Monday, January 19, 2015

Cycles Will Be Cycles

Keeping in mind the previous post's main theme: fictional attempt to change history, in particular to prevent a corporate oligarchy from permanently establishing itself in the world, for generations to come. If a reliable time travel device were available today, to what point in American or UK/European history would seem to be the most useful stop-off point in the past? Which individual(s) would be the key to prevention of a headlong gallop into global corporate governance?

I don't know enough US political history to be able to answer that in respect of the USA. A simple, obvious but not complete, answer would be to travel back to 2009/2010 when the Citizens United case was being decided in the Supreme Court. Could time travellers influence a change that would reverse SCOTUS eventual decision?

In the UK I'd head for 1975 to try to stop Margaret Thatcher's rise in Conservative politics. With regard to Europe - I have no clue. Europe has always been a complex bag of tricks.

Alright...(fantasising): say SCOTUS decision on Citizens United had been reversed, due to time-travel related intervention. That would have moved us onto a new timeline. But, cycles must cycle on, nature decrees so, astrology records it. Life, whether individual, communal or global, moves in cycles - or spirals. Something else would take the place of the Citizens United decision, a few steps further ahead. Events themselves might be vulnerable to change by time travellers, but nature is highly unlikely to be vulnerable in the same way.

Imagine a stream or river flowing towards the sea. Something prevents it from following its established course; it doesn't suddenly begin flowing backwards, or simply stop in its tracks and become a stagnant lake, it carves out a different route for itself, to reach the same sea.

Fascinating, entertaining and distracting as time travel themes are in novels and films, tempting as it is to imagine there'd be a way to change things, in reality I doubt there would be. Most novelists and screenwriters hint at this. Detail might be changed, course would remain the same.

We, as a species and as a civilisation, warts an' all are probably at exactly the stage we're supposed to be right now, in our place on the developing spiral. The best we can hope for is a smooth and relatively painless transition from one stage of the spiral to the next, when it becomes time for that to happen. A reasonable aim for which to struggle now, I guess, would be to develop circumstances most likely to lead to smoother transition into natural changes.


Sonny G said...

my mentor, friend and teacher always said-- just accept the fact that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at every moment of your life and work forward from there. when I can do that:-) I realize how true her statement/suggestion is.
Depending on our age, many of these issues,we may not live to see their outcome, but I am certain from my own experiences that they will all work together towards that which was meant to be.
I'm not a sci-fi watcher or reader but I did like Quantum Leap, especially the ones based on making sure the lead actor Did'nt do anything to change the original outcome of the situation he had JUMPED into.. which reminds me,I need to see if that series is available on netfix as I would love to watch them all again..
Happy Monday Folks~!

ps- Annie , where can I see a birthchart for Bing Crosby?

mike said...

As you say about UK's Thatcher inducing a conservative front, the USA had her BFF, Ronald Reagan doing the same.

Our past and present obviously produce a future from our perspective. I believe it was John Townley that described the future as always pulling the past and present to it...the future creates the present and the present created the past. The subject of free will and choice complicates this view, depending on each individual's preferred belief.

Right now, I can use calculations of planetary placements at any point in the future and see the effect it "could" have on myself or global conditions, getting from here to that point in the future. It's much easier for me to understand my past when I view the astrology retrospectively, as that past is written. Perhaps the future is indelibly written, too, or maybe it's penciled-in and amenable to changes.

BTW - I watched three episodes (season one) of "Black Mirror". I wouldn't call it scifi as much as techfi or something. I thought the episodes were fantastic! Each episode is independent...doesn't require viewing in order. Episode 3 was superb, but 1 and 2 weren't far behind. I'll watch season two tonight probably.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ I loved Quantum Leap too. I have a DVD or VCR of a couple of episodes from the series. One of the best series of its time, I always thought.

Birth chart for Bing - there's one + alternative at,_Bing

Click on small images for bigger versions.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Yep, Ronnie and Maggie have much to answer for.

My theory is that the future is amenable to change - but in detail only. We're goin' where we're goin' - exactly how we get there mightn't be set in stone though.

SNAP! We watched 3 episodes of "Black Mirror" too (thanks for the hint about it). I enjoyed the first two, didn't like the third story as much, though husband thought that one to be "good sci-fi".

The stories remind me of "Twilight Zone", or a book of assorted short stories.

Sonny G said...

thanks Annie..looks like a bit of confusion as the accuracy of date..