Thursday, September 25, 2014

Killing for Fun in Oklahoma & For Other Reasons Elsewhere

Sometimes, a lot of the time, I absolutely hate this state, its dreadful senator, James (global warming is a hoax) Inhofe, its backward politics, its ultra-religious leanings. I love the land itself, I love to "watch the hawks making lazy circles in the sky". I'll also watch pigeons, a less dramatic species, but still co-inhabitants of this planet. They can be pests, in certain circumstances and so can humans. Pigeons have, historically, been of great use carrying messages in war time. These birds do not deserve to be used for live target practice for the amusement of humans who seem not to have progressed far from primitive European ancestors.

Watch the short video at the link! SEE HERE

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe is facing criticism from animal rights groups over a fundraiser he held earlier this month in which live pigeons were thrown into the air for participants to shoot out of the sky.

Illinois-based Showing Animals Respect and Kindness released video on Tuesday that shows dozens of pigeons being killed by shotgun wielding participants, including Inhofe.

Capt. Tony Woodruff of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's law enforcement division says live pigeon shoots, while not common, are legal in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma deserves better, but a majority its people are too brainwashed or wilfully ignorant to do anything but re-elect their horrendously inept senators and governor. Fallin and Inhofe will be voted back in. Nothing will change.

In other news : an excellent piece this week from one of my early US heroes, Dennis Kucinich:
The Real Reason We Are Bombing Syria

He ends his piece thus:
In foreign policy, the administration has failed. Congress has failed. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties have passed the national checkbook to their patrons in the war contracting business. And passed the bill to future generations.

The American people, who in 2008 searched for something redemptive after years of George W. Bush's war, realize in 2014 that hope and change was but a clever slogan. It was used to gain power and to keep it through promoting fear, war, the growth of the National Security state, and an autumnal bonfire of countless billions of tax dollars which fall like leaves from money trees on the banks of the Potomac.


Sonny Gianetti said...

home of the::

1. Bubba type republican 87% of the state
2. Bible Thumpers are Us
3. University of the Terminally Illiterate
4. Mind-Closed until further notice
5. Holy Roller Sunday-bring your own
6. Turkey Neck wringing contest every Thanksgiving morning..
7. Prepper Reunion oct.8-yearly
8. Hog Calling Contest in Pilot Mountain
this list could go on and on

and you thought OK was bad:-)

mike said...

Hunting pigeons may not be cool, but we've got you beat here in TX. Exotic species from around the world are imported, turned loose on fenced-in ranch land, then hunted by blood-loving, assault rifle carrying (or bow), shitheads by foot, vehicle, and helicopter, depending on the individual's desire. Some of the more conservative have suggested the unemployed, gay, atheist, Islamic, leftist, or plain ol' undesirables be put on these ranches, too.

Yes, the war machinery hasn't had a rest for quite some time. Kucinich is off by a factor of a thousand when he states "countless billions"...we surpassed a trillion well before Bush left office. And as we learned from Ferguson, the machinery trickles-down to the local denizens, as well. The revelation since Ferguson is that even school districts have succumbed to the temptation of having their own machinery on campus. I'm sure none of it will ever be misused.

I hope you aren't on the "Black Asphalt" list in Logan County, OK, Twilight.

"The ACLU in Oklahoma sued Logan County Sheriff Jim Bauman in Logan County Court on Sept. 11, seeking records from the 'Black Asphalt' database. Logan County is just north of Oklahoma City. Its seat is Guthrie.
The system was created by Joe David, the founder of Guthrie-based Desert Snow LLC, the ACLU says.
In a statement announcing the lawsuit, the ACLU claims it discovered Black Asphalt during an investigation of Desert Snow employees impersonating police officers in Caddo County in 2013, 'as part of a scheme with the local district attorney to make traffic stops, seize cash and property from citizens, and funnel it into local coffers in exchange for a percentage of the profits.'"

Amazing the freedoms we are willing to forfeit just so we can all feel less safe. Or the terrorist groups that were spawned from our initial fear of weapons of mass destruction. Not to mention the who-knows-how-many casualties from our incessant need for providing democracy to countries in need of our assistance.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~
Oh my! OK could run neck and neck on a few of those, but not all.

I've never ventured as far east and south from here as North Carolina, probably never will now, and perhaps I should feel thankful for that. ;-)

I have nice thoughts of South Carolina though, picked up from the novel and film "The Prince of Tides" much of the story is set in SC.

The only other piece of knowledge I have of the Carolinas is that they were two of the 13 original colonies - had to learn the 13 by heart for my citizenship test. :-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ Oh my! Again! Ye gods! I'd classify these types of "hunting, shooting" people as Neanderthal - but that would be insulting Neanderthals. They are the Devils' spawn, no less.
Hunting itself, in the traditional way, is bad enough in my estimation, but to do it in these ways, using specially placed live targets for fun, is beyond despicable.

Beyond despicable is the rest...what "we" are doing in Syria right now, and have done elsewhere in the ME.
It's so darn depressing, but we can do nothing about it. What can we do?
Our votes and wishes count for nothing.

Hadn't read of the "Black Asphalt" thing. Yikes! Don't like the sound of that organisation one little bit.

Re Syria etc. I've been reading a thread on Common Dreams this morning - a comment by "jangels" goes like this:

This bombing has nothing to do with "degrading" ISIS. That sham is too transparent to even deserve attention. The plan is for this bombing to lead to a widening of the "conflict" into larger areas so we can then blend this agenda with regime change in Syria which will lead to generalized chaos is that country. The same is true of the bombing in Kurdish Iraq. This is a precursor to the splitting of Iraq into three destabilized states. Once this level of chaos is achieved, we can then "justify" an attack on Iran.

This progression of violence is clearly outlined in the Project for a New American Century. It is a long-range plan which has been in play since before Bushes time. Obama is just the latest employee to be hired to implement that plan. Hillary, or whichever war-mongering psychopath the elite hire to be our next President, will have the job of waging war on Iran.

Simple. Obvious. All the other blather is a waste of our time.

Don't know whether this is correct or not, but if so...another YIKES!

mike (again) said...

The eternally smoldering Mideast conflagration that we poured gasoline on then tossed the lit match onto...the one that we keep pouring gasoline onto...must have some value, whether to deflect other, more nefarious goings-on elsewhere, or to allay Israel, or subdue Iran, or...or...or! Who knows? I've heard so many possible explanations. I suspect a much bigger story lies behind it all.

Re pigeon all fairness to carnivores, most of America goes hunting at their local grocery store and uses dollars instead of bullets to put the kill on the table.

LB said...

Twilight ~ Funny you should mention pigeons. . . day before yesterday my husband and I tried to save a small, mostly white bird we found in the street - could've been a pigeon or dove. My husband moved it to a safe spot beneath a tree and I called Animal Control, who told me not to touch it and that they'd come take a look within a few hours. The poor thing seemed stunned, it didn't look good.

When I phoned them later to find out what had happened, they said it was gone.

Long story short, when I went back to search, I found it had (somehow) made its way back into the street and had been killed. Its death, along with the symbolism (a fallen, crushed white dove) troubled me.

Amazing how there's always more than enough money for war and the weapons of war, but never enough to take care of people.

I'm glad you mentioned the Dennis Kucinich article.:)

Twilight said...

mike (gain) ~ I suspect the same - there's more than we know to the whole ME debacle - a big picture that only "They" know.

Will not disagree with your second point.
But there's still a nasty additional "Yuk!" factor in manufacturing targets from living beings for "fun". It's kind of (but not quite) the same factor that comes up when drone use is discussed, as against guys in a plane dropping bombs. There's an extra element of
brutality, inhumanity involved.

Twilight said...

LB ~ Poor wee thing. It's very distressing to see creatures helpless, hurt or disabled. White dove symbolism....disturbing indeed.

Dennis K. always makes sense, always has, for me. Superb writer too. I love his "Spirit and Stardust" speech from years ago - I've probably mentioned it before -

It begins:

We need to remember where we came from; to know that we are one. To understand that we are of an undivided whole: race, color, nationality, creed, gender are beams of light, refracted through one great prism.... We become conscious of the cosmos within us. We hear the music of peace, we hear the music of cooperation, we hear music of love....

LB said...

Twilight ~ Though he sometimes disappoints, I still have a soft spot for Dennis Kucinich.:)