually never follow) but if you think of how for some people astrology forsakes logic altogether, I think setting logic boundaries within astrology is not always 100% necessary (IF something is otherwise functional)
Concerning the aspect of naming the bodies, I do not believe that there are no coincidences and that in the cases of asteroids "nomen est omen"? Or, i. e., did you experience Pluto, Neptune and Uranus to have different impacts from what their traditional meaning would imply? If yes, I'd be super interested to hear about that (I have Uranus conj. Neptune on my AC ;) and Pluto in exact opposition to my sun (altogether in a kite formation including Neptune/Uranus and moon), so I am always interested in hearing about the outer planets :)

Back to topic: I feel that maybe asteroids are easier for people who have started learning astrology after the asteroids have been discovered? I've noticed that most people who are more sceptical have practiced astrology for a longer period of time and people who are quite open are usually very new to the subject. I have also once read the theory that when astrological bodies are discovered, is the exact time they (and their implied topics) come to collective consciousness, so maybe that's why it's easier for the younger generation of people interested in astrology to accept them?
Either way, I don't think there is a definitive right answer as to how important asteroids are. I think it is just different ethics of belief that may be connected to generational aspects, and maybe in a way asteroids defy logic but still work?

Anyhow, Thanks so much and have a great holiday season!

Twilight said...

Vivi Vox ~ I see your point of view - and it's an interesting one. It's late now, but I'll read your comment again tomorrow, and think on it some more. Then I might use your comment in a new post during next week or next weekend. Lots to think about!

Warm wishes for the coming season to you too VV! :)

Vivi Vox said...

Thanks a lot - I really appreciate it :)

All the best x

Vivi Vox said...

Oh wow, I just saw I totally missed it !
I’ve never used Blogger before so I’m not sure how notifications work ..
Anyhow, on to reading your post !

Twilight said...

Vivi Vox ~ :)

Neil Crabtree said...

To my mind the factors that tip his chart are his Mercury square Neptune with his Mars/Venus conjunction at the midpoint of Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury is also Quincunx and contraparrallel Pluto and Uranus, with Moon in assertive Aries.

Sun not well aspected and square Saturn shows someone trying to prove himself and what better way than preying on those less advantaged in years and circumstance.

His ear lobes are attached meaning he is an inward thinker and his 'joker' lips shows someone used to stretching the truth.

He deserves all he gets! We are all born equal and he has abused, used and corrupted this basic understanding.

Twilight said...

Neil Crabtree ~ Thank you for your astro observations. I agree - he deserves all he gets - let us hope what he gets is equivalent to his dastardly wrongs. I doubt that it will be, after strings have been pulled and $$$$$$$$$ have changed hands.

lesley said...

The big mistake in this article is that he is not Aquarius...all research shows he was born early in the morning with sun in Capricorn.

Twilight said...

lesley - Thank you for pointing it out. This post is from 2015, much has happened, and more investigations have been made during that long interval. You will note that I did specify that the chart is set for noon abecause time of birth was unknown - so it can hardly be called "a big mistake" - if people had read the post in detail.