Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wikileaks, Pluto & Galactic Center

Wikileaks was in the news again this week .
On 5 April 2010, Wikileaks released classified U.S. military footage from a series of attacks on 12 July 2007 in Baghdad that killed 12, including two Reuters news staff, Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen. The footage consisted of a 39-minute unedited version, and an 18-minute version which had been edited and annotated.

Among the murdered were pregnant women, mothers of large families. It's the soundtrack of uncaring, bloodthirsty comments of US soldiers that chill the blood even more than the visuals.

For anyone who hasn't already seen the video footage: LINK
More on Wikileaks HERE, and in an article from the UK's The Independent newspaper

Wikileaks has been whistleblowing for around 4 years. Extract from The Independent's article:

Full disclosure: What we wouldn't know without Wikileaks

Trafigura's super-injunction

When commodities giant Trafigura used a super-injunction to suppress the release of an internal report on toxic dumping in the Ivory Coast in newspapers, it quickly appeared on Wikileaks instead. Accepting that the release made suppression futile, Trafigura lifted the injunction.

The CRU's 'Climategate' leak

Emails leaked on the site showed that scientists at the UK's Climate Research Unit, including director Phil Jones, withheld information from sceptics

The BNP membership list

After the site published the BNP's secret membership list in November 2008, newspapers found teachers, priests and police officers among them. Another list was leaked last year. The police has since barred officers from membership.

Sarah Palin's emails

Mrs Palin's Yahoo email account, which was used to bypass US public information laws, was hacked and leaked during the presidential campaign. The hacker left traces of his actions, and could face five years in prison.

So here is our 21st Century Muckraker ! (see Wednesday's post Muckrakers & Their Astrology)

Wikileaks was founded in December of 2006, and first published content in January 2007. There's no chance of looking at the natal chart of its founder, Julian Assange. He won't reveal his age. He says: "Why make it easy for the bastards?" There's a long article about him at Mother We can approach it from a different direction though. My ephemeris shows that in December 2006 Pluto, planet of secrets, things hidden from view, the underworld, death, cleansing and transformation was exactly aligned with the Galactic Center at 26 degrees of Sagittarius, and remained so for some weeks. The Galactic Center, center of our home galaxy, The Milky Way has to be considered something of a power point, astrologically, so the "birth" of Wikileaks when Pluto was aligned with such a power point does seem to be astrologically significant!


Wisewebwoman said...

The real winners of all those top
journalism awards.
Telling it like it is, though many of these truth tellers have been dropping like flies off the interwebz lately.
I will await Highspeed Heaven for the Tubez, T.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes, they are much needed.
I'm not surprised if such writers are disappearing from view, little by little. The more people who are aware of them though, the less easy it might be for them to be closed down.

Willow said...

Apparently, Wikileaks has been suspended due to lack of funds. So people can donate some coin through: if they'd like to see it continue.

Twilight said...

Willow ~ Thank for drawing attention to that. It's a worthy cause, and something we need to appreciate by putting our money where out mouths are ;-0

I've donated and was glad to see that Paypal is an option, so we can avoid putting credit card data online. :-)