Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Matters Astrological

In most essays and articles there's usually a paragraph or two, sometimes it's just a sentence, which remain etched in our memory after the rest of the article has morphed into a general impression of its subject matter. Here are two examples of this, from my own experience. I've returned to these two articles again and again; always the points made in these extracts "hit the spot" for me. It has not escaped my notice that both articles are around 15+ years old. I often find that articles from that time seem to correspond more with my own feelings about astrology. Maybe it's because Uranus was in Aquarius at the time they were written, and my Aquarius Sun finds itself in tune with them.

This from William D. Tallman's article Another Approach to Astrology

There is an astrological "mechanism", a function, if you will, by which celestial configurations are linked to terrestrial phenomena. Although it would be easy to assume that this function is of a cause-effect nature, it seems prudent to avoid doing so. The reason we know that the function exists is because it is necessary to use an ephemeris to practice astrology, which means that a knowledge of the celestial configurations is primary to the process. If this were not true, then a random sort placement of the planets, etc. would serve dependably, and if the tradition of astrology has any validity at all, this is not the case.

That we are a part of the astrological mechanism, in that the phenomenon functionally includes us, is a matter of apparency; I think we can accept that as a basic assumption. If this is true, then I would suggest that it is reasonable to expect that some people are directly aware of that function, as they are a part of it. It could well be that a close study of that awareness might yield some insights, and so I would recommend it as one avenue of investigation. We are not dealing with astrology here, we are dealing with a sensibility of the function of the mechanism itself; it is fortuitous that some of those who are sensible also possess the ability to use the astrological construct.

If we think about sensibility of the phenomenon itself as a function susceptible to internal experience, then we can easily imagine a range of sensitivity, bounded on one end by a virtual lack of any sensitivity and on the other to some degree of complete and detailed consciousness.

One thought from an article titled The Stars We Are by Richard Smoley, from the Winter 1996 issue of Gnosis magazine (no longer published, I understand).

......the elusiveness of proof for astrology suggests that planetary influences play themselves out in different ways for different people; some astrological influences may not even make themselves felt at all in your life. By pursuing your own inquiries, you'll know what effect the planets have on you.

What has remaied with me from these two extracts is something I've always felt conscious of naturally, something perhaps wired in to my own psyche - that astrology IS part of some kind of mechanism, and that there is an "astrological sensitivity" which some people have and some don't. It must be something akin to the ability to carry a tune, or an exact colour, or being ultra sensitive to light or sound. William D. Tallman does go on to say that it's possible that those died in the wool skeptics about astrology could possibly have high sensitivity to it, but due to other parts of their personality the sensitivity is turned against the subject. I'm not sure that I agree. but it's something to consider.

The sentence from Richard Smoley's piece is a simple statement about a point that is often forgotten, and underlines the fact that nobody knows us as well as we know ourselves.


mike said...

Well, astrology hasn't kept pace with mathematics and science. Astrology is still in the age of geometry developed over two thousand years ago. I've commented several times in previous posts that astrology needs to be brought forward to current mathematical applications and techniques required to process huge variables, with research containing statistical evaluations. Once astrology was separated from astronomy, astrology was left behind with sparse modernization. However, astrology is sufficient in its archaic, geometric form to yield appropriate results. A building can still be constructed using only geometry, but modernization requires a contemporary, structural-mechanical engineering consideration...the same mathematical modernization would be beneficial to astrology. Astrology is just now considering the continuous circle to actually be a spiral traced through space and time, always advancing, never a constant circular loop.

I had use of Solar Fire software until my computer crashed a couple of years ago. I used the synastry portion to evaluate past platonic acquaintances and long-term friendships, and past romantic relationships, if I knew the birth information. I was astonished at the accuracy of the predicted relationship...very accurate. Software has its failings, but it does allow for consistency in interpretation. The computerization of astrology has been limited to chart construction, several techniques, and interpretation. It hasn't kept-up with the ever-expanding computer applications found in other disciplines.

I think that financial astrology has received the greatest research and has been successfully applied to the financial markets in terms of predictive veracity. Raymond Merriman has received numerous awards for his ability to predict market timing utilizing astrology. He supposedly has a large client-base of non-astrological financial investors.

As an analogy to your topic today, this reminds me of my grandfather's ability to farm. He understood the natural cycles of raising animals and produce. He took tremendous pride in his soil and how to constantly enrich it...the animals waste and crop residuals fed the soil...enriched soil fed his crops...enriched crops fed his family and his animals, completing the circle. He naturally controlled pestilence and disease. He could interpret the weather patterns, short and long-term. He was part of and understood his position in the cycle of life and time.

Our current existence on this globe depends more and more on artificiality and stepping away from inherent, natural motions that have sustained all life since the beginning. It's becoming more apparent all the time that humans have a tremendous failure conceiving our true place in this natural world, to which astrology is part of the comprehension of cycles, change, and correct timing.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I'm sure you're right about the need for more modern mathematics and science in astrological research. Maths and science both spin high over my head, though.

I suppose astrology has lagged behind because anyone with the skills, equipment, and funds (not usually the astrological community) still consider astrology to be utter garbage for the gullible masses.

Yes, your grandfather had an innate aptitude - or as some describe it, "a gift" for farming...and no doubt a deep and abiding love for what he did. I don't know whether the astrological "sensitivity" Wm. D. Tallman describes is a similar thing, but if not quite, it's a near relative. :-)

Sonny G said...

Just my humble opinion of course, but I have long though far more intellectuals and corporations have used astrology than we will ever know about. They keep it high secret so THEY can use it to control the gullible masses to their own use.

My Papa Bob was like yours Mike. He understood the earth, wind, air and water in an innate way that I will never be able to. My Nana also had that ability and together , their ground and animals were tended and never failed to make year round food for their own table and lots to give away.
as for folks being senitive to the vibrations in the air- I think many are but turn away from it and call it just their imagination.. Some have actually told me their thought GOD would get made and punish them is they talked/learned about any of the mystic arts..
to which I always answer---
once 3 wise men heard a voice in the sky and it told them to follow a particular Star and they did..
so I too follow the stars for they have a message for Me.

Sonny G said...

"Mad" not made:) sorry

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Thanks for your input - good points! :-)

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