Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Mini-rant, election-wise

I'm not sure my blogging muscle is fully cranked yet, but it is possibly heading the rest. I'm still a bit wobbly in general, but feeling loads better than for the last 5 days. This morning I feel the need for a slight rant.

Ye gods!!! What is wrong with Oklahoma? I'd understand a tribe of Hottentots in the farthest reaches of the jungle better than I understand the way this lot think.

They re-elect a state governor, Mary Fallin, who refused to allow the assistance the Affordable Care Act offered for Medicaid in the state, for instance. Maggie Thatcher was a saint as compared to her.

They re-elect Jim (global warming is a hoax) Inhofe - who, his pockets filled by the oil and gas industries, seems happy enough for for his grandchildren to have to deal with results of climate change after he has shuffled off. Looks as though he'll now be leader of some darn military-related committee too, as the GOP have taken the Senate

Even in the minor, very local, leagues, where you'd think people might understand things more clearly, for instance, in our district of OK (4) two judges were up for election. The very concept of the public electing judges is ridiculous, to the English in me anyway. One of them had taken contributions from other lawyers (which, to me is corruption, collusion). He had beaucoup advertising : billboards, TV, flyers, mailing, phone calls, etc. The other came door to door, with just a few signs on peoples front yards, and had taken no contributions. Husband spoke to him at the door and they discussed how wrong those lawyer contributions were. "It's not right, but, unfortunately, it's legal", he said. I'm glad I'm not likely to be coming up in court any time soon!

The whole system is corrupt, top to bottom. Regarding the national result: what can I say? I feel sorry for President Obama (strange feeling for me!)


anyjazz said...

Our remaining hope seems a bit desperate but it's hope. I hope the republicans, euphoric over their ill gotten wins, go over the top with their money grubbing, self centered ways and demonstrate in short order just how insensitive they can be. Maybe a glowing, over-the-top demonstration of their greed will be enough to wake their constituent victims to their criminal activity and change the course of things by next general election.

Sonny G said...

I have been so upset with the american public's lack of knowledge or caring in the past that election time would make me physically sick.. so go easy Annie and dont let their stupidity cause you a set back.
you ask- what are they thinking and the only answer is- THEY ARE'NT..

its all about greed and kickbacks in the upper realms and bible thumping in the lower.. I live surrounded by both and if I was reclusive enough, that fact doesnt allow for much of anyone to talk to around here. Luckily its a gated community so I didnt have to see the repub signs every time I stepped out the door.
a good friend of mine lives near Moore, OK and she is livid this morning. NC is no better. ignorance runs rampant here also.

mike said...

Yes, I'm a sore loser today, too...LOL. However, I anticipated the election results. Republicans are much more organized and come-out in far greater numbers than Democrats or "other", particularly during, it's no surprise that the Republicans had their glory. What keeps non-Repubs from voting???? Photo ID laws newly enacted???? I agree with anyjazz...we'll become even more over-dosed on the Repub issues and lack of empathy toward everything except money, fetuses, and "Christian values", so maybe in 2016 there will be major change. I'm not too excited about the Democrats, either...there was plenty of potential discourse, but most Dems simply dissed their opponents, not the issues. I trust a few of the Dems feel embarrassed today for distancing Obama, as it did them no favors and they may have some retribution over the next two years.

At least the election results were disgusting enough to re-invigorate you, Twilight! I'm glad to see you back at your command post...LOL. You'd better start eating some food.

James Higham said...

Great result, wasn't it? Pigeons coming home to roost? It seems America has had enough of the left.

Twilight said...

James Higham ~ I'll not leave THAT observation without come-back for a moment longer!

The USA hasn't known "the left" for - I don't know - but longer than I've been here. They don't know what real "left" is.

It's okay for you lot in the UK with NHS, housing assistance, etc suchlike when you fall on hard times.
Few there actually know hard times such as there are in parts of the US -"Land of the (so-called) Free".

There may be a few there in the UK who have to work two or more badly paid jobs to keep food on the family table, but they have all kinds of other help. Here there are tens of - maybe hundreds of - thousands of such people and families, in addition struggling without healthcare still in spite of Obama's ACA.

That's just for starters.

When the REAL pigeons come home to roost here, it'll be a huge huge flock - and that'll be the day decent people will be able to celebrate.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ It's a possibility, for sure.
We have to be able to see some kind of silver lining.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Yes, either they are not thinking, they do not know how to think, or they are brainwashed. :-(

Twilight said...

mike ~ Did you ? I kind of though thing might remain much as was - which was bad enough. Cannonfire, where I checked yesterday predicted this too.

I don't understand why people won't vote. this mid-term especially when holding the Senate was in danger.

I hope Obama comes out with something to make a mark soon. I hope this will put some more fire in HIS belly.

LOL! Yes, they did reinvigorate me mentally - made me mad as hell!
I am eating at least one small meal a day now, and one or two bites in between. This is last full day on anti-bio and anti-fun. Partial dose pills for tomorrow. Next week I hope to re-make the appointments I had to cancel re my foot.

LB said...

The so-called progressive "Left-Coast" isn't immune to the illusion either.

Sorry to disappoint you Twilight, but I didn't vote. I've given it a lot of thought and though I don't rule out the possibility in the future (especially if there was some meaningful law or measure up for a vote), at this point I choose not to support our current corrupt and broken, lesser-of-two-evils political system.

Maybe as a collective we're not nearly as evolved as we think we are and our elections reveal more about our 'shadow' than most of us are willing to face. When and if we change and heal as a collective, our systems and results will naturally reflect that as well.

The following quote from a very interesting article I found online kind of sums it up for me:

"Jung wrote that “…the normal person…acts out his psychic disturbances socially and politically, in the form of mass psychosis like wars and revolutions."

In addition to the various 'wars and revolutions' Jung referred to, we might also add 'elections'.

Here's the link to the full, very meaty and thought-provoking article:

I missed you Twilight! So glad you're feeling a bit better.:)

Twilight said...

LB ~ I do understand your feeling on elections. I felt a little that way in 2012 but decided to vote Dem down ticket and just leave the President line blank because we had only Obama and Romney from which to choose.

Dems will have to sharpen their pencils or become defunct in time. As someone in commentary on a piece elsewhere, in a comment: "You can't beat something with nothing".

You could be right about some collective malaise. I see it more as a collective brainwash/manipulation which has taken many decades in the perfecting.

Thanks for the link, I shall read it shortly.

Thank you! I'm improving gradually. By weekend should be firing on all cylinders. ;-)

James Higham said...

Was wondering how you'd rationalize that one, Twilight. Obama has pure Marxist roots, as well as putting forward left-liberal big-spend, big-debt policies which actually ruin the very people they;re meant to help. Can't get much more "true" left than that.

A similar thing happened in Britain - the left's darling, Blair, came in and did precisely what champagne socialists do. Reaction? Just as with Barry now, the left disowned him and called him of the right, saying none of the policies were"true" leftism.

Actually they were. The whole basis of leftism is statist solutions, ban things, bring in Ebola czars, offer bureaucracy to solve problems.

Socialism has never worked in any nation because of one simple fact - it is a false construct, it doesn't take into account the reality of how people live.

Leaving that aside, as you know, my main beef is not the left itself in its naivety but Them, including Obama, including Bush and Dimon, Soros, the Kochs - and these are the people behind the scene running things.

Would Romney have been better? No - he is a perfect example of a CINO. Ron Paul is far more conservative than any of them.

Until those people behind the presidents are got out, when socialist solutions are finally seen for what they are and people get back to simple principles such as working provides money for the family and businesses small and medium provide work, then we'll get nowhere.

I admit I did do a wind-up about the mid-terms but there is a serious point to it too. Obama was ready to unleash, in his last two years, legislation to further decimate the nation. Now he can't.

I'd have said the same if Romney was in and discredited. In those final two years, the Pres has nothing to lose and it's necessary to have an opposite legislature to stop him.

So, now towards 2016. Hillary? Decimation. Rand Paul? Will never get past the CINOs.

Twilight said...

James Higham ~ I was not rationalising. You have not lived here, I have lived in both UK and USA for long enough to "get it".

Socialism wouldn't work here - I'm not THAT daft!

Obama is no different from the Republicans - he's Republican-lite at best. If he ever had Marxist roots they've been hacked off or withered away.

No idea about 2016. I'll not vote for Clinton. I'd vote for Al Gore if he'd run, at least he'd address climate change with some vigour - but then, I think you're another of those climate change deniers aren't ya! Hmmmmm.