Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering Again

Princess Di's death, JFK's assassination and 9/11, all spawned major conspiracy theories; a slew of other incidents, accidents and tragedies did too. In early instances theories travelled mainly via subversive magazines, some newspapers or TV programmes. With wider availability of the internet by 2001, conspiracy theories on the events of 9/11 spread ever wider, ever deeper.

Would an astrological configuration relate to conspiracy theories? C.E.O. Carter's Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology is of no help in this; there's no entry under "conspiracy" or "conspiracy theory". I doubt that it was a term in common use when his book was first published in 1924. Something in the communal consciousness must have shifted between then and now - in line with the developments in technology and communications.

A generational quirk? A good bet for starters would be the Neptune in Scorpio generation. Neptune represents imagination and mystery. Scorpio represents secrets, paranoia and death. The generation born between 1957 and 1969 (now aged mid-40s to mid-50s) had it in them to dream up, or expand upon a creative idea with a touch of paranoia thrown in - the conspiracy theory - and have it (in today's terms) "go viral". This particular generation may be, or have been, instrumental in spreading the theories and nurturing them.

Back in 2014 now.... quoted at Counterpunch yesterday in a piece by Cesar Chelala: An Unlearned Lesson from 9/11
Rami G. Khouri, a contributing editor to the Beirut Daily Star, and a keen observer of international politics recently wrote, “Dear Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden and Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom: before you launch a new global war on terror and another coalition of countries to fight ISIS, please note that the last three decades of your global war on terror have sparked the greatest expansion of Islamist militancy and terrorism in modern history. This partly, maybe largely, because your military actions in Islamic lands usually destabilize those lands, allowing your enemies to organize and take root, and also provide the greatest magnet that attracts mostly fringe and lost young men to give meaning to their lives by joining what they see as a defensive jihad to save Islamic societies from your aggression.”
But the beat (of war drums) goes on...and on.


mike said...

Governments and their people are not exactly known for explicit truth-telling...always at least two sides to everything. And we can't leave corporations out of this allegation, either. Too many businesses have altered reality in the name of profits.

In my lifetime alone, many historical factoids have been discredited. One that comes to mind is the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led the USA into the Vietnam war and the fight against communism...USA alleged our warships were under attack, when nothing actually occurred. Bush-Cheney's weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, with Rice's statement of smoking guns being mushroom clouds. I've seen the videos of the World Trade Towers coming down and I would have to say that suspicion may be warranted. The Pentagon's accounting section received one of the planes on 9-11-2001, at the same time an audit was occurring to determine where 2.2 trillion dollars went missing (, all documents were convenient.

My mother was an avid Art Bell follower of his late night radio broadcasts of every imaginable conspiracy theory. My mom would tell me some of Bell's latest theories...I'd roll my eyeballs...a couple of years later there would be some vague revelation in the news confirming her-and-Bell's declarations.

We call them rumors and conspiracies until proven otherwise...LOL.

“Coincidence is merely the puppeteers’ curtain, hiding the hands that pull the world’s strings.” Kaleb Nation, Harken

mike (again) said...

A number of years ago, a friend and I were discussing "the truth" what point does the truth transform into a lie or non-truth? Often, individuals tell the truth, but not the whole truth, due to omissions and subtle word choices. I can't remember our exact summation, but I think it was: the truth turns into a non-truth when the recipient alters their thinking or actions based on the misrepresentation of the truth.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Well, yes - the evidence we have, that those in power will lie barefacedly to progress their otherwise unpopular agenda, offers a tantalising prospect that conspiracy theories could be true, at least in part. This is exactly why the theories hang around for so long and seem to become more feasible with every next lie - on any issue.

An inner alarm bell rings for me when theories become too outlandish though, especially those put forward by media personalities who make their living by peddling such fantasy.

(again) - Yes, I agree. It's often what's not said (and should have been said), in an otherwise truthful speech, that can change truth to the hidden lie, once subsequent actions reveal the crafty omissions.

LB said...

My Neptune is in Scorpio and I'm not much into most popular conspiracy theories. Maybe because my Saturn in Sagittarius sits at the midpoint of my chart's Scorpio-Aquarius square and helps to ground my search for the Truth.

On the other hand, I do believe people in power frequently twist the truth, opportunistically using terrible circumstances to advance their own secret agendas.

Twilight said...

LB ~ It would always depend on the rest of the chart as to how members of Neptune in Scorp generation react to conspiracy theories, as you demonstrate. :-) But if all else were amenable there could be fertile ground there for growth of theory/fantasy.
It was just a thought, and there are probably many other combinations of planetary positions which would do the same.

Yes, we know that we cannot trust those in power to always be as open as possible, and truthful, with the public. That fact then acts as fertiliser for any conspiracy theories. If we could trust the powers that be, even half of the time, more of those theories would be DOA.

mike (again) said...

Twilight, I'm thinking the colloquial British language is a conspiracy...LOL.

"Ah, brilliant! Been havin' a butcher's for your flat all day, mate. Thought I'd cocked summat it up! I'm well knackered, I can tell you! I could do with a bevvy and a kip.

...Plus some bloke diddled me brolly in the queue for the khazi back in blighty."

From the "Get Fuzzy" comic strip for September 11th:

LB - I'm not sure that any particular individual's chart aides or prevents actual conspiracy or conspiracy theories. You are saying that you scrutinize reputed conspiracy theories more heavily than most...I think. There's much that occurs without our knowledge or ability to weigh the evidence or actual facts. Think of Edward Snowden's big reveal about the NSA. Michael Jackson, Jimmy Savile, and the priests. The Bilderbergs. The Enron screwing-over little ol' ladies in CA. Too many examples to provide here.

Deception is part of the human game.

mike (again) said...

Now-a-days, we don't call actual conspiracies by their name...our legal system allows mega-corporations (think banks and GM) to pay huge fines without admitting "wrong doing". Our governments call it "acting on mis-information" or "The PATRIOT Act".

LB said...

mike ~ I don't know that I'm any more likely to scrutinize conspiracy theories or not.:) My point was that in spite of my Scorpio leanings, *I* don't happen to put much stock in the few I'm aware of. Most folks I know don't seem to either, though I realize there are intelligent people who feel they have good reason to believe otherwise.

There's no question deception and corruption play a big role in our world. I agree with you, there's a whole lot going on behind the scenes!

Twilight said...

mike ~ Well me ol' cock sparrer, I see you've been dipping into the Cockney for 'Muricans phrase book.
That's for southerners. Where I come from we'd be saying "Eee by gum lad, tha's doin' a reet good job theere commenting on yon owd lass's blog."