Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Julian Assange

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks is in the news again this week, with a message that he “will be leaving the Embassy soon”. (HERE). He was granted asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy two years ago, and has remained there. There are rumours of declining health, but also indications that he has denied these. We shall see.

To refresh memories, and to take another look at his natal chart, a re-run of something I wrote about Assange in 2010:

Writings and comment on Wikileaks and Julian Assange has filled cyberspace and other public spaces this week with the most words written on a single topic since the BP oil spill.

My (very personal) view of the situation varies from most others I've read. I have a strong feeling that all is not straightforward. There's "something else", some secret motivation ? I don't know. But I can't raise the same level of enthusiasm and support for him this time around. Gut-feeling.

Something about the latest release of hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables, embarrassing to those in power, but not in the same league as previous whistle-blowing efforts, doesn't strike the same note for me, and I get to wondering.

It's not that I don't have great respect for the courage of Julian Assange and what he had done before the latest scenario. In fact I wrote about earlier Wikileaks "exposures" in a post headed Wikileaks, Pluto & Galactic Center. At that stage Assange's birth data was a mystery, it is now available.

A similar Neptunian fog surrounds Assange as that surrounding President Obama. There's a lot of Neptunian fog around in general just now in the USA. Neptune connects to mystery, illusion and delusion - mental fog. Assange is supposed to be trying to clear foggy areas, but in the process causes the mists to swirl dangerously.

Assange's natal chart ought to provide some clarity on his true personality. The rape charges he faces only add to the fog; they have been, more than likely, "trumped up".

Numerous astrologers have already published interpretations of Assange's natal chart. It does not behove me to argue with what any of them have written. Instead I'll offer links to several pieces I've come across so far, and let any passing reader who has missed these make up their own mind on the matter.

Some articles by astrologers interpreting the natal chart of Julian Assange:

ERIC FRANCIS.....(also Mr Francis's responses to skeptics in this respect at Boing Boing)

MARY PLUMB at Mountain Astrologer ....And a second one relating to the birth time


Below is the natal chart of Julian Assange constructed from data available. His date and place or birth are said to have been taken from official documents, so ought to be reliable. Even so, I retain a wee bit of doubt, he being in the business he's in! The birth time is the most open to question, but as it's the only one available I've included it below.

My single comment here is to note that (if birth time is near correct) foggy Neptune lay in Sagittarius in the first house of self as he came into the world. Neptune was within a few degrees of Jupiter (the publication and exaggeration planet and ruler of Sagittarius), though in the adjacent sign, Scorpio. For me this is the most significant factor in the chart.

Believe nothing you read and only half of what you see in matters relating to Mr. Assange.

Recent transits touching Assange's personal planets do indicate a challenge or change of some kind. Pluto now opposes his natal Cancer Sun. Saturn in Scorpio was transiting his Moon at the end of last year and now heads towards natal Jupiter, as does transiting Mars. Uranus was transiting natal Chiron during this spring (health changes?)

Any more, mike - or anyone?


mike said...

The conjunction of Saturn-Mars on his ascendant is the biggie to me...this conjunction is square his lunar nodes. A choice to be made concerning action and responsibility to his career and public standing vs his very private, home, soul requirements. He seems to be resonating to his north Node in the 4th house of home, which is appropriate and the better choice.

Saturn's long transit of his 12th house, followed by the more recent Mars' retrograde transit of his 12th house has probably made him feel very much like a prisoner. The transiting Mars-Saturn conjunction right on his ascendant will bring a crisis...this conj is exact next week right at the new Moon on the 25th. This new Moon in early Virgo will square his Neptune-Saturn opposition, 1st to 7th house. Transiting Venus will be on his south Node. An interesting set-up of aspects that will be very interesting to watch as they play-out in Assange's affairs. I see a crisis brewing followed by relief.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for the additional input.
We can't be sure that birth time/ascendant is exactly correct as shown. Events around 25th might provide confirmation of its accuracy, or not.

I hope things don't get worse for him, if and when he leaves the embassy. He's a shrewd guy, he must have a plan in mind - or serious health issues needing immediate attention.

Gigi said...

For me it's a Neptunian confusion between self and group. I would bet at some point or other in his life he had to fight really hard to distinguish a sense of self from group, and to do so he went from one group to another. The present difficulty - I think it's his health. He has said himself "You couldn't grow a pot-plant" in the windowless room in the Ecuadorian Embassy. JA showed quite a few of the symptoms of Vit-D deficiency in his recent press conference.

Twilight said...

Gigi ~ That's an interesting thought, yes!

Reports (or some of them) do indicate he is dealing with lung and heart problems, which he didn't deny but obliquely said that his reason for leaving the embassy might not be that which reporters assume.

Low VitD can cause all manner of health problems, long-term. Lack of sunlight is a cause, but he could have used supplements, as many people do (including me). I suppose he has been able to access "stuff" from outside the embassy with assistance from staff there.
I wonder if he has seen any doctors at all during his stay.

Gigi said...

I'm struck by Neptune-Jupiter and where they are placed.

That says to me "Whatever you think I am, that's what I am not."

It also says: "The "I"'I don't know and you don't know either is a group "I".

The man is physically ill. This much I do know.

I enjoy your blog by the way, especially the way you write about painters and your husband's photographs.

Twilight said...

Gigi ~ In first house on the Scorpio cusp, yes. Fog, secrets, delusions/illusions. His stock-in- trade too!

I'm happy to know you find something enjoyable among the scribblings. I enjoy researching the art posts myself, look forward to it in fact! Husband's vintage, and other photos are a source of wonder and enjoyment for me too.

Vanilla Rose said...

I'm not going to call any woman a liar without evidence. I see no reason to disbelieve his Swedish accusers.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~ In normal circumstances neither would I. These circumstances are anything but normal though. It's all seemed a wee bit too convenient for "the authorities", to my mind. We'll never know the whole truth.