Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An Independent Scotland? Will auld acquaintance be forgot?"

It's hard to know what to say about the upcoming referendum in Scotland. The people there will vote on 18 September whether Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom or break away to become independent. I can see the "yes to independence" voters' reasoning, with regard to political matters. Scotland leans left, while they see England and Wales (or England anyway) as leaning right, so the Scots majority object strongly to having mainly right-wing policies foisted upon them (join the club!) This might be a piece of propaganda, as it relates to most of England, especially England north of the midlands.

What the Scottish people are using as an English stereotype is the class-conscious, toffee-nosed home counties (a wide area surrounding London), along with a majority of southern and south-western English. Up North it is (or was in my 60+ years there) a different scene.

Fantacising here - instead of Scottish independence, there could have been a vote on Scotland and Northern England together seceding from the south of England. Northerners and the Scottish have much in common, to my way of thinking. They had mining, shipbuilding, fishing trawlers, heavy industry etc. in common; much, or all of that in some cases, now lost.

It's none of my business now, even though I'm still a UK (dual)citizen officially. I'm unlikely to return. The thought of Scotland leaving the UK still hurts in a way. Silly, I guess. What also hurts, and also is silly of me: I get angry at some of the comments thrown around by Americans on this issue. Americans who have Scottish ancestors love to rail on about historical English brutality, but completely forget that the Scots were a very warlike and war-loving breed themselves. In this they quite probably outstripped the English. In any case, what the heck the dubious history of centuries past has to do with this referendum quite escapes me.

Scottish Independence. Wouldn't a better plan have been to vow to start a combined British political mass movement to try to overthrow the southern element which many English dislike as much as the Scots do? Did nobody even consider such a plan? Are Brits as fast asleep as Americans are on this front? We, the ordinary people of all nations, need to stick together, not fall apart. Divide et impera (divide and conquer) - that's exactly what the world's oligarchies are after.

My favourite comment, so far on this topic was a one liner from one "Tralfaz Wizard" (don't recall exactly where):
In the larger scheme of things it seems kind of like switching bridge partners on the Titanic.


mike said...

I was surprised by this divide when it first popped-up. I thought it would go the way our California and Texas secession discussions went: all talk and no walk. Several prominent astrologers have chimed-in with their opinions, too.

Maybe it's all hyperbole for control of the Queen's Stone (Coronation Stone). There's a coronation in Britain's near future. LOL.

Our current astrology doesn't favor groups or conglomerates. The eurozone, whether members or currency, is on shifting ground and will probably affect the global currency standard. China and Russia have long waited for this day and may be silent backers to the UK-Scotland conflict and the euro-separatists. European nations want their independence once again.

I've always thought it strange that London is the seat of the global banking system. I believe that the financial sector melt-down in the USA had its roots in London. The USA put a face on the recession, but the London banking system pulled the strings. Add the Institute for the Works of Religion (aka Vatican Bank) reluctant reform recently, and there is obviously something amiss. Most hold the view that the UK is the little brother of the USA, but I think it could easily be a mirage with the USA catering to UK.

I wonder what becomes of the pound-silver notes to Scotland if the secession is realized. Scottish nationalists have long wanted independence from the Bank of England. The notion of legal tender has been obscure to the Scots for some time.

I haven't indulged in years, but I love a good scotch on the rocks...hope that doesn't change.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I doubt they'll remain royalist for long if the Scots do get their independence, unless they decided to crown their own monarch and would need the Stone of Scone back. :-)

So many complexities, on several fronts, will arise if the break comes. There'll be years of wrangling, muddling and no doubt plenty of funny business going on too, by both sides.

Talk about opening Pandora's box!

Don't know how a split might affect availability/price in the USA of what is also my favourite tipple (Scotch - but no icy rocks, that'd be sacrilege!) ;-)

mike (again) said...

Scotland has the Stone of Scone. There was a program on PBS recently, "Secrets of Westminster" that told the story of the stone and its theft in 1950 by four mischievous college students.

"On 3 July 1996, it was announced in the House of Commons that the Stone would be returned to Scotland, and on 15 November 1996, after a handover ceremony at the border between representatives of the Home Office and of the Scottish Office, it was transported to Edinburgh Castle."

Twilight said...

mike ~ Really? Hmm well, I missed that news from July and November 1996. Back then I'd have had other things on my mind, and likely wouldn't have been reading many newspapers, probably still had no TV. We'd lost everything in a fire a few months earlier.

Glad they have it back. :-)

David Macadam said...

Hi! Well I still live in Scotland so have seen both the campaign itself and the media take on it. Frankly you'd be forgiven for thinking it was two different countries. The actual campaign has been passionate and engaging with everyone talking about it. And I do mean everyone. Its all over the office in the pub even with complete strangers. But it has always been civilised. People disagree but they are not hitting each other. Its almost festive. Yes its divisive (arent all good elections in that everything gets a good airing?) but not angry. If we go Independent on Friday morning (not hugely unlikely but I'd say its a no) expect a bumpy ride but if we say no watch as the UK Parliament renages on the concessions given this week. If you are looking for fireworks that is when they will come.

Twilight said...

David Macadam ~ Hi David - nice to see you've survived your move!

Thank you for your input as a "man on the spot". I'm pleased to know that, so far, nothing nasty has broken out among friends and neighbours there.

It'll be fascinating to read about results and the aftermath, I'll keep an eye on your blog for updates.